Political Lemonade


Crossing fingers and saying prayers for Scott Brown. If  he can pull it off, and it is looking better than ever, it will be because of MODERATE INDEPENDENTS. Conservatives are working like crazy for him, but there are some third party Losertarians who are holding strong with their conscience.

Please, pass the cool, tart, slightly sweet, perfect political lemonade.  Enjoy every drop of it.

No one has a better grasp on the political picture of the country today than Michael Medved, who is the only 100% PURE Republican radio show host.  He is pragmatic enough to understand that conservatives cannot win an election.  Liberals cannot win an election.  The greatest majority of voters are independent – and moderate.

The only way Scott Brown, or any other Republican can lead is by being Republican.

The most fun are the idiots of the far right who are supporting Brown but damning men like Lindsey and John McCain who are more conservative then Brown.  Give it a month, and they will be damning Brown.   The following is basically from one of those hater brain dead conservatives.

“…The tea party movement is in the process of retaking the Republican party. Naturally, the wussypants Republican elite are not happy. RINOs like John McCain, Newt Gingrich, Colin Powell, Lindsey Graham are not liked and will not be tolerated in the future. If Massachusetts can elect a Republican to replace murderer Ted Kennedy, you better believe the good people of Arizona can send the RINO lizard Juan McPain packing! The Republican party will move to Reagan conservatism. Smaller government, lower taxes, more personal liberty. The tea party movement will also demand the securing of our borders from our leaders….”

Sarah Palin told Glenn Beck that she is a registered Republican and plans to stay that way.  Beck may be planning to be some big shot at CPAC, but Palin is wisely staying away.


On Monday a week ago the supporters of Scott Brown raised a small fortune for the Republican Senator stealth candidate for Ted Kennedy’s old seat.

The previous week the world was treated to the gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands while it was pronounced that the GOP has a money problem.

It is rather obvious, with the cash rolling in – well over the million dollar mark – doubling the day’s plans for a half million dollar “money bomb” that there is no real GOP fundraising problem.

It is also increasingly obvious we Republicans are starting to pick and choose where we donate our money, targeting candidates who have an actual chance of winning, rather than pouring money into dead end races.

Have you noticed that The Pink Flamingo is not pounding The One (incompetent) the way I once did.  There is a reason. Right now Liberals and many Dems are really furious with the Dems and with Obama.  Stephen MaloneyHofstra University in NY. forwarded a link to an Op-Ed by liberal David Michael Green, a professor of political science at

“...You know, elite Republicans may be sociopaths, and they may be lower on the moral totem pole than your basic cannibal, but they’re not stupid. I bet they’re salivating at the idea that this thing passes. I bet they’d even have Olympia Snowe vote for it if necessary, just to put it over the top. They must be laughing their asses off at this gift. All they have to do is oppose it right down the line, then say “Told ya so!” at the next election, squashing the pathetic Demognats, one after the next. Hey, even if worse comes to worse and the thing eventually becomes popular, they can always wait a decade or two and become champions of the new publically beloved healthcare system just like they did for Medicare, Social Security, civil rights, etc.

This is President Nothingburger’s great gift to America, along with doing nothing about jobs, doing nothing about the Middle East, nothing about civil liberties, nothing about civil rights, and now doing nothing at Copenhagen. Regarding the latter, the world is literally on fire, and he jets in, gives a speech haranguing the delegates that “Now is not the time for talk, now is the time for action”, then splits even before the vote in order to beat the snowstorm headed to the east coast that might delay him getting home to his comfy bed. I’m not kidding. You can’t make this shit up, man…”


One of The Pink Flamingo’s favorite sayings is “When Life Gives You the Lemons, Make Lemonade”. Right now we are dealing with the biggest pitcher of super organic, perfectly flavored, fresh squeezed lemonade you’ve ever seen.  Oh, and it is perfectly chilled, and served up in the most beautiful matching pitcher – maybe pink depression glass, with matching glasses.

