Guns & Amo and Mexico


What does Charlton Heston, Ben Hur, and the battle against the pirates have to do with the problems in Mexico?

“…Juárez’s main product now is the corpse. Last year, drug-related violence there claimed more than 1,600 lives, and the toll for the first nine months of this year soared beyond 1,800, and mounts daily. That makes Juárez, population 1.5 million, the most violent city in the world. Two lines of graffiti summed up a place where not only law and order but civilization itself has broken down: Mi ciudad pide clemencia en su dementia (“My city asks for mercy in its madness”), and Mi ciudad es un negro lamento un aullido infinito (“My city is a black lament, an eternal howl”)….”

I have a very dear friend who is from Mexico.  She and her husband are now American citizens and huge Republicans.  She is devistated about what is going on in Mexico, telling me her friends are leaving the country, moving here or Europe as fast as they can.  I am also hearing this from other sources I know who are from Mexico or have friends there.

We hear story after story about the problems in Mexico related to violence, death, and drugs.  If something is not done soon, the entire country is going to fall and it will be a blood-bath.  Then – want to talk about illegal immgiration from Mexico?  You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!


My friend told me something I never really though about or associated with the violence.

Honest, law abiding people in Mexico are NOT allowed to own guns.  The only people who have guns are the police, military, and the drug cartels (all they same thing, are they not).  There is NO possible way for a normal person to defend or protect themselves.

Indeed, if someone defends themselves against drug violence with a gun (illegal) they are the ones who go to prison and the drug criminal goes free.  If a reporter tries to expose the violence or the criminal, or the corrupt government official, they end up dead.

“…That is not idle theorizing. Jorge Luis Aguirre, a writer for, an online Juárez news service, had written extensively about corruption in the Chihuahuan state government, and did not spare González either. On the night of November 13, 2008, as he was driving to Rodríguez’s wake, he got a call on his cell phone. The male caller said, “You’re next, son of a bitch!” and hung up.

Aguirre immediately packed up his wife and sons and fled to El Paso, where he sought asylum. In March, testifying at a hearing of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime and Drugs, he stated that he’d identified the source of the threats:

“Victor Valencia, a representative of the governor of the state of Chihuahua, had sent people to warn me to ‘tone down’ my criticisms of the prosecutor, Patricia González, because if I didn’t, he was going to kill me, using the Juárez cartel’s preferred method of kidnapping followed by execution.”

The aftermath reveals a lot about today’s Mexico. Patricia González remains in her post. Victor Valencia has been promoted to chief of public security in Juárez. The federal deputy attorney general handling the Rodríguez murder case, Jesús Martín Huerta Yedra, was shot to death in his car, along with his secretary. …”

The Pink Flamingo has never been one to take sides on the whole right to own guns thingie until I heard my friend.  It is obvious the same thing is happening in the UK.

It is also obvious one of the end results of the politically correct anti-gun culture is absolute criminal violence and the death of innocent people at the hands of criminals.

Darn, Charlton Heston was right about guns!  And – this is one of the great Beefcake scenes in movie history!