Islam, Terror, Africa & Hillary Clinton


Several months ago The Pink Flamingo was one of the few sources to cover the possibility that there was an Al Qaeda based hit on Hillary Clinton when she was in Kenya.  To date, I have yet to see anyone connected with the State Department, Hillary Clinton, or the Obama Administration confirm of deny the story.

Eric Dondero has an excellent column on the movement of militant Islamic forces within Somalia as they advance toward Kenya.  His column makes the Hillary Clinton story even more possible.

Eric quotes the WPost:

Please note that Raila Odinga is related to Obama (it’s just a cheap shot).

“…But the coalition government of President Mwai Kibaki and opposition leader turned prime minister Raila Odinga has remained entrenched in the divisive tribal politics that led to the ethnic violence.

The government has moved slowly on reforms, blocking any domestic judicial process for trying the perpetrators of the violence, who are widely believed to include Kenya’s political elites.

The International Criminal Court recently announced its own investigation, which is likely to focus on a few top leaders alleged to have orchestrated violence.

“Leaders and people are going into their tribal cocoons, where they feel they are safe,” said Ken Wafula, director of the Centre for Human Rights and Democracy, a Kenyan human rights group. “Unless something is done, we are waiting for an explosion that would be very disastrous.”

Rift Valley violence

Perhaps nowhere is the situation more fragile than here in the rolling, green Rift Valley. Some of the worst ethnic violence played out in this western region after Odinga accused Kibaki, who is Kikuyu, of stealing the 2007 presidential election. What followed has been described by investigations as a well-planned bloodbath in which Odinga’s Kalenjin supporters burned houses and farms and otherwise drove Kikuyus out of the Rift Valley with bows, arrows and machetes. Kikuyu gangs soon organized their own ethnically driven retaliation against Odinga supporters. In all, more than 1,000 people were killed.

Though the tribal calculus could change this time, depending on political alliances in Nairobi, the capital, people speak with near certainty of a repeat of that violence, only this time with guns.

According to Wafula and others, Kalenjin and Kikuyu self-defense militias are forming, some of them including retired military commanders. And while reports of people buying guns are difficult to verify — and Kenya’s gun laws are strict — Kenyan police earlier this month intercepted a cache of 100,000 bullets, military-grade weapons and uniforms being smuggled with the assistance of local police, which has lent some credence to the claims….


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  1. Indeed, this blog is one of the few to follow the attempt made on Hillary Clinton’s life during her Africa tour. And this online article “Danish Cartoonist Westeragaard’s Muslim Assassin Involved in Islamic Plot to Kill Hillary Clinton” reinforces the arguments you have been making. You can read the whole piece at:

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