The NEW Lou Dobbs Immigration Policy – Looks Like GWB’s!


Lou Dobbs New Immigration Policy

1.  Let those who are here stay – pay a fine, get in back of line, and wait.

2.  Must let family members come in – put a limit on them.

3.  He wants to expand and “beef up” INS

His immigration policy is exactly what The Pink Flamingo has been suggesting for years.  He is far more rational over O’Reilly.

Now, would the morons on the far right please step off the ledge, take a deep breath and count to ten – if they can indeed count that far.

Golly gee, Lou Dobbs’ current position sounds a heck of a lot like Lindsey’s!

“…Sen. Graham had this to say about that: “Amnesty is a pardon and means all is forgiven. This legislation is not amnesty…. I hope all Senators, particularly those who were not part of the negotiations, will become more informed about the details of the bill before making incorrect statements. Here are the facts… . Illegal aliens will not be allowed to jump in line for citizenship ahead of those currently waiting. If they want to become citizens they must pay fines, learn English, pass a civics exam, undergo background checks and leave the United States and return to their country of origin. The punishment is fair and just. The public expects Members of Congress to speak their minds, but be informed in their opinions.”…”


3 thoughts on “The NEW Lou Dobbs Immigration Policy – Looks Like GWB’s!

  1. Lou Dobbs is a broken down old man all of a sudden.

    He’s now very much like Reagan was in his second term. There were a LOT of us who were wondering just what the devil Reagan was doing back then raising taxes and granting amnesty.

    I feel sorry for Dobbs but I’m very glad he’s in no position to get his–now backstabbing–words out to a mass audience anymore.

    In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Lou Dobbs were in the first stages of Alzheimer’s as Reagan was. Brain damage from that disease often causes a sudden and contrary change in fundamental behavior. Think of it as a much milder instance of Reginald Denny in court telling his attackers that he “loves” them. I’m not trying to mock Denny, Dobbs, nor Reagan, just pointing out the symptomatic similarities. A HUGE reversal of opinion like that has to happen for an equally huge reason.

    I suppose someone could have “convinced” him to change his mind or perhaps he’s sunk into a massive depression since losing his job, or maybe he thinks his change of heart might win over one of the liberal networks (fat chance) who might hire him, but it sure seems like a lot more than that. I’ve noticed Dobbs’ entire demeanor has drastically changed. He seems much, much older than his 64 years all of a sudden.

    On the other hand, I’m very thankful that we’ve got intelligent and enthusiastic young folks joining the party here in South Carolina to reform it. We’re fully prepared to push the old guard out if they don’t step down of their own accord–many of them being VERY old in both years and their neo-con attitudes.

    Big government is too heavy and too short of fuel to fly now. As long as the old time neo-cons are in the pilot’s seat, they’ll fly us straight into the ground. We’ve heard the call, “Let’s roll!” and we’re getting up and doing something about it.

    Anna Lutz wrote the resolution for Lexington County’s Republican Party censuring Lindsey Graham. She is only in her mid-twenties and just in the last year and a half decided to get politically active.

    I was sent the resolution she wrote a few weeks before it was introduced and didn’t really read it at first. I figured I’d have to go in and tweak it or even rewrite it, before it was finalized. I knew the task would take a lot of work and was not looking forward to that aspect of it even though I was very enthusiastic about its goal.

    When I looked at it a short while later, however, I found that there was absolutely nothing in the wording nor the logic that I could improve. The document was thoroughly researched and well founded in the party platform.

    I found out later that Anna had gone through it again and again. She had double- and triple-checked her resources as a prudent, principled, and intelligent writer should. I, for one, would not dare to alter such a superb and fully justified document. (Well, to be fully honest, not only would I not “dare,” I was also utterly INCAPABLE of improving it.)

    People like Anna Lutz are coming together to take action. We are concerned working people and responsible citizens who are fully prepared to take our government back. THAT is what Lindsey Graham and other petty tyrants have to be afraid of and had better start paying attention to if they want to stay in office.

    And, you know what? When it gets right down to it, all they can do is whine in response. That’s because there are too many sharp folks like Anna out there willing to study and learn what it takes to make the system work FOR the voting citizens instead of letting it continue to work against the people to the benefit of the corrupt politicians.

    The times,they are achangin’–for the better and in accordance with the U.S. Constitution this time. Natural law will rule here once again.

  2. If you disagree, dear, bring up your own thoughts and facts. All I see is an emotional dumping on those that disagree with you. I’m not the man who broke your heart and dumped you. Don’t make me the object of revenge. I’m not making you miserable. The facts crashing through your crystalized fantasies is what is bringing you down.

    TRUTH is hard to swallow, baby! But, in the end, it’s the best medicine for both mind and soul.

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