When the “Conservative” Media Censors


Have you seen anything about the proposal Lindsey has made today on Drudge, Memeorandum, or any of the usual conservative sites?  You can read about SP chastizing Rahm Emanuel.  There is something about Paul Ryan’s “Daring” budget proposal.  Then there are the Superbowl ads,  the Daily Kos smear of the GOP, and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

There is nary a word about the proposal Lindsey has made about establishing protocols for trying terrorists. Nothing.  If this were the brain child of Jim DeMint, Ron Paul, Paul Ryan, or Michelle Bachmann it would be all over the adoring and slobbering conservative media. To be fair, Ed Morrissey touched on it last week.

The WSJ is following the story. So is World Crime News.  It is popping up on the wire services, but there is this giant conservative void.

But – because the legislation was drafted by Lindsey – we are hearing a huge void – nothing…!

“...Trying the Sept. 11 attackers anyplace but in a military courtroom is simply wrong, said U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who drafted the legislation.

“We’re not fighting a crime; we’re fighting a war,” said Graham, a former U.S. Air Force lawyer who still teaches law in the Air Force Reserve. “And to criminalize this … puts our nation at risk.”

Joining Graham, Chambliss and other Republicans in co-sponsoring the legislation are Democratic U.S. Sens. Jim Webb of Virginia and Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas, and Independent Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut….”