This past year we’ve seen our fair share of political lemons:  Harry, Nancy, & Barry screw the American Taxpayer.  They’ve thumbed their noses at everything possible, doing what they can to “remake” America into their greater image.  It doesn’t matter if they are taking over (or trying to take over) the Big Three Auto Makers, flaunting their version of abortion for all, or planning to kill grand-ma with health care for no one.

We have a real problem with idiots on the far right who are just plain old out to destroy the GOP or remake it into their image. We are also hearing stories of funding problems, that may not be as much about the following as something else

“...Split hairs about labels if you must, but the Republican brand already has begun a slow slide into obscurity. And turning further right only hastens its demise. Quiet as it’s kept, many in the party know this. That, alas, is called acceptance….”


Then there are the Democratic idiots who are Obama’s version of Tokyo Rose, telling the GOP quit, that we’re done as a party.  Someone is protesting too much, trying to make us feel like we’re a dying breed.  You know,  please, quit before you win in a few months.  We know you are going to lose, you just don’t know it.

Everyone is making this huge deal about GOP fund-raising problems. No one is even mentioning the fact that we are in a near depression. The GOP is not made up of “fat cats” like the the DNC is. We are the party of normal Americans who have normal financial problems. If so – then money is tight. Normal Republicans do not have money to donate to political parties right now.

Right now, it looks like Scott Brown (centerfold – and why women should vote GOP) has a chance to take Ted Kennedy’s old seat.  If that happens, it will signal a political tsunami to come.  It also looks like the primary way the Dems may be able to hold on to the seat is by cheating, in other words, politics as usual.

From the PPP Blogspot:

“…Here’s the reality: the Republicans and GOP leaning independents are going to come out and vote for Scott Brown. There’s no doubt about that. But there’s also a much larger pool of potential Democratic voters in the state. If Coakley can get them out, she wins. But this race is well past the stage where Democrats can take it for granted that will happen. It will be fascinating to see what happens the final ten days and we’ll do a second poll on the race next weekend….”


The GOP is having problems with Libertarians Losertarians.

“…”…First off is the Libertarian party whose values are neither conservative nor liberal. This party believes that the government under both parties has become too entrenched in the personal lives of each citizen. They are against nationalized healthcare and are supportive of unions or marriages between homosexuals; they believe the way Democrats and Republicans handle both issues involves too much government interference. Libertarians believe in a strong national defense system but are opposed to the pre-emptive aggression that we have seen in the past two or three decades. According to the Libertarians, a strong national defense system protects our liberty while pre-emptive aggression violates the liberty of other nations….”

We have a problem with the Tea Party “patriots”?  The whole Tea Party Nation thing is for profit.  Guess the Tea Partiers actually don’t approve of making money.

Beck is doing the CPAC thing – trying to build up a third party.  You gotta love the HillBuzz gang.  They are thinking the same thing The Pink Flamingo has been thinking.  Are the tea parties really grass roots or something more sinister?

“…Liberals are the greatest threat to our democracy in this nation’s history.  George Soros is up there with Stalin, Hitler,  Hussein, Mao, Hirohito, and other villains in history who wanted to see this nation destroyed.  Unlike those others, Soros is actually succeeding — perhaps beyond his wildest dreams.

Every vote for a third party candidate helps Soros inch his plan closer to reality.

People have to start realizing this.

For the rest of our lives, we are always going to vote for the best person in the race, whether that person is Democrat or Republican, man or woman, straight or gay, white or black, etc.  But we are not going to throw our votes away on people who have no legitimate shot at winning, but who are being propped up by one candidate just to take votes away from the other. Do the math on this, and always think about who has the best chance of defeating the person you DON’T WANT to win.  Give your vote to that person, so that lunatics like the one in the White House now don’t keep getting elected.

