BREAKING: Is There New Link in the Al Qaeda Plot Against Hillary?


Would someone please explain to The Pink Flamingo just why the State Department, White House, and the MSM are neither confirming or denying the fact that al Qaeda attempted to kill Hillary Clinton while she was in Kenya in August.


It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out that the Dems, esp. the Obama Administration and their MSM flunkies do not seem to react all that favorably toward women who may be in power some day.  In fact, when one considers how Hillary Clinton has been treated as Secretary of State (the now invisible cabinet post) compared to Condi Rice, something just isn’t kosher here.  Look at how Sarah Palin has been treated.

The Pink Flamingo wrote:

“…If she was targeted and Onsarigo revealed the story, the Obama Administration did not react fast enough.  If it is true, they should be all over it, condemning the terrorists and thanking the security forces who prevented a horrific incident. No matter how one feels about Hillary Clinton, as the Secretary of State, a former US Senator, and the former First Lady of the United States, she deserves a tremendous amount of respect and consideration.  To ignore a threat, if it occured reflects badly on the Obama Administration...”

Anyone who has followed the Hillary assassination attempt and the Obama Administration’s complete “ignorance” of it, should not be surprised over their reaction to the Hot Pants BomberRick Moran has an interesting take.  I’m not sure which way to go on this, but I don’t know if incompetence is the whole thing.

Are we dealing with incompetence, complacency, stupidity, or a group of people who are so pathetic in their hatred of all things George W. Bush that they would rather allow Americans to lose their lives than admit he was right?

(Yea, I’m leaning toward the latter explanation)

Thanks to a Pink Flamingo reader who sent a comment to a recent PF article, something absolute fascinating has popped up about the Al Qaeda plot against Hillary Clinton last August when she was in Kenya.  Even more fascinating is the fact that with ONE EXCEPTION (picked up by Pam Geller), nothing is being mentioned about this in the MSM.

The Google translation of the original article:

“...Assassination attempt against cartoonist Kurt Westergaard is not the only terrorist action, a 28-year-old Somali man was suspected. For five months ago was now killing incidental man arrested in Kenya. Here he was suspected of participating in a foiled terrorist plot against U.S. Secretary of Hillary Clinton. It learns politics from several sources close to the case….According to PET has the man had close relations with the Somali terrorist organization al-Shabaab and al-Qaeda leaders in East Africa….”

Regular Pink Flamingo readers will probably remember that I have been tracking this story since then, trying to find a confirm/deny out of the State Department.  To date NOTHING has been said, which is even more fascinating.

Since early September, I have been trying to locate a confirm/deny out of the State Department about an Al Qaeda attempt on the life of Hillary Clinton while she was in Kenya in August of 2009. I have two BC articles on the subject that may provide more background on the subject.  The big question – why is the media trying to ignore the story?


Star Tribune




Even Jihad Watch ignores the Hillary angle

Riehl World View asks why the terrorist gets better treatment than his victim


While I was doing a search writing this post, I discovered a fascinating little ditty.  Please tell me this is NOT connected to the whole plot.

“…United States commandos from the Pentagon’s Joint Special Operations Command launched a helicopter raid last week in Somalia, close to the border with Kenya, and killed a key Islamist suspect. Some reports state that four helicopter gunships, others say it was six, took off shortly after noon from a US Navy warship offshore. Less than an hour later the helicopters strafed a small group of four-wheel drives carrying Islamist militants linked to al Shabaab, which Washington accuses of being Al Qaeda’s proxy in Somalia. The attack took place as the convoy sped towards the coastal town of Barawe, about 150 miles south of the capital, Mogadishu, deep in territory controlled by al Shabaab. The primary target was Kenyan-born Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan, who was on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s “most wanted” list and who has been hunted by Washington since 2002….”


Evidently Hillary Clinton has stepped into something.  According to an interview I heard with Lawrence Eagleburger, he thinks the only person in the Obama Administration who has their act together and knows what is going on in the world is the Secretary of State.  Hillary has been doing a tremendous amount of work in Africa, trying to broker against Al Qaeda.  Here in this country we are NOT getting the full story about what she is doing.  But evidently it is enough for them to want her dead.

From September:

“…Disclosure of the foiled bomb plot coincided yesterday with claims by a spokesman for al-Shabaab – which was listed last month as a terrorist organisation by the Australian government after an alleged plot to attack Sydney’s Holsworthy army barracks was discovered – that it was reinforcing its positions around Mogadishu in anticipation of a major battle. Al-Shabaab spokesman Sheik Ali Mohamoud Rage said the Islamists were preparing to defend themselves against an expected “major aggression” from Somali government forces and peacekeepers from the African Union. Al-Shabaab and its allied Hezbul Islam group already control much of what remains of Mogadishu. They have vowed to seize control of the whole of the devastated city. At the just-concluded African Union summit in Libya, the Somali government asked for the full deployment of 8000 peacekeepers, adding significantly to the current strength of the force, which numbers 5000. It also sought a change in the force’s mandate from one that limits it to protecting senior Somali government officials and installations to one that will enable it to launch pre-emptive strikes against al-Shabaab. When she was in Nairobi, Mrs Clinton held talks with Somalia’s interim president, Sheik Sharif Ahmed…”


4 thoughts on “BREAKING: Is There New Link in the Al Qaeda Plot Against Hillary?

  1. Hi there- me again, from Secretary Clinton Blog. I wrote about this story the first day it broke and upon seeing this latest news my initial reaction is that I am not at all surprised that there was an actual plot. As we both said at the time, there was something strange about the media’s silence because it was deafening.

    I am thinking that the media was asked to keep the story quiet for security reasons- whenever I talked to anyone in the media I was told the same thing- move along. I know you think this is an Obama-inspired plot (to kill this story) but I just don’t think it is. If anything, it may have been the CIA or Secret Service who requested a media blackout. There actually may have been a legitimate security concern or perhaps they feared it would jeopardize other intelligence. Do I know that for sure? No. But I don’t see any other reason for keeping it quiet. I don’t think Obama, whether I agree with his policies or not (and I’m a democrat), has any vested interest in his SOS being harmed. I just can’t believe that.

    I do agree that the events at the time, involving al Shabaab, are not a coincidence and given that, it makes this all the more complicated.

    There are some big holes in this story and one of the most perplexing is whether or not the US intelligence services were aware that the person who planned the attack against Clinton, had been released by Danish authorities.

    For what its worth, it would be nice if people would stop politicizing this- any attack or attempted attack on a US government official, whether republican or democrat, is an attack against the US.

    Thanks and best regards for the New Year,


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