Medved Takes Out a Brain Dead Glenn Beck Listener


From Town Hall:  This is a thing of beauty.

I thought I’ve said stuff about these idiots, but Michael Medved, a 100% PURE Republican – the only 100% Republican we have on the radio, takes out a Glenn Beck idiot!

If you can only subscribe to one radio show, Medved is a Can’t Miss!.  The Pink Flamingo can’t pick him up live, but I listen every weekday evening – and I do mean every.  To prove the point – read the nasty conservative idiot comments.  These people are out of control and need a time out before they destroy the country!


2 thoughts on “Medved Takes Out a Brain Dead Glenn Beck Listener

  1. Why would conservatives want to have that weak Pearce back? He ran away once when he had a chance for a better personal deal, he alienated a lot of vets by those early lies he told, and even with Bush-Cheney in he never accomplished anything.

    Harry Teague’s no threat to anybody, he’s an American, every conservative that knows him trusts him, and he won’t run away for a better deal. Conservatives and thinking Repubs alike see no reason to worry at all about Teague’s second term.

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