The Conservative Double Standard: Lindsey Graham & Sarah Palin


The Pink Flamingo wants to make a prediction.  In six months, Sarah Palin, the darling of the Tea Party “patriots” will be the far right’s public enemy #2, right up there with Lindsey.


She is showing her true – VERY RED – colors!

Sarah Palin is making money off the whole thing.  She is not doing this for charity.  And – now that the idiots are realizing that they must pay speakers, the you know what that drops out of the rear of Alaskan caribou is about ready to hit the fan.

“…The Tea Party convention, for one, is charging $549 per person for the event—no doubt to pay for Palin’s speaking fee, reportedly as high as $100,000—which has left some supporters queasy about the entire production. “This is the beginning of the end of it as a ground-up movement. Let the co-optation begin,” writes one pro–Tea Party blogger. The buckracking echoes the arrival of groups like the Tea Party Express, which used the name of the grassroots insurrection to raise funds for a longstanding Republican political action committee. As Stephanie Mencimer has reported, such developments have led to major clashes with groups like the “Tea Party Patriots,” who’ve adhered to the anti-establishment, grassroots ethos that originally founded the movement…”

The Pink Flamingo is loving every minute of it.


The Pink Flamingo has been right about Sarah Palin all along (thank heavens) and she is not a far right fringe third party idiot.  She is a Republican.  Praise the Lord!

Then again, this brings me right back to my original thesis – that the whole tea party thing has been manipulated and co-opted by FOX.   It is entirely possible that the tea party movement is for FOX and By FOX for FOX for money and ratings!

Stephen Maloney sent me a link to an excellent article about the far right attempting to devour the not so far right.  It is chilling and it is very true.

“…Republicans need to take the fight to the Democrats and stop wasting energy on stupid petty skirmishes amongst themselves.  Let me give you an example. This year the election of officers for the California Republican Party (CRP) was held.  The full spectrum of liberal, moderate, conservative and black helicopter Republicans had a full blown, no-holds-barred, ultimate fighting challenge that would have rivaled the World Wrestling Federation.  Late in the match, several liberal Republican candidates challenged the conservative Republican shoe-ins for the CRP’s governing board.  Estimates of between, $250,000 to $350,000 was spent in a futile attempt to prevent the enebitable.  Money was paid to consultants, was spent on phone banks and several slick mail pieces.  Candidates made personal calls to every delegate and thousands of man-hours were utilized across the state.  And you want to know what?  Not one Democrat was defeated….”

Is there a connection between the pointy little headed Ron Paul Bots and the pointy little headed John Birchers?  If you zip through the sites of Ron Paul Bots you might discover they support the same thing.  If so, and they are connected to the Tea Party “patriots“, the do-do from Alaska is about to hit the fan. Sarah Palin is beloved by the Tea Party “patriots”.  She is also having NOTHING to do with the John Birchers.  If there is a connection between the Tea Party “patriots” and John Birchers, I wonder how long it is going to be until Sarah Palin starts getting the Lindsey Graham treatment?

Trust me, it will happen.

The John Birchers think that SP is one of them.  Yes, there is a major connection between Ron Paul Bots and John Birchers.

Chris Cillizza wrote:

“…Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin’s decision to attend — and speak at — the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans in April transforms that event into the first legitimate cattle-call of the 2012 Republican presidential sweepstakes. Palin announced late Thursday that she would attend SRLC, joining Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee as announced speakers. Interestingly, Palin also announced on Thursday that she would not be speaking at CPAC, a gathering of conservatives in Washington in mid February — a decision, according to those familiar with her thinking, due at least in part to the fact that the John Birch Society is one of the sponsors. The decision to attend SRLC but not CPAC — love those acronyms! — seems to be a rare instance of Palin refusing to play to type, bucking the grassroots for a more establishment-oriented event. She still has much work to do in courting that establishment, however, as made clear by a new National Journal “Insiders” poll that more than 62 percent of the Republican professional political class said that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney was going to be their party’s nominee in 2012. Romney was followed by Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, South Dakota Sen. John Thune and Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour in the voting. Palin tied for fifth with Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels who has said repeatedly he is not running….”

Sarah Palin has renewed my faith in her by refusing to attend CPAC now that the inmates are running the asylum and the John Birch Society has been ‘mainstreamed’.  How viable can someone like Mario Rubio be when he is going to be CPAC’s keynote speaker and the biggest GOP superstar since the great RR is thumbing her nose at CPAC and the John Birchers?

