The Far Right Is Out of Touch With Real America


It is more and more obvious that the extreme far (Internet & Talk Radio) right is just plain old out of touch with reality and with “real” America.  If they had any earthly idea what was going on in this country, they would realize that we live in a center right nation where people are rational.  We recognize that there was only one perfect person and He was crucified.

This demand for purity is a red herring for something extremely nasty.  It is a red herring for an agenda that has nothing to do with “real” America.  It is about preventing the GOP from achieving a majority in November.  It is about promoting individuals, 23% of whom think it would be acceptable for their state to leave the nation and trigger a civil war.

Sorry, this is NOT Republican and has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with reality.

It has nothing to do with people who live in this country – live in a reality based world.  It is the product of a small minority of warped and almost deranged people who are so delusional in their thinking that they are actually believing their blog numbers.

Guess what – REAL people don’t spend all that much time on line.  Among my every day friends and acquaintances, only a handful read The Pink Flamingo – or any blog – on a regular basis. People don’t have time to indulge in stupid and petty arguments about who is or isn’t a RINO.  They have lives in the real world.  Even the most political oriented people I know don’t spend that much time online.

They have other things to do.


Have you noticed that the extreme far right no longer honors military service?  They give lip service to being conservative, and honoring country, etc. but do not hesitate to denigrate Republicans who do not meet their version of pure.  Rather, they refuse to admit to and honor their military service.  They also refuse to admit to and honor the work they do for our military.  They are not pure, ergo, they are pond scum.  Lindsey Graham is case in point.  And now Mark Kirk is the latest target of far right ire.  Doesn’t matter that he has served in Iraq.

The Pink Flamingo has this theory that the idiots pretending to be “conservative” Republicans are not Republicans at all, but are something else entirely.  No Republican EVER dishonors an elected official who has served this nation.

Is this the beginning of the “smell test” for real and fake Republicans?

We’re talking people who have thrown Reagan under the bus for not being “pure”.

Nothing proves how totally and completely out of touch the far right is than an article in The Daily Beast, exposing just who Ronald Reagan was, and now how “RINO” he would be today.  Today, if Ronald Reagan were to run for dog catcher, he would be denigrated and would never be able to even get his foot in the door, politically. Ronald Reagan’s “conservative” has very little to do with the rather strange purist, and extreme version of “conservative” that is being hawked on the radio and on line.

“…That was the real Reagan, the one Republicans need to embrace if they’re to genuinely threaten Barack Obama’s chances of re-election. Instead, they’ve reinvented the Gipper as a Sarah Palin-style zealot. Party activists always want to believe they can win elections without compromising their ideological purity, and the GOP’s recent string of off-year victories has convinced the conservative base that most Americans are tea-baggers at heart. But the tea-bag movement is dominated by graying white Anglos, at a time when the American electorate is growing less white, less Anglo and less gray. Demographically, American politics is being transformed by the dramatic growth of Hispanics, and by the emergence of a vast (and heavily non-white) “millennial” generation, larger in number than the baby boomers. Both groups went heavily for the Democrats in 2004 and 2008. And in their economic and cultural views, both are light years away from the tea-bag GOP….”


There are a few of us who are beginning to ask if the GOP is not being set up by outside sources.  In South Carolina we know that Losertarians and Ron Paul Bots are attempting to hijack the GOP and manipulate their losing agenda into something people might be conned into thinking is mainstream.

If you do not think Ron Paul isn’t out to remake the party in his own very strange, slightly racist, and crack-pot image, think again.

The Daily Kos has a very strange poll that points to “Republicans” being extreme.  The GOP has a chance of retaking the Senate, something almost “impossible” a month ago.  But – there are forces afoot to prevent it. (Memeorandum)  It is strange, weird, and can’t possibly be on the level.  I question just who “voted” in it

“…Do you believe your state should secede from the United States?
Yes 23%
No 58%…”

This is NOT Republican.  This is extreme far right LOSERTARIAN conservative – but NOT Reagan conservative.

