SC Ron Paul Bots After Lindsey Again


The Pink Flamingo is beginning to wonder just how many Republicans are willing to stand up to the Ron Paul Bots and have the courage to PURGE them from grass-roots GOP leadership positions through out the country.  My sources tell me in Oklahoma the purge is on.  Evidently in South Carolina, only Lindsey had the courage to stand up to these nut-jobs, and now they are taking their revenge.  The real crime – with only a few exceptions, The Palmetto Scoop, CNN and The Pink Flamingo NO ONE is reporting what actually happened at the meeting.  The far right is so far gone in their  hatred of Lindsey that they would rather lie about what happened.

On Monday night the Lexington County GOP voted 13-7 to censure Lindsey.  The Ron Paul Bot who engineered the illegal procedure, Talbert Black is NOT a Republican.  Black, a Ron Paul Bot nutcase is the idiot who promoted the illegal procedure.

“…Talbert Black, of Lexington, believes Graham has tried to marginalize him and others, noting a comment the senator made in October that the GOP does not want to limit itself as a party of angry white men. “When you have somebody so willing to compromise with those who aren’t conservative, and belittles those who are conservative, we need to do something about that,” said Black, the state coordinator of Campaign for Liberty, a group dedicated to personal liberty and fiscal conservatism that spawned after Paul’s 2008 presidential campaign. As precinct president, Black proposed the resolution while filling in for a committeeman. Graham said Black, a 40-year-old software engineer, had never voted for a Republican presidential nominee; Black said he hasn’t voted for his party’s presidential pick since 1992….”

There is a war brewing in the GOP, caused not by Republicans and not by actual conservatives, but by the slobbering minions who follow Ron Paul and his freaky message of appeasement, conspiracy theories, and outright hate.

The very real problem is the fact that very few of those who are part of the Far Right and are not Ron Paul Bots have the courage to stand up against the fake conservative onslaught of their attack.  Add that with the fact that there are very few Republicans who have the actual courage to stand up against them and we have what could be a serious crises.

Then – no one is bothering to fact check the story, just run with it.
The Politico
Hotline on Call
FTS (don’t expect anything resembling factual accuracy out of them – they hate the GOP)
Boston Herald
The Causus

How long is the South Carolina Republican Party going to put up with people like Rich Bolen, Talbert Black, and the Ron Paul Bots who have made fools out of the Greenville County Executive Committee and those in Charleston?  When is it acceptable for people who are rational Republicans to step in and pull the plug on the Ron Paul Bot Losertarians who are attempting to take over the GOP throughout the country.

The Pink Flamingo has been trying to get in touch with someone from the SCGOP for a statement.  Evidently, if what state GOP chair Karen Floyd says is kosher, then she does not have the courage to stand up to these people and enforce the state GOP rules.  Her absolutely unacceptable comment to the Charlotte Observer is a perfect example of the lack of backbone some minions of the far right now seem to have.

“...A spokesman for state GOP Chairwoman Karen Floyd said the censure means nothing more than some people in local parties are upset….”

What do you do when a county GOP executive committee is hijacked by a bunch of people who aren’t even Republican, and it appears their sole goal is destroying good Republicans?  The censorship vote by the Lexington County GOP, designed to hurt Lindsey was sponsored by someone who ISN’T EVEN A REPUBLICAN!  According to Adam Fogle of The Palmetto Scoop the vast majority of Republicans in Lexington County, like Congressman Joe Wilson, are furious about what happened.

“…But tarnishing the Republican Party actually seems to be the goal of Bolen and what can only be dubbed his “Gang of 13.” Bolen was elected chairman by stacking the ballot box with Ron Paul libertarians who commandeered county precinct meetings and were able to win seats at the party convention. And the executive committee member who authored the resolution censuring Graham, Talbert Black, proudly boasts that he isn’t even a Republican. “I decided many years ago to never compromise my vote (lesser of two evils),” Black wrote in a brief biography of himself. “Since then, I have never voted for a Republican nor a Democratic party candidate for president.” Many of the actual Republicans in Lexington County, however, like Congressman Joe Wilson, were quick to offer their support for Graham.

“Graham has been a great leader for our state and party,” Wilson said in a statement to CNN. “I appreciate everything he has done for me and his tireless work in helping Republicans at all levels of government. He’s a team player. Ronald Reagan always said that people who agree with you 80 percent of the time should be considered a good friend. Reagan was a wise man and if we want to build a strong, vibrant Republican Party we should follow his advice.”…”

You gotta hand it to the far right and the far left.  They are basically the same critter, only different faces, names and ideologies. They think the same, act the same, and hate the same.  So, when a bunch of Ron Paul Bots, who hijacked the Lexington County (SC) GOP and they do (yet another) Ron Paul Bot censorship of Lindsey, it makes news.

