UPDATED: Republican Voting Records and Tea Party Lies!


UPDATED:  The Pink Flamingo has decided to bump this up after several back and forth emails from misc. friends today.  I think it proves that the whole Tea Party movement is more about money and people looking for power than it is about factual accuracy about our elected GOP officials.  If it were about factual accuracy the whole tea party movement thingie would get off the collective cases of our Republicans and go after the Dems.

Funny thing about the alleged “Tea Party Movement”, promoted and nurtured by FOX News, it is not Republican.  We’re being told by Sean Hannity that it is all about a re-vitalized conservative movement.  People like Jim DeMint and Ron Paul are heralded as “pure” while men like Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Bob Inglis, and Mitch McConnell are treated like dirt by conservatives as “impure”.

Well, until March and the latest ACU ratings, this is the best we can do.  And – it looks like Lindsey Graham, John McCain and Bob Inglis, denigrated as “impure” may actually be “purer” conservatives than Jim DeMint and Ron Paul.

Go figure.

The WPost has their voting record database for the 111th Congress compiled. There are a few surprises.

“…The Post’s voting database showed that Graham voted with Republicans 91 percent of the time while the state’s junior senator stood with his party 87 percent of the time.

Graham has only broken ranks with Republicans a handful of times this year, often in the interest of increasing troop funding and creating domestic sources of alternative energy.

In fact, while he has come under fire for reaching across the aisle, Graham has voted with his party more often than two-thirds of his Republican colleagues…”

Lindsey Graham votes with the GOP 90.5 percent of 367 votes
John McCain votes with the GOP 90.5 percent of 370 votes
Mitch McConnell votes with the GOP 90.5 percent of 378 votes
Jim DeMint votes with the GOP 86.9 percent of 374 votes

Tom Udall votes with the Dems 95.5 percent of 376 votes
Jeff Bingaman votes with the Dems 93.1 percent of 379 votes

In the House, the beleaguered Bob Inglis, who is denigrated as not Republican enough has a 92% rate. Ron Paul has one of the worst party based voting records in the House!

Bob Inglis votes with the GOP 92.4 percent of 982 votes
Ron Paul votes with the GOP 76.9 percent of 899 votes

Ben Lujan votes with the Dems 98.9 percent of 977 votes
Martin Heinrich votes with the Dems 96.5 percent of 982 votes
Harry Teague votes with the Dems 88.7 percent of 970 votes

Want to talk purity?
Want to talk Tea Party?

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5 thoughts on “UPDATED: Republican Voting Records and Tea Party Lies!

  1. You still don’t get it.

    It’s all about the Constitution.

    The GOP position is often not about the Constitution–a huge complaint by those of us here in SC. Going along with the party is often going AGAINST the Constitution (and an ILLEGAL action in other words).

    Instead of just whining, we’re actually getting into the party structure here and changing the way things are going to work from now on. The establishmentarian/octegenarians are having heart attacks right and left. We’re young, intelligent, and have a whole lot more energy. Most of all, WE ARE NOT AFRAID OF CHANGING THINGS TO COMPLY WITH NATURAL/GOD’S LAW.

    Until you actually read the Constitution and other founding documents, you will continue to not make a bit of sense in terms of the reality of the situation on the ground here.

    You DO make perfect sense in what you say if someone understands that you’re attempting to defend the pathetic status quo, exemplified by the traitor, Lindsey Graham.

    Some of the latest polls show the “Tea Party” that you so fatuously denigrate with 40% and the Dems and Republicans at 30% each. Hmm. That’s all the more impressive if you use your brain and understand the the Tea Party DOES NOT EVEN EXIST as a political party right now.

    Are you beginning to catch a whiff of the coming revolution yet? History is about to run all over you and others without a clue about how angry concerned HARD WORKING regular folks are right now. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid if you’re a neo-con liberal.

    In the meantime, we have up to five years to keep hitting Gaham over the head like he’s popping his up in a “whack-a-mole” game.

    Of course, with his glomming onto enviro-fascism right before Climategate hit, his timing may be what winds up destroying him politically.

    BTW: it’s all over the state now that Gaham is bucking for SecDef in the Obama administration. If that happens, WE will be happy to be rid of him as our Senator. But what are YOU going to think about your hero, then?

  2. If so many of of the people in SC think like you, why does Rasmussen have Lindsey at 65%?

    Deliver me from tea party “patriots” who don’t have the brains to realize they are being used and manipulated by people with agendas that are based on money and power.

    The Pink Flamingo

  3. That poll percentage of 65% includes the Dems–you know, the ones who think like you neo-cons do–so it’s not making the point you’re pretending that it does.

    If YOU had been at the convention this year, YOU would know what I’m talking about in terms of his plummeting popularity which was still relatively high for him back in May before his enviro-fascism deal and his allowing Sotomayer to get appointed.

    As for being manipulated, if we follow the Constitution, I think it will be WE who are doing the “manipulation” based on the supreme law of the land. I personally haven’t met anyone except neo-cons like Lindsey who are sucking up to the oil companies.

    Lindsey usually sucks up to them. He’s just had a spat with them over his sudden conversion to enviro-fascism. But he’ll send them some more money somewhere down the line and get back in their good graces.

    And yes, it IS all about money and power for us. We want to take away the money and power from the traiterous politicians like Gaham and McLoser and the other fascist liberals. We want to return power to the people and let them keep the money they earn instead of letting so much of it go through Lindsey Gaham’s and other politicians’ sticky fingers.

    BTW: When Rand Paul gets elected US Senator, you’ll see some things change in a HUGE way in the Senate.

    BTW II: ANSWER THE QUESTION! What are you going to think about your lil’ boy when he joins Obama’s cabinet???

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