Theme Problems Continue


The Pink Flamingo is having an ongoing problem with themes, colors, and this latest update from WordPress behaving differently in Safari, Explorer and in Firefox.  I use Firefox for working with the blog – and the constraints I place in Firefox are not working in the other two platforms.  I have noticed if you use either Safari or Explorer many of the background colors come out white.  I keep trying to fix it – but am having very little success.

One of the problems is the consistency of browser platforms.  My theme worked perfect in FireFox, but nothing else.  Until I can come up with a rational solution to the problems associated with my old theme, I am going to be using this one.  I don’t like it, but right now I have no other solution.


3 thoughts on “Theme Problems Continue

  1. Well, if it helps I am in IE and the background and everything is ok, except for the text on the gray areas is white so tough to read.

    I know how frustrating it is to try and set up a theme that works with all browsers – I even have issues between my home and work computer, and both use IE.

    Good luck!

    (You could always try kicking the computer – it may not help but I bet you will feel better!)

  2. I like the computer. I can’t kick the cat – but I can blame it on Doc for constantly walking across the keyboard!

    It is the gray/white thing.



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