Is Beck a Closeted Democrat?


In some ways The Pink Flamingo loves being right.  In others, not so much.  Well, THE PINK FLAMINGO IS RIGHT about this one!  I have previously mentioned confidential information passed on to me that when he was in Florida, Beck was tight with the Dems.  Looks like he’s still tight with them!

On Wednesday, Glenn Beck made an ass of himself as he denigrated Scott Brown.  He has lied about Lindsey.  He will lie about anyone just to get his way and ratings.

The Pink Flamingo has been saying that Beck is more dangerous to the country than the Dems because of the damage and mischief he can cause.   I’ve also been telling you about a potential conflict of interest Beck has with one of his sponsors.  One of the reasons I am so concerned about the Tea Party “patriots” is because of Beck.

Beck is LYING about George W. Bush.  He is also doing anything he can to destroy decent men like Lindsey who call him down on his antics.  He basically cost us a GOP House seat in NY-23 via his idiotic 9/12 candidates – and he is lying about them and the fact that they are going after good, decent Republicans.  He has betrayed our military.

Dan Riehl has the following dirt on Beck:

“…I think some of you misunderstand my issue with Beck. It really isn’t Beck v Levin. Thet both have forums much larger than mine. And I don’t mind his or anyone’s $ success. It’s only when I sense someone poses a serious danger that I get concerned. This guy’s PR agent is a former Dem operative. … If he goes off the third party rail, or even ends up supporting a moderate Dem, at the Prez level, he could do great harm. 3-4% can turn an election. … So, if there’s a diff, it’s that I trust Rush and Levin not to do anything to hurt our side. As regards Beck, his Brown comments only give me less reason to trust him in that regard. And I didnt much trust him in teh first place. He seems like too much of a loose cannon to be playing with something as important as politics.  And that’s about the sum total of my concern about Beck. I don’t trust him to do or say the smart thing in a potentially volatile political climate. He’ll still have his contract. And we could end up with squat because he said something crazy, or offensive at precisely the wrong time.…”

Dan Reihl is very right.  Last week Michael Medved took out a Beck/Ron Paul Bot, exposing the stupidity of this person.


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