The problem is the fact that the haters on the far left don’t give a rip about the truth.  It seems the haters on the far right are no different.  Then – with the lazy media in between, well – a decent REPUBLICAN doesn’t stand a chance.

Former Lexington County GOP Chairs Scott Malyerck, Katrina Shealy, Butch Wallace, and Lyman Whitehead have issued a statement and a letter of complaint to current chair Rick Bolen.

“...We think it is unfair that the censure resolution was allowed to move forward last evening. On the e-mail notice that went out before the meeting, there was no mention that any resolutions would be considered, much less a resolution to censure our senior United States Senator. When the time came for a decision about whether a quorum existed or whether the motion should be postponed until February, the demands of a vocal minority won. For something as serious as a censure resolution, the process should have been above reproach – especially as to whether a quorum even existed or if the people voting were even on the executive committee (a list which no one had at the meeting). The resolution should have been added to the agenda and sent out in advance, and every member of the committee should have been given a chance to participate in the process.

As it now stands, 13 people have now spoken for our county’s 70 organized precincts and the 23,000 Republicans who voted in our 2008 primary. This is completely unfair and very disappointing….”

The Palmetto Scoop, SC’s premier political blog, points out that the “censure” is nothing  but Barack Obama style Chicago Politics.  As usual, the Ron Paul Bots CHEATED.

“...South Carolina’s Senior U.S. Senator found himself on the outs Monday night with a small group of Ron Paul supporters working to purge the Republican Party of Republicans.

During a staged event choreographed by a select few individuals, 13 fringe members of the Lexington County Republican Party passed a resolution censuring Sen. Lindsey Graham for working toward bipartisan solutions to some of the most difficult problems facing the country.

But the resolution was offered under auspicious circumstances and, ironically, with the same Chicago-style politics of President Obama that Graham has recently railed against.

“No one can really prove that there is a quorum here but they are going to vote anyway,” Tweeted one observer at the event. And, indeed, there wasn’t — only 24 of the 63 executive committee members were present….”

Col. Pete Sercer, a retired USAF member of the Lexington Executive Committee left a comment on the intellectually dishonest FTS.  Sercer was present at the fiasco.

“...It was pretty clear to those of us who were there that a handful of people, primarily those affiliated with last year’s Ron Paul for President campaign, were after a desired result – to censure Senator Lindsey Graham. They really didn’t care how they got it. Unfortunately, the Chairman of the party decided several questionable points of order in their favor – including whether there was even a quorum present, allowing them to push their agenda forward….On the e-mail notice that went out before the meeting, there was no mention of a possible censure resolution being brought up for debate and a vote. The reason – the supporters of the resolution didn’t want to give anyone time to organize against it. In fact, last night several Republicans thought the matter should be held over and brought up at the next meeting to give everyone time to digest the content of the resolution and the gravity of what they wanted to do. The Chairman ruled several things out of order, thereby clearing the path for the resolution to be voted on immediately. They definitely didn’t want to see this matter carried over to the next meeting because it would likely be defeated then….”

One of the strange aspects of the lies of the far right Ron Paul Bot insanity is national security and the War on Terror. You will NEVER see the Ron Paul Bot haters EVER laud someone like Lindsey for his stand on National Security.  Ron Paul is basically a quivering coward when it comes to protecting this country.  He doesn’t give a damn about security or our national well being, only his extreme version of how HE thinks the country should be.  His slobbering and slavish devotes, such as Lexington County GOP Chair Rich Bolen, are no different.

“…, Rich Bolen, 42, won the two-year chairmanship of the Lexington County Republican Party over a GOP moderate. “I feel this election was … a reflection of new blood,” said Bolen, who will concentrate on attracting younger Republican newcomers to join the party. Party activists say Bolen worked the phones and Internet and sent out fliers to win support from Ron Paul libertarians, who had organized themselves in precincts to win seats at the party convention….”


The other day Ron Paul showed how pathetic he is when it comes to national security.

“...The terrorists “happen to be there, that’s true, but they’re there because we stimulate them,” Paul said. “We’ve fallen into the hands of Osama bin Laden by us going there and causing people to get so angry that it helps his recruiting efforts. He has written about this. He has said, ‘I want the Americans to come over here and get bogged down, bankrupt their country, and besides it’ll help my recruiting efforts.’ And we are doing exactly what he had planned.”…”


12 thoughts on “SC Ron Paul Bots After Lindsey Again

  1. Well…it’s the same nut jobs who came in with Pat Robertson in 1988…and followed Perot a few years later. They just keep dressing a new clown in the suit. The problem is that these losers don’t have the brains and money to mount a party of their own so they go after the low hanging fruit of the GOP. Democrats would eviscerate the nut jobs, so the Paulites avoid that confrontation. The GOP is rapidly becoming an anachronism. The Liberterians are too stoned to make a difference. SO…let’s all become Democrats!

