Kindle V. iPad


The war is just beginning, with battle lines being drawn. One major publisher has already pulled its ebooks from Amazon because Apple has promised them a higher price.  As The Pink Flamingo writes this, I am loading a new Kindle.  (Am selling the old one).  I’ve purchased Kindles for both nieces and my nephew.  I am hooked on mine.  Don’t get me wrong, I still buy books, but I don’t buy “junk” paperbacks like I did.  I figure I was buying several hundred paperbacks a year.  If I save just a dollar by doing Kindle, then I’ve paid for it!

Is anyone in their right mind going to pay more than $9.99 for an ebook? On Monday, Amazon waved the white flag of defeat and is going to allow Macmillan to charge more.  That’s okay, I won’t buy it.

“…The probable entry of Apple and its tablet into the e-book market gives publishers hope that they might gain some leverage in negotiations with Amazon. They could, for example, delay the release of e-books in the Kindle store while selling more expensive versions for the Apple tablet.

“There’s a battle going on for what is the value of a digital book,” said a publishing executive who did not want to be quoted by name because of the delicacy of discussions with Apple. “In that battle, Apple has put an offer together that helps publishers and, by extension, authors.” Some publishers warn that Apple’s terms can be restrictive in other ways, and that a model that looks good in theory may not be as attractive in practice.

And Amazon has moved to counter Apple’s appeals as well. On Wednesday it announced it would improve the royalty terms for authors or publishers who publish e-books directly onto the Kindle — essentially beckoning authors and their agents to split off e-book rights and sell them directly to Amazon.

Under the new terms, Amazon says it will offer authors and publishers who set e-book prices below $9.99 a royalty rate of 70 percent of the digital list price (after delivery costs, typically about 6 cents a book) — an obvious echo of Apple’s offering….”

Let’s face it.  The Pink Flamingo will eventually be shelling out the big bucks for the 3G iPad, not because of ebooks but to have a really cool tablet that does everything an iPod does, and a little more.  I’ve been begging for this thing for years.  I have no plans to ditch my beloved Kindle, either.

Do you really think a tech junkie is not going to have either one?  From what I gather the Kindle is smaller.  I’ll have both, thank you very much.

I have a feeling when both formats are up and running, the Kindle may have the edge on connectability.

Then again, it’s all about a battle in a changing world.  It’s a brave new publishing world, folks, and companies like MacMillan are dinosaurs.