BREAKING: SC Losertarians Denounce Reagan as a RINO!


We are having fun today!

There are moments in blogging where a person wants to bang their head against a brick wall.  Then there are others when The Pink Flamingo would like to say I TOLD YOU SO!

Well, I told you so.

The Daily Beast has an excellent article about many things The Pink Flamingo has been telling you about Reagan.  George W. Bush is far more conservative than Reagan.  So is Lindsey Graham.  Both men are denigrated as RINOs. (I hate that word).

The Pink Flamingo  has, for years, been repeating, over and over and over, the fact that Reagan is not near as conservative as he is alleged to have been.  He did NOT believe in party purity.  He was pramagitc.  He knew how to work and play well with others.

In short Ronald Reagan, like George W. Bush, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham, was one of the grown-ups!

Ronald Reagan knew how to win.  You do it by running in the “center” and standing on what you believe, but not casting aside people who do not agree with you.  He ran the exact opposite of the Jim DeMint theory.  You see, of all the Republicans in the Senate today, Lindsey Graham, the one conservatives love to hate, is probably more like Reagan than anyone else.

I take that back.  Lindsey is more conservative than Reagan.  When you denigrate him, you must denigrate Reagan.  Don’t you love it when idiots argue themselves into a box where they cannot win?

It’s called 80%.

It’s called the 11th Commandment about not speaking ill of a fellow Republican.

It called knowing how to be an adult.

Golly, George W. Bush is more conservative than Reagan!

Deal with it.

SC has a nasty Losertarian blog out there FTS. One of their goals in life is destroying Lindsey.  They are now crowing about Reagan being a RINO using The Daily Beast’s article as the basis of their work, not really bothering to cite the article! (You gotta read the comments!)

“…As the two major political parties have continued to merge in practice if not in ideology itself, Ronald Reagan has crystallized into Republican exemplar extraordinaire. The former U.S. president has, in the decades since he left office, cemented into the very symbol of conservatism. Just ask our founding editor about that … It turns out, though, that Reagan’s legacy is largely undeserved and wholly inaccurate. Today he’s held up as an unflinchingly Republican leader, but his presidency was in fact markedly more centrist than conservative….”

This is the same blog that goes after Lindsey day in and day out, attempting to do the usual Losertarian thing and destroy the GOP.

Point proved!


You gotta love this – the truth will set the GOP free…?

“…And what were those principles, exactly?

No. 1—according to the resolution—was “smaller government, smaller national debt, lower deficits and lower taxes.” Let’s take those from the top. Smaller government: Federal employment grew by 61,000 during Reagan’s presidency—in part because Reagan created a whole new cabinet department, the department of veterans affairs. (

Under Bill Clinton, by contrast, federal employment dropped by 373,000). Smaller deficits and debt: Both nearly tripled on Reagan’s watch.

Lower taxes: Although Reagan muscled through a major tax cut in 1981, he followed up by raising taxes in 1982, 1983, 1984 and 1986. In 1983, in fact, he not only raised payroll taxes; he raised them to pay for Social Security and Medicare. Let’s put this in language today’s tea-baggers can understand: Reagan raised taxes to pay for government-run health care.

Then there’s plank number five: Reaganite candidates must “oppos[e] amnesty for illegal immigrants.” Really? Because if you look up the word “amnesty” in Black’s Law Dictionary, you’ll find a reference to the 1986 bill that Reagan signed, which ended up granting amnesty to 2.7 million illegal immigrants.

Then there’s foreign policy. Plank number six demands that candidates back the surges in Iraq and Afghanistan. But what did Reagan do in his biggest confrontation with jihadist terror? When Hezbollah murdered 241 U.S. servicemen in Beirut in 1983, the Gipper didn’t surge; he withdrew the remaining American troops, and fast.

Plank number 7 calls for “effective [read military] action to eliminate” Iran and North Korea’s nuclear programs. But Reagan condemned Israel’s 1981 preventive strike against an Iraqi nuclear reactor.

And plank number nine requires steadfast opposition to abortion. Yet two of Reagan’s three Supreme Court nominees voted to uphold Roe v. Wade. Turns out this Reagan guy wasn’t really that Reaganite after all.

…Reagan succeeded because he married a reputation for principle with an instinct for pragmatism. When Republicans lost big in the 1982 midterm elections because Democrats accused them of wanting to privatize Social Security, Reagan abandoned the idea and instead made a deal with Democrats that raised taxes and saved the program.

In 1984, when his advisers told him that Americans considered him too warlike, he responded with a series of breathtakingly dovish speeches about his desire to eliminate nuclear weapons that helped ensure his landslide re-election.

In 1981, he nominated the socially moderate Sandra Day O’Connor to the Supreme Court, even though Jerry Falwell and other evangelical leaders cried betrayal….”

Yea, the Tea Party Freaks are going to be required to dump Reagan in order to remain pure.

The Pink Flamingo knew this was coming.  It was only a matter of time.

You gotta love those pointy headed Libertarian Freaks!



One thought on “BREAKING: SC Losertarians Denounce Reagan as a RINO!

  1. I’ve always suspected that the so called conservatives were really LIbertarians, hell bent on destroying the Republican party in the hopes of bringing in those to swell their paltry 3% in nunbers. Everytime I heard about the spending rant of the GOP as though we had never had a 9/11 that nearly destroyed our economy, I think of Reagan and how he outspent the Russians–and how “real” Republicans had no problem with that.

    Only LIbertarians want zero spending…to close all borders and for America to hide from worldly affairs. Most Republicans (and Independents) understand that we live in the real world.

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