Troubling Harry Teague?


What do you do with a Congressman who says the following:

“...Rep Teague (D-NM) The bad economy has impacted some of rural America in a good way . . . ”

If I were Harry Teague, I would be very concerned.  Sure, he has a million dollar war chest, but Steve Pearce already has three quarters of that – and Teague is the office holder.  If the current trends continue, and the GOP does make inroads into the House, there is no way Teague is going to survive the election.  Granted, the election is not for about nine months and in politics that is an eternity, but I think Teague should be a bit uneasy.

Teague is out of touch. What sort of a person would think the bad economy is good for rural America?

Harry Teague liked the Obama State of The Union address:

“…It might have seemed like three moderate Republicans were popping up to cheer for Democratic ideas, but that was actually three Democrats infiltrating the minority party’s side of the chamber. Some were baffled when Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA), Harry Teague (D-NM) and John Adler (D-NJ) stood from a sea of Republicans sitting on their hands to applaud the stimulus plan….”

A local editorial points out Teague’s problems.  It is the same problem other Blue Dogs are facing.  You can’t have it both ways.

“…Teague has done some good work on military and veterans issues, and gets credit for his frequent trips back to the district. Nobody can claim he hasn’t be accessible – in contrast to Pearce, who typically only ventured to Las Cruces for private fundraisers when he held the office. But Teague has managed to anger both conservatives and progressives on what were perhaps the two most controversial votes of his term. He voted for the energy (cap-and-trade) bill, which conservatives insist will devastate the state’s oil and gas industry. And he not only voted against the health-care bill, he also voted for that bill’s Stupak amendment, which goes well beyond the status quo in restricting women’s access to abortion services. Teague has clearly tried to carve out a centrist voting record. The Sun-News has been tracking House and Senate votes for the past couple of months, printing the results each Sunday. Of the 22 House votes tracked so far, Teague has gone against his party four times. Ben Ray Lujan and Martin Heinrich, the state’s two other House members, have voted with the party on each of those bills. But, it seems unlikely that Teague’s record will impress conservatives, who have a more reliable alternative. And, it remains to be seen how much it will turn off Democrats, who probably won’t vote for Pearce, but may be less inclined to donate money or knock on doors for Teague…”

According to a recent press release from the Pearce campaign, Steve Pearce has a tremendous amount of grass-roots support.   This is not good for Harry Teague.

“…In only six months, Pearce has proven that his efforts are powered by individual people by raising over $760,000; including contributions from over 2,165 individuals, 1,886 of which are New Mexicans.

Pearce fundraising statistics:

801 individuals donated in the 4th quarter.  627 of them gave $200 or less.
Pearce has received $103,137 from individual contributors giving less than $200 each.
86% of all money raised to date was from individuals totaling $656,708.
Over 97% of the individual contributions in the 4th Quarter are from New Mexicans and 87% overall.
“The end of year financial report shows the massive grassroots support Steve Pearce maintains.    Nearly 80% of the contributions we received this quarter were under $200, showing that the people of New Mexico, not the special interests are backing Steve Pearce,” state Alicia Collins, campaign spokeswoman.

Collins added, “The voters are outraged at the big spending, big government policies, Harry Teague and his liberal allies have supported.   The grassroots are fired up and they will be what give the campaign the fuel it needs to get successfully across the finish line.”…”

From the NM GOP:

“…Swift? Immediate? Heinrich and Teague Stand By Failed Strategy

Since gambling with $787 billion of taxpayer money, unemployment has nearly doubled

Albuquerque, NM—Yesterday, Reps. Martin Heinrich (CD-1) and Harry Teague (CD-2) reminded New Mexicans that they will continue to stand by the failed economic strategy which they—along with President Obama and Nancy Pelosi—have implemented over the last year.

“When trying to justify their support of the Obama administration’s 787 billion dollar so-called stimulus package, Representatives Heinrich and Teague boasted that the plan would provide fast relief to hardworking New Mexico families,” stated Ryan Cangiolosi, executive director of the Republican Party of New Mexico.  “One year later, New Mexico’s unemployment rate has nearly doubled, resulting in a loss of over 23,000 jobs.”

Following Obama’s State of the Union address, New Mexico’s all-Democrat congressional delegation praised the president’s approach to solving challenges currently facing the country.  Conveniently, they ignored the fact that according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment in New Mexico has risen from 4.7% to 8.3% since Obama took office.

Last year, Heinrich was confident in the stimulus package’s ability to “create good jobs,” stating that his “constituents will feel swift economic relief.”  Teague (CD-2) predicted that the plan would give “our economy an immediate shot in the arm.”  (“New Mexico House Delegation Outlines Economic Recovery Package,” Press release, Rep. Martin Heinrich, 1/27/10)

“What New Mexicans deserve is an explanation for why so many people are unemployed after Heinrich and Teague assured them that spending 787 billion dollars of the American people’s money would kick-start the economy and provide jobs,” continued Cangiolosi.  “I don’t know how Mr. Teague and Mr. Heinrich define ‘swift’ and ‘immediate,’ but I would guess their definitions greatly differ from that of the average Joe who is looking for work.”…”