Should You Run for Senate if You Can’t Spell Your Home State?


I think the Dems have a problem.  Nature abhors a vacuum.

Is Scott Brown the Dem’s worst nightmare?

Have you seen this new ad Martha Coakley is running against Scott Brown.  If it weren’t so serious, I would think the ad is a gag.  No serious candidate would ever run anything so pathetic. I’ve watched it twice because I cannot believe a rational candidate would even think of such a thing.  It must be a SNL gag or something.

P. S.  The ad was down for awhile because Coakley’s team couldn’t spell her state correctly!

The Dems are in a total snit over this Brown thing.  In all tongue in cheek maybe we Republicans have been going about things all the wrong way.  it is now quite obvious that sex sells.  What the heck – why not find candidates who have been listed by Cosmo as some of the sexiest men in America?  Evidently it bothers the heck out of the Dems.  I gather you can’t be a Republican and be hot.  Only liberals can be hot hot hot!