Night/Day, Dogs/Cats, Hot/Cold, Dem/GOP, Pearce/Teague


In October The Pink Flamingo met up with Steve Pearce for a quick  Q & A about his run for NM’s 2nd District.  I came away with the impression that we should be so lucky if all Congressional districts were represented by people like Steve Pearce.  He is honorable, decent, ethical, and the man is a believer.  At the time we met, my mother was recovering from surgery that eventually led to a hospital stay of 10 days while she fought for her life against pneumonia. When I left the meeting my impression of Steve Pearce?  He stood up, gave me a hug and said he would be praying for my mother!

Pearce recently did an oped on wilderness issues here in NM.  This is a MUST READ about the assault on private property and how Pearce would defend the Constitution (unlike other people now holding office)

“...There is a second small problem. The Constitution does not allow the government to take away private property without compensation.  But when this bill is passed and when it creates wilderness on the existing ranch, if the ranch eventually goes broke, the Williams’ will not be compensated.  This is called a government “takings” and is prohibited by the Constitution.  Do a google search for Kit Laney, Gila Wilderness, to see what the government can and will do to ranchers who are on wilderness area.

Recently The Pink Flamingo had a brief encounter with our erstwhile Democratic 2nd District Congressman Harry Teague. A friend, off the record, told me the impression she had of Teague was one of those idiot men who may think they are way cool “God’s Gift” geeks.  Yep – she is so right on with her evaluation.

So I get the “eye”, “how ya doin'”, kind of thing from Teague and his infantile and rather rude associates.  When I met with Steve Pearce and his people they could not have been nicer.

Teague is in trouble:

“…- New Mexico, Second District – Harry Teague: This is shaping up as a classic contest in a swing district. Democratic freshman Teague, swept into office on Barack Obama’s coattails, faces the Republican congressman he replaced, Steve Pearce. It’s a matchup between a moderate Democrat and a very conservative Republican. If Pearce pulls ahead, it’ll tell us how damaged the Democratic brand is in the Southwest….”

Then there are some very questionable business practices.

“...U.S. Rep. Harry Teague is divesting himself of all interests in three oil companies that have helped make him the 10th wealthiest member of Congress. Teague, a Democrat who represents New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District, is divesting himself of interests in Teaco Drilling, Eunice Well Servicing Co. and ABC Tool Rental Co., according to a news release from the new company under which those businesses will be formed, Cavaloz Energy Inc. The companies will be taken over by Teague’s son, Troy Teague, according to a news release from Cavaloz. The three companies currently exist under the parent corporation Teaco Energy Services. On an annual financial disclosure form he filed earlier this year, Teague listed the value of his interests in that corporation as being almost $40 million. Teague spokeswoman Sara Schreiber didn’t say what percentage of that $40 million Teague is giving up, but did say he has other assets and is “keeping an interest in other companies.” America Supply LLC is another company listed in Teaco Energy’s Web site as being part of the corporation, and it’s a company in which Teague is giving up his interests….”

The Pink Flamingo has been doing a little snooping (and continues to snoop) about Harry Teague and his business practices.  One individual, who wishes to remain off the record has told me, that he is “sleazy”.  Look for more about this in upcoming weeks.

“...Teague is being challenged next year by his predecessor in the 2nd district seat, Steve Pearce, a Republican and, like Teague, and oilman from Hobbs. Pearce’s campaign declined to comment, but Joanna Burgos, spokeswoman for the National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee, questioned whether there’s a correlation between Teague’s cap-and-trade vote and his move to divest himself of interests in the businesses.

“Why change the name of the company?” Burgos asked. “Since the Teague name has become a bad word in New Mexico, is Teague’s abysmal voting record having such a drastically negative effect on his business that he feels compelled to separate his name from the company’s?”

Teague also recently voted to extend the inheritance tax and cancel a one-year repeal, and Burgos questioned whether “he was hypocritically avoiding the inheritance tax that he… voted to impose upon all Americans.”…”

Evidently the formerly Red southwest, which experimented being Blue, is heading back to their proper shade of Red.  Rebecca Marks of the NRCC sent out an email with the following information that will make the heart of any good Republican feel just a little lighter.

“…The Republican Party now enjoys a better image rating than the Democratic Party in Western states. You might have to read the previous sentence again. While the image of the GOP is not really much to crow about (27% positive and 44% negative), the Democrats are in a worse position perceptually –

29% view the party favorably and 53% view the Democratic Party negatively.
Republican –

47% GOP/36% Dem. Nationally, it’s a one-point Democrat advantage on the generic ballot (37% GOP/38% Dem).

We have closed the gap nationally with big help from voters in the West. And, 54% of voters say they are less likely to vote for a candidate for Congress who has supported Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s issue positions over ninety percent of the time (watch out Martin Heinrich!)

President Obama’s job approval numbers have plummeted in the West. A majority of voters (53%) in Western states disapprove of the job he’s doing while 45% approve. Compare this to the 100-day mark in his term when Obama’s job approval in the West was 59% approve/33% disapprove.
Obama’s numbers in the West are worse than they are nationally –

47% approve/46% disapprove. The seeds of discontent are running deep in the West….”