The Hillary – Al Qaeda Conundrum


Webster defines the word CONUNDRUM as the following:
a: a question or problem having only a conjectural answer b : an intricate and difficult problem

We are dealing with an increasingly probable tale about a very brave woman, the possibility that Al Qaeda wants her dead, a possible military response to the thwarted attack on her, and silence from both the right and the left.

What gives?  Stacy at the Madam Secretary Blog mentions the fact that maybe the intel community wants to keep the tale under wraps.  That makes sense, but after awhile isn’t better just to come clean?

Conundrum is the perfect word for the problem in dealing with the August, 2009 Al Qaeda attempt on Hillary Clinton’s life in Nairobi.  It is the perfect word for dealing with the after-effects, the Obama Administration response, and the continued Obama Administration response to “terror”.

Conundrum is the perfect word to describe the conservative world’s reaction to what may be a first in American history – a attempt to assassinate a former First Lady.

From a Hillary supporter:

“…Apparently this attacker who is in Danish custody did have ties to al-Shabaab. What is strange is that in most of the news stories where this is popping up, they say he may have been involved with a thwarted attempt on Clinton but no one is really sourcing where that is coming from other than the Danish newspaper. The Danish ambassador to Kenya is saying all they [Denmark] knew was that he was detained in Kenya for incomplete travel documents….”

Conundrum is also an excellent word to describe the conservative world’s deafening silence when it comes to Obama’s response to the attempted assassination of Hillary Clinton.  Then again, since Stacy at the Secretary Clinton Blog broke the story on September 5, very few liberal sources have bothered carrying the story.


From a Pink Flamingo reader:

“…Seems to me the little ditty you uncovered indicates Barry actually answered that assassination attempt. XXXX says Barry would have had to personally sign off on each one of those helicopter’s missions, and Kenyan govt as well. Barry has also been quite aggressive in Yemen according to a number of reports. So why then does he act so confused, detached, disinterested? Is he so afraid of his radical friends that he has to pretend he is not fighting a war?…”

Conundrum is just the right word.  It is a problem without an answer.  It is a difficult problem.

And, to coin a phrase, Houston, we have a problem.

One of the very real problems is the fact that the far left has gone so far left and the far right has gone so far right they cannot meet anywhere near the middle.  They cannot speak without using epitaphs, and if someone is a grown-up and attempts to act like real grown-ups do, making rational decisions and displaying rational thought, they are denigrated as traitors.

When are liberals going to realize that conservatives are not the enemy and when are conservatives going to realize that liberals are not the enemy?

We are involved in a war for civilization.  The very real problem is the fact that the minons of the far extreme left do not comprehend the seriousness of the problem, and their counterparts on the extreme far right cannot recognize the fact that not all practitioners of the Muslim religion are evil.  If a happy medium cannot be soon reached, those of us who occupy the NORMAL middle, those of us who are rational adults who want a winnable solution to what is literally a war for our cultural survival, are going to be silenced.

The word “conundrum” is a perfect way to describe what when on with the Hot Pants Bomber and the response of both the right and left, neither bothering to look outside the box for rational explanations to a problem that appears to have no solution.

What if…..

What if the incident in Nigeria had another more chilling explanation.  The Pink Flamingo appears to be the only one even bothering to consider another way the Hot Pants Bomber managed to get aboard two plans in two different airports in two different countries.

What if he had help?

What if that help came from the “inside” – a terrorist plant working for airport security in both Nigeria and Amsterdam?

Scary isn’t it?

Fact is, that possibility is even more frightening than the pathetic and darkly laughable