The Smell Test


The Pink Flamingo does not specialize in “terror” or “Islam”.  But – even someone who does not specialize in something knows something stinks here.

Barack Obama was not informed of a potential disastrous terrorist attack on Detroit until nearly 3 hours after it happened.

When is it going to be acceptable to admit that that Barack Obama is the most incompetent impostor who has ever had the misfortune to “lead” us?  Why did it take 3 hours before he was notified?  Who is actually running the country if Obama is not?   The lib like to make fun of GWB on 9/11 but there was never any doubt that he was NOT in charge.

I gather when Obama is “On Vacation” then there is a “Gone Fishing” sign on the Oval Office Door!

At least Jimmy Carter stayed in the White House!

Let’s ask a few questions.

1.  Why is the Obama Administration not following up on these terror plots?
Was the Bush Administration so good at protecting the country that they make Obama’s bunch look like amateur hour?

2. When is the establishment of this country going to admit that we have a problem?  Why can’t we shut down radical mosques that are literally preaching treason?
If passengers flying a plan can pick up on a terrorist and take him down, why not Homeland Security?

3.  When are the American people going to rebel against the abject stupidity of TSA and Homeland Security for making flying so draconianly miserable?

4.  Why is someone with terror connections allowed to fly to this country?
Will Obama admit there is an Al Qaeda connection?


3 thoughts on “The Smell Test

  1. Thank you for writing this. It makes me ever-so-slightly less depressed.

    By the way, which city do you think we’ll lose first? Maybe In-trade has a line open…

  2. Let’s look at the past 9 years and what the traveling public has been increasingly subjected to in terms of wsted time, significant inconvenience and enormous cost to the taxpayer; now add to it the latest knee jerk reactions – no blankets and pillows on flights, no items allowed in the seat pocket 1 hour prior to landing! The insanity of it all! It’s ineffective, doesn’t really add anything to flight security as we have seen. The govenrment’s responsibility is to protect and defend its citizens; if it can’t or won’t do that, they are part of the problem, not the solution. My solution – by all means continue to allow Muslims to come to the US, but bar them from any US registered aircraft. They want to fly on Egypt Air, Royal Jordanian, Malaysian, Emirates – no problem. Let the traveling public which usually flies on those airlines put up with the screenign process and when it fails, with bringong down an airliner full of Muslims. Let’s see how long that will last! Maybe it could trigger some reaction finally from the Muslim world against Islamic terror.

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