Are Dems Setting Crist Up to Be Punching Bag for Haiti?


If you ever wanted proof that the Obama version of “government” would be an abject disaster in dealing with socialized health care AND if you want proof that there is indeed a double standard when it comes to the MSM coverage of Bush and Obama, this is it.

We are still hearing a litany of how evil GWB was dealing with Katrina.  What we are not hearing is how abjectly incompetent Obama’s Administration is when dealing with Haiti. Then again, if we were to hear about everything he did that was incompetent, we would never hear the end of it!

Obama’s Administration is abjectly incompetent:

“...The White House said on Saturday that “this situation arose as we started to run out of room,” and that there had been no policy decision to suspend the evacuation flights. U.S. government agencies “are working on solutions,” including expanding capacity in Haiti to deal with the critically ill, presidential spokesman Tommy Vietor said in a statement. While Florida insisted it was not closing the door on earthquake victims, it wants the Obama administration to put a plan in place. “We have not turned down any flights. We have not asked for the flights to stop,” said John Cherry, spokesman for the Florida Division of Emergency Management. “We just need better coordination and planning from our federal partners so that we can ensure that we’re ready to help out and other states are as well.”…”

If GWB were still in office, we would be subjected to a litany of how evil GWB is.  Since Bambi is POTUS, we are hearing nothing but how Charlie Crist wants to kill people.  Try this:

“...The Health and Human Services spokeswoman, Gretchen Michael, who works for the assistant secretary for preparedness and response, said the agency was reviewing Mr. Crist’s request for financial assistance. The request would involve activating the National Disaster Medical System, which is usually used in domestic disasters and which pays for victims’ care….Federal officials could not provide the total number of earthquake patients airlifted to the United States, but Florida seemed to have received the bulk of them.

In his letter, Mr. Crist outlined his state’s efforts to support the rescue effort, helping both the healthy and the sick streaming into the state. “Florida’s health care system is quickly reaching saturation,” he wrote.”

Barack Obama refuses, or probably doesn’t even know about what is going on.  Or – is someone setting Charlie Crist up to be a fall guy? It sure reads like it.

“…The U.S. military has halted flights carrying Haitian earthquake victims to the United States because of an apparent cost dispute, though a doctor warned that some injured patients faced imminent death if the flights don’t resume.  The evacuations were temporarily suspended Wednesday, said Capt. Kevin Aandahl, spokesman for U.S. Transportation Command. The flights were halted a day after Florida Gov. Charlie Crist asked the federal government to help pay for care….Crist asked Sebelius to activate the National Disaster Medical System, which is typically used in domestic disasters and pays for victims’ care. His letter noted the state’s health care system was already stretched by the winter tourism season and annual “snowbird” migration. South Florida hospitals also were preparing for a surge in visitors for the NFL Pro Bowl on Sunday and the Super Bowl next weekend.  While in Tampa on Saturday, Crist said Florida’s Department of Children and Families Secretary George Sheldon estimated the state’s costs had reached about $7 million.
Poor coordination and limited resources, not medical care costs, drove the governor’s request, said John Cherry, spokesman for the state Division of Emergency Management.  “We’ve made it clear that (the cost) is an issue we’ll deal with down the road,” he said. Health officials say the medical flights landed without any advance notice, and the poor coordination may be keeping some survivors from getting the help they need, Cherry said. He cited the case of a burn victim flown earlier this week into Tampa, which is not equipped to treat those injuries. Crist said his state remains committed to caring for injured earthquake victims and reuniting families, though he was reaching out to other states to help care for them as well. As of Friday, the Florida Department of Health reported that 526 patients had been received at hospitals in the state: more than 400 in South Florida, 76 in the Orlando area and 37 in the Tampa area. Four burn victims were transported to North Carolina, Crist spokesman Sterling Ivey said.”

Crist is furious because HHS Secretary Katherine Sebelius has thus far REFUSED to activate the National Disaster Medical System.

“...NDMS has three major components:
Emergency medical response with civilian medical teams, equipment, and supplies to a disaster area when local medical resources are overwhelmed
Movement of ill and injured patients from a disaster area to areas unaffected by the disaster
Definitive care of patients at hospitals in areas unaffected by the disaster.
Over 8,000 NDMS civilian volunteer medical personnel are organized into a number of types of medical teams, designed to accomplish the emergency medical response mission….”

Evidently the Obama Administration isn’t really interested in helping people from Haiti.

“...About a week after the earthquake, the United States extended temporary protective status to Haitians who were already in the United States on the day of the quake, allowing them to stay legally and to work.

But hundreds of Haitians like Ms. Guerrier-Cavalier, who were allowed to come here after the earthquake as escorts for American citizens who are minors, are not eligible for that status.

They also are not eligible for a status known as humanitarian parole, which would allow them to apply for permission to work, and to renew their status in one-year increments. Some Haitian orphans were granted that status, allowing them to come here before their adoption paperwork was finished.

Federal officials said they had realized their mistake and, last weekend, began to give incoming parents humanitarian parole instead of tourist visas. But at least one mother who arrived on Sunday had only a tourist visa, said Gepsie Metellus, the director of Sant La Haitian Neighborhood Center in Miami. And the change came too late for Ms. Guerrier-Cavalier, and others like her. Humanitarian parole cannot be given to someone already in the United States.

In the aftermath of the earthquake, temporary protected status was made available only to Haitians already in the United States because officials were seeking to deter Haitians from trying to get to the United States by boat. No such mass exodus has materialized, but other problems with the program have surfaced….”

We are reminded that Obama’s bunch of idiots refuses to deal with the 9/11 Health Care promises, so why not default on Haiti?