Winners and Users Doing It Up Brown


The Pink Flamingo is having fun!  So are any other number of Republicans if my inbox is any example of the way Scott Brown is being hailed by the GOP.

The other day I told a couple friends that it wouldn’t be long before the far right decided that Scott Brown is too liberal and needs to be ham-strung.  Low and Behold Glenn Beck (such a useless idiot) was the first to make an ass of himself, but that is nothing new.

1.  Barack Obama
2.  Jim DeMint’s Version of the GOP
3.  Barney Frank (potential loser)
4.  The Far Right
5.  Misc. Dems.
1.  Scott Brown
2. John McCain
4. Lindsey Graham’s Version of the GOP
5. Rudy Giuliani
6. Curt Schilling

The biggest winners of all in the Scott Brown Victory are normal Republicans.  Jim DeMint has this much heralded idea of conservative purity.  In fact, DeMint was strangely silent during the campaign process in MA, but then so was everyone else.  Perhaps the fiasco of NY-23 is a lesson learned.

Then again, if what Malkin wrote on Wednesday is any indication, her brand of far right NON-REPUBLICAN conservative is still completely clueless.

Unfortunately the extreme far right NON REPUBLICANS like Michelle Malkin still don’t get it.  She wrote:

“…The GOP brand is still damaged. And instant exploitation of the Brown win — see the NRSC website here — isn’t going to help matters. As I’ve said for many years, the Republican Party needs to clean its own house before it demands that the Democrats clean theirs.
The Brown victory was very clearly a strike against machine politics of all kinds and business as usual in Washington. That includes top-down meddling by tired old GOP operatives. The party bosses have tried to install their preferred Senate candidates in Florida, Colorado, and California. They will use Brown’s win to argue for more “mooooooderation.” As I wrote yesterday in my analysis of how Brown unified a center-right-indie coalition, that is not the lesson of the Massachusetts miracle….”