Just Who Is In Charge (or) It Isn’t Easy Being God


Oliver North says that Barack Obama is so far in over his head you can’t find his brain on sonar.

Perhaps we are looking at Barack Obama the wrong way.  Maybe he isn’t a “socialist”.  Perhaps he is not out to destroy the country.  Maybe he does not know what is going on in the Justice Department.  Then there is Joe Biden…?

He is so incompetent his idiot supporters must do insane things to help prop him up and make the GOP look bad.

On Thursday, Cavuto interviewed Obama’s Pay Czar. The interview was quite revealing, in many ways.  Instead of blaming Bush, the way his “boss” does, Ken Feinberg told Cavuto that he has NEVER discussed AIG or his job with Barack Obama!

It is becoming more and more obvious that his nominees can’t pass the smell test and are not being approved.

He can’t decide where to hold terror trials.

He does not care about our money – and will throw it away on anything, including Super Bowl ads.  Then again, how about spending $65 million of our money – to meet and greet farmers.

He has made two horrible comments about Vegas.

He can’t tell the truth about lobbyists.

Have his people “declared war” on Toyota, or is it more incompetence?

Can you name one POTUS who has had such horrible luck doing anything their first year?  Obama is a disaster.  He has had help with the arrogant members of his party, but when you are leaning over a cliff, do you really need help?

Now it’s a jobs bill?

The Justice Department is looking for mentally retarded lawyers, yes it is a contradiction in terms, but if you want to see an example of how inept and pathetic this administration is, this is it.

“…The Civil Rights Division encourages qualified applicants with targeted disabilities to apply. Targeted disabilities are deafness, blindness, missing extremities, partial or complete paralysis, convulsive disorder, mental retardation, mental illness, severe distortion of limbs and/or spine. Applicants who meet the qualification requirements and are able to perform the essential functions of the position with or without reasonable accommodation are encouraged to identify targeted disabilities in response to the questions in the Avue application system seeking that information….”

Nothing is more of a glaring advertisment about how abjectly incompentent this administration is.  The way the Justice Department is going, we are going to be hit with a horrible terror attack – thanks to Jeffrey Holder’s stupidity.

I think we Republicans are looking at things all the wrong way when it comes to Barack Obama.  By giving him the epitaph of “socialist” and accusing him of trying to destroy the country we are giving him too much power.  By doing this we are making him invincible.  Instead, perhaps Michael Medved is right.  He thinks the idea that Obama is out to destroy the country is wrong.  Instead, he is less competent that Jimmy Carter.

Are you as sick and tired of hearing people like Michelle Malkin and Glenn Beck spout eternally about “Saul Alinsky” and his rules for “radicals“?   If you keep harping on something like Alinsky, then you need not further examine both Obama and his abject failure to lead and the far right and their abject failure to shut up and listen to the world around them.

The answer is somewhere in the middle – in normal.

We have been so busy turning Barack Obama into something he probably isn’t, that we cannot see the truth.  Not only will the truth set us free, but it will enable us to defeat Obama and his arrogant associates in the House and Senate in 2010 and 2012.

1.  Obama organizes in schools and colleges.  Either he is trying to brainwash the youth of American, or that is ALL he knows how to do.  Stop screaming brainwashing and start thinking incompetent.   They are so immature and so juvenile they cannot go beyond high school and college.

2.  He is so far left he is incompetent – and gives leftists a bad name.  The question:  Can you be leftist and be competent?  I happen to think you can, in a frightening sort of way.  Rather it is better to have Obama’s incompetence than have someone truly organized, competent, and knows how to get things done.

3.  There is no demand for excellence.  The culture of political correctness that surrounds Obama and his little friends cannot allow for excellence.  If you have no excellence, if you do not surround yourself by the best of people – the “top in their field” – you get Obama’s administration.

4.  You must believe in something bigger than yourself.  Obama believes in Obama.  He requires belief in Obama.  When you believe in something that is incompetent, you get incompetent.

5.  The only grown-up in Obama’s Administration is Hillary Clinton.

6.  None of Obama’s associates have practical experience outside of the academic world.

7.  Obama may lean socialist, but we need to say a prayer of thanksgiving on a daily basis that he is a socialist and is so abjectly incompetent that he can actually accomplish very little.

The real problem – the arrogance of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and their willing associates.  They are so arrogant and so corrupt they have forgotten they are answerable to the American People.


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    From Brenda: The only comment I have is re the design. The colors pink on black are ok for me and look great here but I did have a lot of comments from the older generation (60s plus) when I used pink on black on a website I have for the local Elks club. They had a real hard time seeing the pink. It might be worth it to do a poll on if it’s readable for older folks or not. If they are your audience then that’s not a problem. But I know they were really irritated about the pink.

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  3. Blog loads just fine. I am older and have no trouble with the pink. As to Obama, truth may be somewhere in between socialist and incompetent coupled with insufferable ego. He does have a number of radicals in his administration, notably the czars, and he does have a number of prior Clinton people too. He has made some glaring errors in his health care speeches with respect to doctors motives for performing procedures. He has made glaring errors in speeches period. The House version of health care reform does give control over every aspect of our lives to the government, no idea what the Senate version does as no one has seen it. I don’t trust any of them – Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Congress. I agree with your comment about Hillary CIinton. I do think Beck tends to go overboard but he is fun to watch.

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