Is it possible that there is a crack in the crack-up minds of the far right – and it coming fast enough to save 2010 for the GOP?


Sarah Palin is being praised by the same little pointy head conservatives who are constantly damning Lindsey.  They dislike Lindsey for advocating the drill here and drill now policy, and for saying what he thinks about Ron Paul Bots. Never mind that there is something really strange about the Lexington censureRon Paul Bots truly dislike Lindsey.

“…There are fringe elements in both parties. You get 100 (people) of the fringe, you can take over any county party.”Graham says the 13 members of the Lexington County GOP that voted to censure him are Libertarian leaning, Ron Paul supporters. He also says the man who crafted the censure resolution, Talbert Black of Lexington, has never supported a Republican nominee for president. “I would argue it’s hard to be a Republican leader if you’ve never voted for the party’s (presidential) nominee. I would argue that I’m a Republican leader who has shown the ability to win elections.” Graham, who met with reporters today to discuss his opposition to the health care reform bill, says he stands by his record. “I disagree with people in my party (and) they disagree with me. That’s a healthy thing. I’ve got a 90 percent conservative voting record over my lifetime. I’m proud of my social and fiscal conservatism. I’m also proud of the fact that I’m a Republican that will reach across the isle and solve problems. I want to grow this party.”…”

In other words – we have a conservative double standard.  There are some people the far right likes and some it hates.  The far right, taking their cues from Rush, Beck and Ingraham hate Lindsey.  Dr. Neal Thigpin, a SC political science expert says of the far right in SC and Lindsey:

“…No, I don’t think he should be concerned…you’d certainly like (to have) votes coming out of these local committees applauding you, rather than censuring you…but I think (Graham) is right to completely disregard it…he’s the kind of fella that goes his own way on some of these issues…it’s the purists, particularly…at the county committee level, that are far more conservative on everything, than Sen. Graham…they’re the kind of people that my 90 percent friend (if we agree 90 percent of the time)…isn’t my 90 percent friend…he’s my 10 percent enemy…and I think that’s short sighted…what kind of senator do you want? Somebody that completely just rubberstamps and votes…the ultra conservative way on everything…they’ve got five years before (Graham’s term) is up and he faces reelection…that’s a long time to keep up this drumbeat…my guess is the thing will run out of gas…until he votes again on some issue that they don’t like or feel is less than a conservative vote…then maybe it’ll start up again…but the place to vent your discontent with him is in a Republican senatorial primary and that’s a long way away…”

You see, Lindsey is just pathetic enough to want to come up with a rational and reasoned response to legally stop the EPA from doing THIS.  But – because he uses words that are not conservatively correct, he is being damned.  Too bad.  He could end up saving us a heck of a lot of money, jobs, etc. but that doesn’t matter to the far right.  Lindsey Graham is evil and must be destroyed.


4 thoughts on “The Conservative Double Standard: Lindsey Graham & Sarah Palin

  1. You went to Jake “Porky” Knotts to back up your accusations?

    Ohhh! You’d really have to live here to understand fully the magnitude of what you just did. In fact, I think it more than appropriate metaphorically to gauge that as a 20 megaton statement there.

    However, words fail me at this moment to truly convey the depth of my humor at the sight of that irony “A-bomb” so neatly contained within that single link.


    Now, down to business.

    You doubted me before, nay, even SCOFFED at my claims of knowing what was in the works.

    You messed with the wrong inside man, didn’t you? It really happened just as I said it would, didn’t it?

    I’ve got my bona fides now. I don’t think you can deny that fact given my accurate prediction here on your blog a few weeks ago just after Charleston County’s censure of Lindsey Graham.

    I have connections you can’t dream of in both the Graham camp and the various reform movements in this state.

    The Graham camp information has been, strangely enough, a bit more accurate since trying to pin down what’s going on between our various reform groups is like herding cats.

    In any case, I have multiple confirmations from the cool cats involved regarding the censure movements in the next county to proudly speak out against tyranny.

    The next county GOP organization to censure Lindsey Graham will be [drumroll] . . .


    For those who want to be there:

    Quoted from

    “The Beaufort County Republican Party will hold its Executive Committee Meeting on Wednesday, January 20 at Palmetto Electric across from Sun City. Social begins at 6:30 pm and meeting will begin at 7:00 pm.

    “All local Republicans are invited to attend.

    “All new precinct officers are obligated and urged to attend. If you are a voting member and cannot attend, please send your proxy with a voting member.”

    IN YOUR FACE, Lil’ Lindsey! You have been served–yet again!

    And the countdown begins . . .

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