Killing NASA & Our Future


“…“…Also, one needs to note that if Senator Obama becomes President Obama, he has promised to essentially cancel Constellation and not provide funding to get Orion operational sooner than 2015 that most experts say it will likely fly. ….”

During the 2008 campaign, the Pink Flamingo found the above little quote from Space Politics.

The Pink Flamingo finds it quite remarkable that very little coverage is being given to the pending destruction of our very future. During the 2008 campaign, I covered the issue in depth, pointing out how disastrous Obama would be for space endeavors.   No one seems to really care that he is destroying our future.

In August of 2008, The Pink Flamingo quoted:

“…“…There were also some interesting comments made by Obama in conversations with the media. According to Florida Today, Obama would not commit to supporting a $2-billion increase in NASA’s budget, saying that he first wants to have “a thorough evaluation of a combination of manned and unmanned missions, what kind of exploration would be the most appropriate.” (The article is unclear whether they were asking for a $2B/year increase, or a one-time $2B increase to cover the costs of the Columbia accident and aftermath, as has been attempted through the so-called “Mikulski Miracle”.)Obama also said that he had yet to decide whether to continue with the Vision for Space Exploration’s long-term goals of returning humans to the Moon and eventual human missions to Mars. Telling, though, is the claim in the paper that Obama would rely on former senator John Glenn for advice. Glenn was critical of the implementation of the Vision in House testimony last week, calling it an “unfunded mandate” (Obama made similar statements in an interview with the Orlando Sentinel on Friday, saying “the funding has never even come close to approaching what was promised, and so NASA’s ended up cannibalizing other programs.”) Glenn argued in his testimony that the agency’s budget should be increased by about $3 billion a year to allow the shuttle to continue operating beyond 2010….”

We are dealing with a POTUS and an administration that just plain old doesn’t care about the truth.  Take Cap/Trade and the new budget.

“…The House bill projects cap-and-trade revenues of $873 billion. Whether it’s the $650 billion projected by the Senate bill or the $873 billion of the House bill, it appears highly unlikely, to put it charitably, that either measure will make it to Obama’s desk with the cap-and-trade program intact. That means Obama will be counting phantom revenue as part of his next federal budget proposal.
But then Obama’s $787 billion economic stimulus program has produced two million phantom jobs located in phantom zip codes in phantom congressional districts, so perhaps nobody should be surprised to see phantom revenues in a White House budget proposal.  …”

Obama doesn’t care how much of our money he flushes down the toilet of bad intentions.  Only – he cares about how he will destroy the space program – and our future.    This narcissistic jerk thinks he can control everything, but is so incompetent and so corrupt he is the worst failure in American History!  For a year The Pink Flamingo has tried to be decent about The One (incompetent) but that’s it.  When we see how much money he is throwing away, and cuts our future, it is deliberate.

We all have certain issues that are near and dear.  By now regular Pink Flamingo readers may have realized that my push-button issue is the human exploration and settlement of space. I have spent well over half of my life involved in the advocacy of space.  When I see what Obama is doing, it makes me angry.  As far as I am concerned, with Obama, the gloves are now off.  There is no more benefit of the doubt.

“…Sen. Richard Shelby (Ala.), the ranking Republican on the Senate Appropriations commerce, justice, science subcommittee, said canceling Constellation and turning over crew transportation to the private sector threatens to make the astronauts launched on NASA’s final shuttle mission in September the last Americans sent into space from U.S. soil until well after 2020.

“China, India, and Russia will be putting humans in space while we wait on commercial hobbyists to actually back up their grand promises,” Shelby said in a Jan. 29 statement to Space News, referring to companies banking on NASA to guarantee a market for the  space transportation systems they seek to develop. Shelby, whose state is home to NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, where the Constellation program’s Ares 1 and Ares 5 rockets are currently in development, dismissed the proposed $6 billion commercial crew initiative as  “a welfare program for amateur rocket companies with little or nothing to show for the taxpayer dollars they have already squandered.”…”

The Pink Flamingo hits Obama hard in my Blogcritics article.

“...He lied to the point where the current administrator of NASA, in an interview with Space Politics, admitted that it is even possible the entire astronaut program is going to be terminated.  Terminated.  No bucks, no Buck Rogers.

It will take a yearly budget increase of about $3 billion a year to keep us on target to return to the moon. Instead, Obama and his spend-a-holic Democrats threw the money into a stimulus plan that is a total disaster. If just a small percentage of that money had been invested in NASA, it would have generated very real jobs, instead of the fake ones Obama’s administration reported in the fall.

Obama lied.

He is risking our leadership in space, turning it over to China and Russia. Then again, it is becoming more and more apparent that Obama’s administration is the biggest dirty joke the nation has ever seen. It is possible, considering how abjectly incompetently Obama’s Department of Justice handled the Hot Pants Bomber on Christmas Day that he doesn’t even know his people are killing NASA….”