Can any good thing come out of Nazareth?


Borrowing from John 1:46 a little is for a good cause.  A remarkable archaeological discovery from the old town of Nazareth almost proves this strange statement from the Gospel of John.

Archaeologists have unearthed original buildings from the time of Christ that prove how humble Nazareth actually was. It was a community of about 50 homes.

“…“The discovery is of the utmost importance since it reveals for the very first time a house from the Jewish village of Nazareth and thereby sheds lights on the way of life at the time of Jesus,” Dr. Yardenna Alexandre, excavations director at the Antiquities Authority, said on Monday.

“The building that we found is small and modest and it is most likely typical of the dwellings in Nazareth in that period. From the few written sources that there are, we know that in the 1st century CE, Nazareth was a small Jewish village.”

The home consists of four rooms, a courtyard, a water cistern and a small camouflaged grotto, which is presumed to have been a hiding place for the occupants from the invading Roman army. The grotto could have concealed around six people for a few hours, Alexandre said. But the Romans did not attack the hamlet, which had little strategic value at the time….”