  2. From The American Conservative Magazine (linked below):

    Associate Professor Robert Pape of the University of Chicago, whose book on suicide terrorism, Dying to Win, is beginning to receive wide notice. Pape has found that the most common American perceptions about who the terrorists are and what motivates them are off by a wide margin. In his office is the world’s largest database of information about suicide terrorists.. Below are excerpts from a conversation with the man who knows more about suicide terrorists than any other American.

    The American Conservative: Your new book, Dying to Win, has a subtitle: The Logic of Suicide Terrorism. Can you just tell us generally on what the book is based, what kind of research went into it, and what your findings were?

    Robert Pape: Over the past two years, I have collected the first complete database of every suicide-terrorist attack around the world from 1980 to early 2004. This research is conducted not only in English but also in native-language sources—Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, and Tamil, and others—so that we can gather information not only from newspapers but also from products from the terrorist community. The terrorists are often quite proud of what they do in their local communities, and they produce albums and all kinds of other information that can be very helpful to understand suicide-terrorist attacks.

    This wealth of information creates a new picture about what is motivating suicide terrorism. Islamic fundamentalism is not as closely associated with suicide terrorism as many people think. The world leader in suicide terrorism is a group that you may not be familiar with: the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka. This is a Marxist group, a completely secular group that draws from the Hindu families of the Tamil regions of the country. They invented the famous suicide vest for their suicide assassination of Rajiv Ghandi in May 1991. The Palestinians got the idea of the suicide vest from the Tamil Tigers.

    TAC: So if Islamic fundamentalism is not necessarily a key variable behind these groups, what is?

    RP: The central fact is that overwhelmingly suicide-terrorist attacks are not driven by religion as much as they are by a clear strategic objective: to compel modern democracies to withdraw military forces from the territory that the terrorists view as their homeland. From Lebanon to Sri Lanka to Chechnya to Kashmir to the West Bank, every major suicide-terrorist campaign — OVER 95% OF ALL THE INCIDENTS — has had as its central objective to compel a democratic state to withdraw.

    Read the rest:


  3. SJR:

    If you keep quoting Ron Paul, you’ll lose all of your debates! =:>)

    If supporters of the US Constitution are just like the “far left” then why are we consistently vilified in the leftist press whereas Gaham is promoted by them as he parades around like a sock puppet mouthing what they want to hear from the real wimps in the GOP?

    As for defense, we want to defend OUR OWN BORDERS and not those of other countries in illegally started wars. Can Lindsey and the rest of Congress just not obey the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND?? If you want war, THEN BY GOD LEGALLY DECLARE IT!!

    As for Talbert Black, you have severely wronged a highly intelligent and honorable Christian man. HE stands up for principle. You and Graham do not. HE is willing to fight. You and Graham are not.

    And you’re calling for a “purge” of “non-Republicans.” That’s a real can of worms. Are we less worthy than the Democrats that Lindsey convinces to vote for him in the primaries and general elections?

    If WE stand up for the Constitution and he does not, that makes US less worthy to be members of the Republican Party?

    What are the qualifications to be a Republican?

    Are you required to IGNORE the Republican party platform to be a Republican?

    Are you required to support members and policies of the opposing party to be a Republican?

    Are you required to support the betrayal of America at every opportunity by opening the country up to terrorists, TB-infected and other disease carriers, gang members, rapists, and anyone else that wants to cross the under-protected border?

    Are you required to support a bail-out of rich elitist bankers with the TARP bill in order to be a member of the Republican Party?

    Are you required to RUIN the economy supporting a bill based on a bunch of lies about the environment just so politicians can be enriched and the people impoverished?

    I am absolutely NOT following your logic here. But go ahead and make your libelous ad hominem remarks as you usually do.

  4. It’s like this. I’m tired. I’ve had very little sleep, and I have reached the point where I have absolutely no patience for self-righteous pontificating by people who are so spoiled and so selfish they can only have something their way.


  5. So if citizens (and believe you me, darling, it’s a diverse group–I KNOW who they are and they disagree on a lot of things) are trying to make the system right, make it work like originally intended, and overall just do the basic morally, ethically, legally RIGHT thing, they’re “self-righteous,” “pontificating,” “spoiled,” and “selfish?”

