The Gathering of Far Right Idiots


Do Conservatives ever tire of their irrational demands and the fact that there are some who pretend to worship Reagan but know nothing about him. The same drooling idiots who slobber all over Reagan’s memory and have adoringly declared Sarah Palin to be the 2nd Coming of Reagan, are damning her now for her support of John McCain.

The Pink Famingo told you it is only a matter of time before the morons of the far right turn on Sarah Palin. Well, it has happened.  The beauty of it is the fact that they are turning on her for being honorable, keeping her word, and being a stand up person.

I think by now we should realize that the far right will do anything, say anything, destroy anyone, defeat anyone, and throw our country down the garbage if they can’t have their way.  They demand 100% obedience from anyone they support.  The are cruel, vicious, and just plain childish with their petty, emotionally disturbed demands and with their lingering hatred.

Just read the stupidity.  This comes from Steve Flesher at American Thinker.  The first of December this same person waxed poetic about Palin’s “Reagan Qualities“.  Once again we are dealing with the stupids.  If Flesher knew anything about Reagan, he would know Palin is doing EXACTLY WHAT REAGAN WOULD DO!

“…While conservatives and independents band together to materialize such a movement in an attempt to undo many years of damage created by liberals and RINOs, Sarah Palin has the responsibility of using her newfound power wisely.

If she doesn’t, the people can respond to her just as loudly as they responded in Massachusetts, thus making John McCain one political bridge to nowhere she’ll never shake loose….”

Okay boys and girls, it is HATE JOHN MCCAIN WEEK!  Let’s all gather round and say anything nasty we can think of, and do anything nasty we want to do.  It’s okay.  We are celebrating Hate John McCain Week!  It is brought to you by those close minded, non-Republican, extremists of the far right who will do just about anything to destroy not only the GOP but the country.  You see, it isn’t about winning.  It isn’t about power.  It is about being right and destroying everyone who does not agree with your irrational demands – even those once deemed pure, like Sarah Palin. (Read the idiot comments if you want to know the problems we face)

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Q:  What happens if you are a political has been and must sit on the sidelines watching Senator Elect Hottie get all the glory?

A:  You decide to run for Senate!

Q:  What do you do if you are a conservative Congressman in one of the most conservative districts in the country and you still get beat?

A:  You run for Senate

Q:  What is the best way for the extreme far right to cause the GOP to lose a safe Senate seat?

A:  Manipulate a primary process where a candidate is so extreme “normal” people – NORMAL REPUBLICANS will refuse to vote for him.

Q:  What do you do when you have ties to the extreme far right, ties to Jack Abramoff,  and have sold your soul to the highest bidder?

A:  You run for Senate

Q:  What happens when you are courted by a relatively small group of completely irrational idiots who get so much undeserved attention and are given so much credibility by the far right media that they think they have a right to dictate their juvenile demands to the rest of the world?

A:  You run for Senate

Q:  What happens when you misread the polls and think you have a shot at winning a nomination?

A:  You run for Senate

Q:  What happens if you are a Birther and have made a fool of yourself dealing with one of the biggest fools there is?

A:  You run for Senate

Q:  What happens if you once upon a time supported a Republican who has tie to neo-Nazis?

A:  You run for Senate

Currently the thinking is the GOP will pick up at least five Senate seats: Nevada, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Delaware.  There is a good chance of taking North Dakota and an dream of California.

Right now J. D. Hayworth is ticked.  He was forced to give up his radio show because John McCain’s people forced him to obey the law.  The law’s a funny thing.  It only applies to the middle – to “normal” people.  The extremes on both sides of the political spectrum have nothing but contempt for it.  The far left and the far right are just alike – they know nothing but hatred.

They are so loud and obnoxious, voices of reason have little hope of being heard.  Just read some of the comments on the Politico article and you can get a sense of how stupid these people really are.

The Pink Flamingo has a source who has known Hayworth for years and once considered him a friend.  My source is terribly disappointed with Hayworth for “having sold his soul to far right extremists”.  This person also considers Hayworth to be unelectable because of his connections to specific anti-immigration activists.


One thought on “The Gathering of Far Right Idiots

  1. Excellent piece, especially the Q&A on Hayworth. I wonder how many people know half the truth about that dork. You were kind not to mention his scary hair by the way.

    This race doesn’t bother me as much as others, because I am sure McCain will beat J.D. silly (I mean sillier). That will be disaster #2 for Hayworth, and it will be fun watching the Far Siders spin it. And more fun to see how they behave toward Palin during the primary campaign.

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