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The Pink Flamingo tries to be fair.  Every once in awhile a Democrat does something really good, worthwhile, and worthy of praise.  That is why Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell is the Democrat of the Month!  It is a story you aren’t seeing on many conservative sources.  In fact, conservatives like Anderson Cooper are accusing him of grandstanding.  Does it really matter?  He went down and facilitated the removal of 53 children to this country where they will have a chance for a better life.

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For the past few days The Pink Flamingo has been reading Matthew – 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20.  Emphsized in those chapters (or some of them) is that fact that as Christians we will be “judged” by how we treat the least among us.  If those pathetic little orphans in Haiti aren’t the least among us, I don’t know who is.

AP Photo by John Heller

This is the story:

“...According to an interview by the local television station, Governor Rendell had a private plane filled with medical supplies ready and had clearance to land on the tarmac in Haiti. There was a delay of about five hours after dropping off the supplies before getting the orphans and the original plane was not allowed to sit that long. It had to return to Pennsylvania.

The military then found a C-17 for the mission. All 54 remaining orphans were cleared to leave with the 27 adult volunteers who came to help with the rescue. Among the volunteers were Jamie’s husband and the McMutrie parents.

One hitch at the last moment caused a child, Emma, and Jamie McMutrie Heckman to be left behind. Emma was inadvertently left on the bus when they were loading the plane. Jamie went back for her and the C-17 had to take off. Plans were that they would be flown out later Tuesday.

The military plane landed in Orlando and the original charter plane came to get the children and take them to Pittsburg around 7:30 a.m. Tuesday morning. Forty-seven of the children have families in the United States who were already in the process of adopting them. Other children have families in Spain and Canada. The remaining children have American families lined up to adopt them.

The adoptive families were notified and started arriving throughout the early morning Tuesday. Scott, Kristin Heaton and their immediate family chartered a plane out of Lincoln just after midnight. They were interviewed by a local television station as they anxiously awaited the chance to see and hold their daughters.

The children were transferred by bus to the Pittsburg Children’s Hospital where doctors and nurses were awaiting their arrival. The children were kept overnight in the hospital, according to Kristin Heaton. As each child is cleared medically, they will be united with their families or cared for by the local foster care system until homes can be arranged. Catholic Charity and Red Cross were on hand to help out. One of the immediate needs, besides food and water, was winter clothes in all sizes….”


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