Conservatives Behaving Repulsively


What is it about a moment of disaster (that has nothing to do with terror)  just seems to bring out the worst in some conservatives?

Rush Limbaugh did nothing to help himself with his petty remarks about Barack Obama.  Instead of discussing Obama’s incompetence, he had to go straight for the racial angle.

Doesn’t Limbaugh know when to keep his big fat mouth shut?

Ann Coulter then compounds the truly repulsive moment by distinguishing herself commenting how repulsive and disgusting Bill Clinton is.  Was she making fun of the work he is attempting to do?  Then she makes fun of GWB for working with him.

What kind of mindset do these people have?
Does their compassion only extend to people of a certain color?
Or more importantly does their compassion extend only to conservatives?
Even liberals have problems and deserve compassion, right?

Most of us know Obama is going to use a situation for his own glory.  That goes without say – WITHOUT SAY – as in shut up about it already yet.  He is doing a good enough job of making an ass of himself.  Don’t compound the problem.

Unfortunately, with Rush Limbaugh’s preemptive strike, he has turned out to be a far greater ass than Barack Obama can ever hope to be.  It isn’t even about compassion or racism.  It is about common sense, and behaving with just a little bit of grace.

What really worries The Pink Flamingo is the fact that if Rush Limbaugh is considered the “face” of the GOP, is his repulsive behavior going to damage Scott Brown’s chances on Tuesday.

The far right just can’t behave, can it.  Like a bunch of naughty spoiled brats they can’t be trusted.

Someone needs a time out – and it isn’t Barack Obama (this time).

If a person can’t see what is going on in Haiti and shed a tear and say a prayer, then there is truly something wrong with their soul.  I don’t know who I pity more, the people suffering in Haiti or far right brats like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter.


2 thoughts on “Conservatives Behaving Repulsively

  1. Oh no. I’m afraid to hear/see the crap from Rush and Ann. It never ends, does it. One step forward; three steps back, in dog poop.

  2. WHO has a “big fat mouth?”

    If you think that about Rush Limbaugh, no wonder you’re so miserable. It’s HARD to rationalize your beliefs when confronted with facts on a daily basis, isn’t it? Look up the term “cognitive dissonance.”

    You sound so much like a liberal! Oh, wait, you’re a neo-con fan of Lindsey Graham–SAME THING!

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