Palin’s Genie


Unfortunately a very bad genie has been unleashed with Sarah Palin’s advent as a deserving well paid conservative superstar.  It is one of those  unintended consequences of her super stardom, but it is a consequence never the less.

Right around the time that SP’s book was due to be released, a well-respected conservative political figure told The Pink Flamingo, off the record, that because SP “cashed in” it is possible she will never be taken seriously as a candidate again – unless she uses the “cashing in” as a grooming process.

My source, who has been an elected national figure for many years, was quite sad about this, and felt the entire “cashing in” process would eventually compromise her as a political figure.

Off the record, The Pink Flamingo was told that political figures usually do not “cash in” (this person’s specific term) until they are either pushed into a corner and are disparate for money or do not intend to run for office in the near future.

My source was dismayed because the actions of a hand-ful of unchecked Dem activists in the state of Alaska were able to basically compromise Palin’s ability to be governor to the point where she was forced to resign from office, in order to “cash in” to handle the legal fees resulting from their harassment.

It is this person’s assessment that as a political candidate, Sarah Palin may have ruined her actual chances by this “cashing in” process.

The Pink Flamingo is thrilled for Sarah Palin, for the very big bucks she is commanding, and is green with envy over the book sales.  Watching her excellent appearance on Bill O’Reilly Tuesday night, quite pleased with the courage she displayed going against O’Reilly, I was struck with a terrible premonition.

Is the harassment of Sarah Palin and her subsequent resignation from office in order to “cash in” to get the funds to play for her legal fees due to that harassment going to be a template for future Dem actions?

If this could indeed be a possible scenario, then the very success Sarah Palin is having on the media scene could ultimately cause more harm for GOP and conservative superstars.

It is entirely possible the best way to eliminate the competition will be to harass our GOP office holders and super-stars, piling one massive legal bill upon another until they are forced to leave office or just not run – in order to make money to pay their bills.

It is a thing of beauty – really.  It is obvious Scott Brown is in their cross-hairs as their next victim.  Thing is, if the far left will just sit back and take a breather, the far right will do it for them.


Then again – why worry?  If the far right has its way, anyone who even steps out of their 100% demands must be destroyed.

“...We love you Sarah but backing John McCain the Progressive is not smart. He wants Cap and Trade (believes in Global Warming Hoax), Amnesty for illegals, says water boarding is torture when it is not. He is a left leaning Republican and that has been the problem with the Republican Party. I hope you reconsider backing him. We need to purge the left leaning Republicans from office and John McCain and Lindsey Graham among many others are part of the problem. Best Wishes to You….”

Perhaps the far left is just working too hard to destroy our good Republicans.  All they really need to do is sit back and watch the far right do it for them.  We have a problem with the extreme far right.  I’m not talking Republicans or normal conservatives (people like moi) but this special little brand of immature, Ron Paul Bot, self-righteous, Constitution reading (with no comprehension), rather pathetic idiots who have no sense of honor.

Right now these same people, who claim to worship Reagan are damning Sarah Palin because she is showing Reagan-like honor.

Go figure?