BREAKING: Right Wing Extremists Threaten Lindsey


Yes, Rush, there are armed right wing militias in this country who are threatening to over-throw the government.  They are considered freaks and nuts, but they are out there.  They are called the American Resistance Movement, patriots, etcs. Evidently they could really be into Ron Paul!   They have a freedom fighter radio thingie.

Oh, and they hate Lindsey.

They are nuts – but they are nuts with guns. Nuts with guns are nuts to be feared.

This is yet another of those pesky Pink Flamingo “I told you so” posts. There are crazies on the far right who are basically an armed militia.  What The Palmetto Scoop shows from the cached video should be considered a threat against a United States Senator.

Photo from the Upstate Today shows our idiot friend being removed from the meeting.

On Tuesday night, in Clemson, Lindsey was heckled by Jim Stachowaki to the point where he was told to leave.

The Palmetto Scoop has the shocking threatening video Stachowiak later made and posted on Youtube, then removed it.

Stachowiak rants and raves about being ejected from the meeting, never bothering to mention that he is NOT a resident of South Carolina!  He says he is a member of the American Resistance Movement.


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