    We’re standing up and saying, “We don’t want your handouts!” and WE are spoiled and selfish? (The other two accusations I’ll tentatively grant you for the time being =:>)

    The problem with the government now is that NO ONE has been fighting this fight effectively for a hundred years or so. Now that We the People are kicking rear ends and taking names, there’s a problem?


    Welcome to the second 1776 Revolution, sister! The reformation is coming! We’re starting at the county level and working our way up.

    And YOU didn’t believe me when I TOLD you the censure was going to happen in Lexington County! Have you learned a lesson here, perhaps? Maybe that we’re not just blowing smoke like you do on your fatuous blog?

    No more neo-con fascist politicians like Lindsey Graham are allowed! How’s that for a “big tent?” The American version of the Vichy government is coming to an end. Get prepared to carry your own weight for a change!

  6. You have the same problem other self-righteous types have – you are the only one who is correct. Sorry, but you aren’t.

    If the Lexington censure is your example of how your ilk works – then I am glad I have nothing to do with you. I am a former SC County GOP Chair. In order for something like that censure to be legit you MUST HAVE an actual majority of precincts present. In Lexington County I believe there are something like 63 or so organized precincts. The censure vote was 13-7. That is illigit and a joke. You and your little bunch CHEATED. You CHEATED. Get it….LEXINGTON’S RON PAUL BOTS CHEATED. If this is an example of the populist uprising – then it is bunch of cheating, lying bunk!

    Sorry – but facts do not lie. Lexington’s Ron Paul Bots CHEATED – GET IT – THEY PLAYED DIRTY.


  7. I havent heard Lindsey mention any new fresh ideas that make sense and are fiscally conservative.
    How are you going to balance the budget Lindsey?Don’t give me the “McCain earmark” b.s. line . I am smarter than that. Lindsey- do you support auditing the Fed to find out where the hundreds of billions of dollars of our money went?
    Cap and trade- Lindsey are you serious? It hasn’t even warmed up 1 degree fahrenheit since you have been alive on the planet, but you want to tax us. Where are you coming up with these crazy budget busting ideas? Do you and Nancy Pelosi use the same beauty parlor and she is whispering these nuggets into your ear ? What do you have to say about the Charleston County censure Lindsey? Was that just a handful of crazy oddball psychopaths too?


  8. When two people are diametrically opposed on a matter of fact regarding the Supreme Law of the Land, then, no, one or both of them are wrong but there’s no way BOTH of them are right.

    You see, it’s not SUBJECTIVE like whether you prefer three scoops of butter pecan ice cream while you watch “American Idol” or instead decide on four scoops.

    Or–what the heck–might as well go ahead and eat the rest of the ice cream in the carton. While you’re at it, why not start on the chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream during the commercials? Mmm-mm! =:>)

    Sorry, dear. I’m afraid you don’t have a clue in this particular matter.

    To be fair, the rules may have changed since your time here so I’ll give you the benefit of a doubt instead of calling you a “liar” or a “cheater” or a “dirty bird.”

    (You noticed the little ceramic penguin in the study wasn’t facing due south like it ALWAYS does, didn’t you. BTW, I’m missing a letter on the keyboard–but that’s okay! No, really! No need to get upset about it!)

    The following is quoted from an email I received from a concerned citizen who was at the meeting Monday night:

    “The party rules clearly state that a quorum is the lesser of 25 voting members or 1/3 of the organized precincts. There are 70 organized precincts in Lexington county. [Therefore, 23 members eligible to vote constitute a quorum.]

    “The vote was 13-7 with 4 abstentions, not counting Rich [Bolen], who is a voting member. Do the math. There was a quorum, either way.”

    You see! My friend even read ME the riot act, didn’t he?


  9. Why? Maybe for the same reason Graham votes the way he does:


    But no, I don’t know why they stated what they did yet. I’m hoping to find out soon and I’ll let you know.

    The key in this situation is that they are “former” county chairs. The chairman of Lexington Co. after some continued emails on the subject has no problem with the quorum/vote and it was put under VERY intense scrutiny on Monday night. Apparently, everything is verifiable.

    Some of the info coming out of the meeting by the LG supporters appears to be spurious. If I were to use your rabid terminology, I’d call them “haters” of free speech and citizen activism.

    As it is, however, I’ll just suspect that they were not clear on the rules as they currently stand and give them the benefit of a doubt otherwise. I, myself, was not entirely sure of the requirements, since it has been some time since I’ve read them and I don’t run the meetings.

