The Death of Civility


I worry about a country where you can’t disagree,” Lindsey Graham

The other day, in a town hall meeting, Lindsey discussed the fact that civility in Washington is endangered and that it is spilling out into the nation.

The Pink Flamingo thinks the extremes of both parties, the far right and the far left are to blame.  Certainly the Ron Paul Bots are some of the worst offenders of the lot.  They are reaching the point where a rational person can’t have a rational conversation with members of the House or Senate because of Ron Paul Bots butting in and making (rear end of Democratic mascot) of themselves.

Read what one extreme liberal said about Lindsey’s most recent town hall.  I think it says it all.

“…Most of the crowd seemed to be in a trance by his spin and lies and BS. He said the Republican party needed to move to the center more. Many Ron Paul supporters were there and spoke out a lot. I hope to compile more footage of some of the other questions….”

Unless you are living on a different planet, or uninterested in politics, you must know about the “war” going on between Lindsey and more than a few Ron Paul Bots in South Carolina.  Tuesday’s meeting in Clemson was no different, except for the fact that the meeting was presented by the University and Ron Paul Bots were kept to a minimum.

The most interesting part – the really annoying Ron Paul Bots were not even from South Carolina, but were imported in from Georgia!

In a letter to the editor of the Herald Online, one constituent recognized the problem.

“…It is curious that the author of the Lexington resolution, Talbert Black, has boasted that he has never voted for a Republican nominee for president in his life. The Lexington GOP is being held captive by Ron Paul Libertarians…”


On Tuesday evening, John McCormack of the Weekly Standard was assaulted by a Democratic staffer.  Martha Coakley screamed foul and blamed the victim.  It is quite obvious Miss Martha is terrified of losing to Scott Brown (hottie centerfold).

Naturally Coakley is blaming Scott Brown for having the GOP stalk her!  The woman just kept on walking, even after the assault.


Then we have Steve Schmidt’s unending war against Sarah Palin.  Fortunately people are starting to examine the sources and are starting to question Schmidt’s lies.


The Tea Party “patriots” are starting to feud amongnst themselves.  Pardon me while I enjoy it….!


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