The Wrong Stuff – Will Obama Scrap Astronaut Program?


Anyone in their right mind knew when Obama was elected, NASA was in for some rough times.  It is worse – our worst nightmare.

“…I can guarantee you that there will be debate as to whether NASA needs to have astronauts,” he said. “I can just see it coming in the United States, you know. I wish it were not going to come up, but it will come up: ‘You don’t have a space shuttle, you’re not flying a vehicle, so why do you need astronauts?’ I get asked those kinds of questions all the time.”…” Chuck Bolden.

We could be looking at the beginning of the end of America’s space efforts and human space flight – America style.  Of all the vile and reprehensible things the Obama Administration has proposed, this is the worst.  If anything proves the man does not give a damn about our future, this does.

There is some disturbing news that, in order to turn NASA into a shill for global warming, the Obama Administration could be considering the horrible idea of dumping our Astronaut Program.  Fortunately, a bi-partisan group in the House and Senate is balking at Obama’s draconian and completely irrational demands for this and for an end to a moon mission.

What kind of a mind would even consider this? (The mind of Barack Obama)

If anything has ever showed us what kind of a represehsible piece of Democratic’s mascot’s hind end Obama is, his determination to destroy our space program is just that.  Does the hind end of a Democrat party mascot even know the benefits we have achieved from space exploration?  Oh wait, one of the reasons we need to get rid of space exploration is because the transfer of technology from NASA has given us some very expensive medical technology. I guess it is a health care thing.


Other spinoffs in this area include: Arteriosclerosis detection, ultrasound scanners, automatic insulin pump, portable x-ray device, invisible braces, dental arch wire, palate surgery technology, clean room apparel, implantable heart aid, MRI, bone analyzer, and cataract surgery tools….”

Space Politics has an interesting interview with NASA Administrator Chuck Bolden.  One gets the idea reading it that Bolden is not happy with Obama and his lack of vision for the future of humanity and this country.

(As a side note, if Charlie Crist can line up the funding he needs to promote commercial space ventures, it will help him in his campaign against Mario Rubio.)

Evidently the way the Obama Administration is looking at things, if you don’t have a way to get into space, why do  you need astronauts?   From Space Politics:

“…So what will replace the shuttle? Bolden’s comments indicated, as has been reported in the last few days, that the emphasis will be on commercial providers. “What we’re going to focus on, what NASA will focus on, is… facilitating the success of I like to use the term ‘entrepreneurial interests’,” he said. He used that specific term in order to make clear that NASA has used various products and personnel from contractors over the years. “We have been involved in commercial space exploration since I came to NASA, and we will continue to be involved. What’s going to change, I think, is that instead of NASA buying a vehicle and then taking over its primary operations we will buy a service” based on who can provide the best price for transportation to the ISS.

Bolden also said that any exploration of the Moon—whenever that may be—will be by necessity an international program. “No matter what the president—no matter what his vision is, or no matter what he tells us, whenever humans go back to the Moon it will be, I believe, an international effort.”…”