We don’t think the Tea Party Convention in Tennessee is a good idea.  Many of you have been encouraging us to go to that, and we say from the bottom of our hearts how flattered we are that you want us to go.  That’s incredibly kind, and we’re truly honored many of you want to meet us or want us to speak at that Convention.  That’s amazing to us.

But, we just don’t trust the people running this. We also are scared these people are really being propped up by Soros, in some way, as a plot to distract voters in 2012 and take votes away from the Republican and create a spoiler that will hand the second term to Dr. Utopia.  That’s just so incredibly dangerous….”


The Pink Flamingo has been predicting that the Far Right Loony Toons Tea Party “patriots” are going to turn on Sarah Palin. While many of these people are decent Republicans who are fed up with the Dems in their state, a goodly number of the Glenn Beck bunch of morons are Third Party Idiots. C. Edmont Wright does a wonderful job exposing the stupidity that is Glenn Beck.

“…The number of times Beck led the conversation into a “there is no difference between the parties” (paraphrase) mode. Twice he made a pretty hard push to get Palin to disavow the GOP. This is consistent with Beck’s shows, where he will cap off 55 minutes of fabulous exposé of Obama-appointed Marxists (and he is very very good at this) with an obligatory “but it’s not a Democrat or Republican issue” disclaimer. It is an intellectual disconnect, and it threw Palin — not expecting a hard debate — off-guard a bit. She should have gone Ann Coulter on this point.

(0): The number of references to how the GOP has been unanimous in opposing ObamaCare, a second stimulus, giving GM breaks on repaying TARP, etc. In fact, zero references to any GOP opposition to all of the issues Beck routinely opposes. Beck cannot bring himself to mention this, of course. It would counter his incessant nonpartisan disclaimers. Palin, a known GOP former office-holder, by the way, was left in an awkward position….”

Rick Moran pegs it.

“...I should mention that I think the enthusiasm among tea partiers, evangelicals, and other true conservatives for this guy is amusing. In six months, they will be condemning Brown for being just another stinking RINO….”

Evidently those wonderful wacky tea party cranks don’t approve of one of their own making money off their movement. If you’ve never run a conference then you have no earthly idea how expensive it is. These things aren’t free. The problem is the Tea Party Freaks are a bunch of dimwits who don’t comprehend the real world. They are living in their little la-la fantasy land.

Go figure!?!

“…Disillusioned Tea Party volunteers are angry at Phillips for turning the grass-roots group into a for-profit venture without their consent and for charging more than $500 per person to an event that many worked for but can’t afford.

Local Tea Party insiders say that long-time Republican donor Bill Hemrick [he gave $1000 to the NRCC in late 2009 and to the Fred Thompson and Marsha Blackburn campaigns among others], owner of Upper Deck Trading cards, gave Judson Philips at least $50,000 and maybe the whole $125,000 to cover Tea Party Nation’s Sarah Palin speaker’s fee. This act led Tea Party activists to believe the Tennessee Republican Party has been involved in the closed-door organizing.

Meanwhile, all money made by the sold-out event will go straight to Tea Party Nation, Inc. while grassroots activists have donated their time to make the event happen.

Tami Killmarx, a nurse, and an original member of the Nashville Tea Party Nation Steering Committee says,” I don’t believe for an instant that this money that Judson Philips is making will go to anyone but him. He doesn’t have a PAC. He’s been promising to form a 527.”…”

I thought there was nothing wrong with good old Yankee ingenuity and making a buck! So is there a My Bad moment for SP for scoring the Big Bucks? MORE POWER TO HER!

“...Internal documents show overall expenses to exceed $480,000 including Sarah Palin’s speaking fee. More than one person disclosed that it was quite possible that Phillips would lose money on the conference.

Judson made the comment to Politico that the ticket price was so expensive to cover the speakers fee, but it looks like he did not put the money up for the fee. Either Bill Hemrick gave Tea Party Nation, Inc. the money or paid the Washington Speaker’s Bureau himself. And in fact, the fee isn’t $75,000 but $115,000 plus $10,000 in expenses….”