Pardon Me While I Laugh (at Harry & the Dems)


They are creepy and they are kooky!

Michael Medved, in the opening moments of his Monday’s radio show brought up a very salient point. We DO NOT want Harry Reid to resign.  We want him right where he is, running for re-election.  We want Harry Reid as one of the faces of the Democrats.

You gotta love the Dems.  They are so very adorable, cute, and just plain fun to watch.

Then again they are creepy and they are kooky!

They’re all-together ooky….Obama’s Democrat Family!

If they aren’t lying about policy or stealing elections, they are cheating some other way.

Let’s be honest  here, without those lovable little Dems, just how boring would politics be?

Take Harry Reid, please! (yea it’s an old joke, but so is he).

Watching an important political figure like Reid crash and burn should be something sad and pathetic.  It is pathetic but there’s nothing sad about it. (if you are a Republican)

It’s like this – the American people are not as stupid as people like Harry Reid think we are.  Then again, maybe we are.

There is such a double standard.  We all know there is a double standard.  It’s like cats and dogs, hot and cold, baseball and football, honest and corrupt, good and evil, Democrat and Republican.

Michael Medved is right.  Harry Reid needs to stay just where he is.  For that matter, so does Nancy Pelosi – at least until the First Tuesday in November.  Then they can all go home.  Until then – well, we just want them to keep on keeping on – being themselves!

If what we are hearing is true, Harry Reid is rather responsible for the incompetent who now resides in the White House.  It makes some sort of poetic sense.  It makes a heck of a lot of sense.

I think we simply need to let these people be themselves, don’t you?


2 thoughts on “Pardon Me While I Laugh (at Harry & the Dems)

  1. I’ve enjoyed your site. Seems to be quite well done, and I find pleasure analyzing the written thoughts. There’s some cleverness, nice turns of phrases, and a lot of
    forced attempts to be outraged: lots of sound and fury, but not much really going on, it seems to me.
    Grown-ups pretending and playing parts that don’t seem to be well thought out.

    Maybe I’m more traditional than conservative. A few days ago I picked up a couple of political humorists’ collections of essays and columns from 30 years ago, and you know what? Topically they don’t read much different than you guys today, it’s all about how the sky is falling, how stupid ‘they’ are and wise and virtuous we are. Except so much better written! Of course all of THEM, both sides, are DEAD now, and so will you all be, in spite of all the recess-style name-calling and the grandstanding. And who could write better than Buckley?

    And the sky didn’t fall, except there were some umbrous portents during the recent Bush incumbency.

    My guess is that “it”…whatever the question of the day happens to be…never really gets solved, because this is America, and someone’s going to take up the question again. You know the old expression, ‘save your tape recordings and Confederate money, they’ll be back’?

    In all freindly seriousness, I wish you would all take some courses in joke writing, because it seems to me that’s what all Republicans are trying to do now, and let me say this as a fellow American and certainly a sometime friend: you’re NOT good at it,
    you all write your jokes so badly. And the sweeping generalizations! You’re not funny. Don’t quit the day job…

    This is why I think most Republicans are really fundamentally democrats, because all Republicans seems to think they’re witty and acerbic…and can tell a joke, and worse, there’s not even much simple, dogged,get-the-facts reality, and when there is, it’s about the least important details of the situation. And then somebody tries to instantly wrap it up in another half-baked joke.

    See, jokes are not just about saying safe, mean, off-the-wall nothings. It takes a long time to write a good joke, it requires real leadership of the audience, and I get the sense that Republicans, while pretending that you all hate the same people and therefore that you’re all on the same team, are really just trying to ‘top’ each other competitively in a b.s. contest, with half-baked assertions about the other side, right now. It’s all “look how great I am, top this, see how stupid they are”. It all comes across as people arguing about chair placement on the deck of the Titanic.

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    Your party has potential, and it would be nice to see
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