UPDATED: Feedburner Temp Fix


UPDATED: If you are using one of The Pink Flamingo’s old feeds, I have deleted it.  The current feed, that appears on the “subscribe” widget appears to be working.

If you are using feedburner to access The Pink Flamingo, good luck.  My stats have vanished.  My feed appears to have vanished.  Evidently all these never-ending WordPress upgrades and the Google purchase of Feedburner just don’t mix.  Add to it someone like me who cannot work with code, and it is a mess.

Right now, my feedburner is a joke.  Everything is dropping off a cliff.  If anyone knows a fix, please HELP!!!!

At least the problem is not The Pink Flamingo!

“…The Backstory
As I’m sure all you Feedburner users out there are well aware, Google purchased Feedburner quite some time ago. But until recently, that didn’t mean much: the same people were working on the code, your information was stored in the same place and was represented the same way, and so on.

But recently Google has begun bringing Feedburner more fully into the fold. As a result, all Feedburner users are being required to convert their Feedburner accounts into Google accounts. That created quite a few headaches for lots of people (including myself) right off the bat, as it took a good week for Google to nail down my subscriber numbers with any accuracy – one day I would have thousands of subscribers, the next I might have zero, and the day following only a few hundred.

A New Problem
However, even once Google started reporting my Feedburner numbers correctly, I still had a problem: my Feed Count plugin no longer grabbed my subscription statistics. Now, this wasn’t as huge a problem as it could have been, because I had my jQuery Feeburner fix in place… but I still wanted my real subscriber stats back at some point.

After a bit of digging, I found the problem: as part of their conversion from Feedburner to “Google” Feedburner, Google changed the location of their API. Thus, any plugins that used the old Feedburner API ceased functioning once that user’s account was successfully ported to Google.

The Solution
Long-term, the best solution would be for the plugin developers to update and release new versions of their plugins. But as of now, the Feed Count plugin has not been updated – and since it hasn’t seen an update since last July, I’m not going to hold my breath on a new version. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and edit my copy of the Feed Count plugin.

Note: this solution is specific to the Feed Count plugin, but any brave souls out there could probably modify and use this information to update other plugins as well….”