    There appears to be at least one long time LG supporter who had tried to tell him how upset she was with him due to a vote he made in the past and he blew her off, telling her that her one vote didn’t count for much. She voted for the resolution Monday night. He might want to rethink his attitude now.

    And that’s something you still don’t understand. You’re not here and you can’t know how upset folks are at him. It’s not only, as I’ve illustrated to you before, the younger folks just getting into the party, it’s a lot of seniors as well who’ve voted for him every time in the past. No more.

  10. You’re again engaging in projection and evading the points made, darling. My mind is wide open to the truth. No blinders nor dark sunglasses here. As for my personality, I have what is called a “capacity for having fun.”

    We’ve certainly been having fun here. We shouted and it was heard from the rafters of the state party. The common folks spoke and Lindsey quivered like jello (or maybe that was a result of his acquired spinelessness). WE are the embodiment of freedom of speech speaking out against the self-appointed royalty of the fascists in DC.

    If everyone knew how much fun it is to point out the idiocy and tyranny of those who rule rather than represent us, there’d be a whole lot more folks doing it.

    The key, however, is to base everything you do on the truth no matter how much it hurts.

    And, hey, I’m human, too. I have, on occasions in the past, gotten some notions in my head every once in a blue moon that sounded really great only to be severely disappointed later on when I finally opened my eyes. I chose, despite the pain, to take the cure.

    I actually went through a long curative process that I like to call “growing up.” It requires careful observation and analysis of what is going on around one. It also requires feedback and consulting what others think for comparative purposes.

    If one really wants to be complete, he can also delve into how others reached their conclusions and apply a little self-analysis to find out how he, himself, came to think certain things.

    The end results are that one emerges with a reasonable but quite cynical outlook on human behavior. The outlook is especially helpful when dealing with politicians and their frequent lies and attempts to impose false dilemmas and otherwise faulty belief systems on the general populace that they assume they can fool at least some of the time.

    It’s like coming out into the sunlight from a dark cave. The truth can be blinding at first and even hurt. However, a person’s stress level falls tremendously when he is not constantly trying to justify what others are doing. Such continual rationalization of lies with reality can create a perpetual case of cognitive dissonance among those with at least a modicum of self-awareness.

    Yeah, I know. It’s a lot for one to have to go through when the alternative is so easy–i.e., the person just believes what certain people tell him because he’s made the CHOICE to like those particular people telling him what is what and what to do.

    The choice to seek and see the truth is also liberating in that it naturally leads the way to fighting back against those that are so abusive of others.

    There also comes a point in many people’s lives when they get tired of others always throwing up their defense screens. You can tell when this happens because the speakers’ eyes glaze over and their mouths repeat what trite phrases and other information they are programmed to respond with.

    Those who are so easily programmable have belief systems that are built upon a fragile, crystalline structure that is sometimes adversely affected by any sound waves that resonate with truth.

    The pain inflicted by truthful sound waves tearing through those frail underpinnings of the victim’s willful faith in political falsehoods can actually induce savage, personal, ad hominem attacks instead of any fruitless attempt on their part to deny the obvious truth.

    Considering their usual lack of an effective rational counter-argument, it’s an understandable self-defense mechanism that kicks in with absolutely no thought beforehand. This reactionary impulse frequently turns the response into an emotional effusion of the most animal-like ferocity.

    People naturally don’t like their belief systems tampered with by those seeking/speaking the truth. The truth can be a very dangerous weapon to those with a hard, bricked-up mindset built upon such a fragile base.

    However, if no one attempts to bring them back down to reality soon enough, the weight of their beliefs will finally cause stress fractures and eventual collapse of the illogical underpinnings and the crash can be wholly destructive of the victim’s personality and emotional stability.

    Because of my tendency to cut through the nonsense, I’m not the most popular man around town but neither do I get too anxious about defending people when all I have to do is defend principles. (And it’s not as though those who defend personalities are really that popular themselves. It just makes them think they are because of their identification with certain people and their self-appointed roles as defenders of them.)

    I suppose my political life choice may make me a bit more boring than most as well. Fantasy and “serious” drama is much more fascinating for many to read about than someone who continually restates the obvious reality that the “intellectuals” and politically powerful have to work so hard to overcome and distort.

    Humor is an effective sword and it cuts both ways but then, so be it. If I can dish it out, I will endeavor to take it as well if I have made an error. As you’ve probably guessed, I don’t have a lot of friends BUT I do have a few really good ones that I truly treasure.

    Yeah, it’s a choice you have to make in life. It’s more difficult for me and others who choose the route I’ve taken. But some of us have to choose to be more responsible than others or civilization would come to a complete halt, ne c’est pas?

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