Another Great Archaeological Discovery – This Time It Is “Personal”


The Pink Flamingo is an archaeology “freak”.  I love it.  In another life I would have been an archaeologiest.  Regular readers know I am also a compulsive genealogiest, taking my family’s history back so far to the point where it is just plain pathetic.  No one should go that far back with their genealogy.

So – this most recent discovery is so fascinating – and so genealogical.

This one is cool – way cool!

One of my ancient relatives have been identified!

“…Queen Eadgyth lived at the dawn of the English nation. Her grandfather Alfred the Great was the first monarch to style himself King of the Anglo Saxons, while her step-brother Athelstan was the first King of the English. Her bones were unearthed at Madgeburg Cathedral in Germany. The preliminary findings will be announced at a conference at the University of Bristol today. Professor Mark Horton of the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology at Bristol said it was ‘very likely’ to be the Queen. He went on: ‘If we can prove this truly is Eadgyth, this will be one of the most exciting historical discoveries in recent years.’ Eadgyth was aged 19 when she was sent to Germany with her sister Adiva in an attempt to build political bridges.  The German ruler Otto I was asked to choose between the sisters – and opted to marry Eadgyth. His queen bore two children: a girl Liutgarde, who married Conrad the Red; and a boy Liudolf, the Duke of Swabia. Eadgyth lived in Saxony, Germany, until her death when she was buried in a monastery in Madgeburg….Prof Horton added: ‘We know that Saxon royalty moved around quite a lot, and we hope to match the isotope results with known locations around Wessex and Mercia, where she could have spent her childhood.’ Her brother, King Athelstan is generally considered to have been the first King of England after he unified the Saxon and Celtic kingdoms following the battle of Brunanburgh in 937.
His tomb survives in Malmesbury Abbey, Wiltshire, but is thought to be empty. Otto I – also known as Otto the Great – became Holy Roman Emperor in 929.  He oversaw a renaissance in German art and architecture, and his empire eventually sprawled across Europe.

The direct descendants of Eadgyth and Otto ruled Germany until 1254, and formed many of the royal families of Europe….”

The Pink Flamingo is one of those direct descendants!