It is more and more obvious many of the Tea Party Freaks are NOT Republican and DO NOT ENDORSE GOP ideals.  It is quite obvious that the group out of Houston endorses liberal ideals. This is not Republican, not conservative, and is probably either pushing Ron Paul Losertarian or Dems.

“…Even the movement’s leadership, which generally has closer ties to the GOP, isn’t rushing to embrace the ruling. Neither FreedomWorks, the Washington grassroots lobby group that helped organize several Tea Party rallies, nor leaders of the Tea Party Patriots responded to questions from TPMmuckraker about their stance on the court’s decision.

Some of the activists who oppose the ruling had already made clear that they weren’t willing to blindly accept GOP orthodoxy. Brooks recently posted a video on YouTube that warned “We must not allow the Tea Parties … to be hijacked by the GOP.” Smith, who had worked closely with the organizers of the upcoming Tea Party convention before a falling out, echoed that theme in a blog post, lamenting that the movement had been “co-opted by mainstream Republican demagogues determined to use this as their 2010 election platform.” And Knapp has sounded similar alarms.

But their opposition to the court’s ruling on behalf of corporations hints at an ideological split between the movement and the GOP that has long existed under the surface. Tea Partiers — especially the rank-and-file activists, as opposed to the movement leaders — often embrace a more populist, anti-corporate position than does the Republican Party, or the conservative movement that under-girds it. This difference underlies much of the tension we’re increasingly seeing between Tea Partiers and the GOP….”


We have a very serious problem with the Internet age.  Unfortunately it has given rise to extremists who do nothing but preach hate and stupidity. Erick Erickson is a very real problem with his once “mainstream” Red State, that is more and more extreme to the point of not having a problem with the John Birch Society.  The idiots who are part of his plan to purge the GOP of anyone who isn’t “pure” (doesn’t that make you ill – purging) has already begun to undermine Mark Kirk.  These people are dangerous, and are the best friends Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi  have.  One wonders if they simply aren’t plants for the Dems.  No “Reagan” conservative could be so stupid.

“…Third, if you (like me) simply can’t bring yourself to root for Kirk, or even to spend your energy kicking Giannoulias like the walking pinata that he is, spend your energy instead working to help someone you can support (like Rubio or Toomey) elected.  The wailing and gnashing of teeth in this case is counterproductive and – since there was a legitimate primary – completely uncalled for.  Here at RedState, we have work to do, and if you can’t get rowing for Mark Kirk, we want to encourage you to get rowing for someone else, instead of rowing against a result that can’t be changed at this point…”

Case in point is J. Robert Smith and his PJ Media commentary on”half” Republicans.  He wrote:

“...No conservative worth his salt is unaware of the notorious “independence” of John McCain, Arizona’s senior senator. Having long ago wiggled from his conservative cocoon, the senator prides himself on his eclectic policy choices. He is gainst government-run health care but for cap and trade (and then against it as the 2008 election progressed). He’s a true blue warrior in the war on terror but squishy in the war to secure the nation’s southern border.

Swapping the flinty and unpredictable John McCain for Hayworth is a nice bargain from a conservative’s viewpoint. Hayworth will be no less opposed to government-run health care, but he’ll also stand clearly against the economy-killing cap and trade scam. The former Phoenix talk show host will be a reliable vote in the war on terror, but he won’t fall in with Washington’s Republican and Democratic establishments on amnesty for illegals….”

I guess ethics, and spending mean nothing to the author, who just plain old has a hate on for John McCain.  Too bad.  Hayworth could not even carry one of the most conservative districts when last he ran.  How long this conservative culture of stupidity lasts is beyond my ability to comprehend.  I gather Scott Brown is not good enough, either.  Want to give his seat back to the Dems?

“…The party’s greatest challenge, operatives and elected officials in both parties say, is keeping the conservative base energized without overshooting the mainstream and driving away the moderate “Brown independents” they’ll need to take back Congress….But former Rep. J.D. Hayworth, who is challenging McCain from the right, says Republicans spurn their conservative base at their own risk.
“This will be a base election,” Hayworth told POLITICO. “That’s where the new activism is coming from. The base is just indispensable.” That’s the kind of talk that worries GOP leaders, who say privately that the extremity of the base, and a hard-to-harness populist tea party movement, could give deeply wounded Democrats new life….”

And that, if you listen to these far right idiots, is a lesson designed to keep Nancy Pelosi in power for the rest of her life.

John Fund wrote of the Mark Kirk win in the GOP Ill Primary in the WJS’s Opinion Journal:

“…The race was significant because Mr. Dillard offered himself as a GOP moderate, one who voted to raise taxes and even cut a commercial during the 2008 Democratic primaries praising Barack Obama for his bipartisanship while both men served in the Illinois legislature. The ad came back to haunt him in this year’s campaign after rivals reminded voters of it, and Mr. Obama himself decried the attacks on his friend Mr. Dillard last week, saying he felt bad for him. In the end, the Obama connection is likely to have been a key factor in Mr. Dillard’s apparent defeat.

In the race to fill the vacant Senate seat once held by Mr. Obama, Rep. Mark Kirk, a suburban moderate easily won the GOP primary over a conservative candidate, but only after repudiating his vote on costly cap-and-trade legislation. That vote may haunt him in the fall, since he managed to lose coal-producing counties downstate to a largely unknown challenger. His opponent will be Alexi Giannoulias, the 33-year-old state treasurer who narrowly won the Democratic primary.

In other races, conservatives swept the field. Jason Plummer, a 27-year-old businessman and former staffer at the conservative Heritage Foundation, won the GOP nomination for lieutenant governor and will face a largely unknown Democrat in the fall.

Primaries for seats in Congress also went to conservative candidates. In the race to replace Rep. Kirk in the northern suburbs of Chicago, businessman Robert Dold defeated Beth Coulson, a state legislator who had consistently voted for tax increases. Ethan Hastert, the son of “go along to get along” former House Speaker Denny Hastert, lost his bid for his father’s old Congressional seat to conservative State Senator Randy Hultgren. And in a major upset, conservative Joey Walsh prevailed over the party establishment to win the right to oppose Democratic Rep. Melissa Bean in the Chicago suburbs north of O’Hare Airport.

All in all, while Illinois clearly isn’t an epicenter of tea party conservatism, the state titled strongly to the right in this year’s GOP primaries, rejecting establishment candidates in favor of insurgents….”


3 thoughts on “The Far Right Is Out of Touch With Real America

  1. Couldn’t agree with this article more. Some ‘purist’ conservatives were talking about the Senate race in IL and how the ‘true’ conservative was coming back as their numbers had doubled from around seven to fourteen but the election was in four days and the GOP candidate Kirk was way above 50. Here they were slamming Kirk who is perfect for IL.

    When are some Republicans going to get a clue that some states are not going to elect a candidate that will ever suit then and worst they usually don’t live there. We have some on one website going after Senator-Elect Scott Brown which is flat out ludicrous. Those one issue voters need to find something else to do because they are adding nothing constructive to the dialogue but sure are a pain as you cannot reason with them.

    If it is an open seat like Florida, I am so happy to see Marco Rubio doing so well because he is the type of candidate we need. Gov Crist is all over the place who will try to suck up to anyone including the President even at a cost to the state. In Arizona it is a different story because we need Senator McCain in the Senate to continue his cost cutting attempts with Sen Coburn (R-OK). Now is not the time to challenge an incumbent in a Senate race just so they can rake in the money from naive conservatives. Did they bother to check the background of Sen McCain’s opponent? Not on your life because he is one of the conservatives they favor because he walks in lock step instead of thinking for himself. He will tell them what they want to hear.

    Two words need brought back in the discussion — Common Sense! If you are 80% in agreement, then normally that’s your candidate. In 2010, if the person has an “R” behind his name as much as we need seats is who I am supporting.

  2. You are right about some of those folks, but not all. Dillard’s ad about Obama needed to have some consequences. As for Mark Kirk, the cap-and-trade vote was something worth questioning, particularly after the revelations about the misconduct of some scientists at the CRU.

  3. So is America just a leftie nation? Or do we have to wait until the Chinese start moving into our towns to get it?

    Took about 10 seconds to get the blog. No problem. I had to hit the comments button a couple of times, but no biggie.

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