The Great No Insurance No Health Care Lie


Once upon a time….

As all great stories begin….

Only this one is true….

I “know” someone who has this friend (who)…

This person has a sibling who is an alcoholic.

This person is basically indigent – no insurance no medicare supplement – only medicare and social security.

A few weeks before Christmas this person (“X”), while drunk, fell down a flight of stairs, broke a hip.  “X” was medevaced to another city for surgery.  The only reason “X” did not go into extensive rehab is because “X” is an idiot, plain and simple.

“X” did not follow medical instructions.

“X” was diagnosed with pneumonia about 3 weeks ago.

“X” did not do medication properly.

“X” has a social worker who comes to check up to see that “X” is being properly taken care of.  “X” is not because “X”‘s children refuse to offer any assistance.

“X”‘s social worker decided that this person was despondent, depressed, not thriving, and needed extra care.

On Tuesday “X” went back into the hospital for more tests, treatment of pneumonia.

“X” has aggressive lung cancer (from a life of smoking).  Instead of being kicked out of the hospital because “X” did not have medical insurance, after the PAPERWORK WAS PROPERLY FILLED OUT, this person – indigent, no insurance no medicare supplement, only a mediocre social security – no nothing – was flown to a major medical center in a large city for further treatment.

Granted, this was at tax-payer dollar.


The moral of the story is quite simple.

This is a person who signed their own fate with life-style choices many years ago.

No one has mentioned no treatment because of smoking.

No one has mentioned no treatment because of alcoholism.

No one has mentioned no treatment because of life-style.

No one has mentioned no treatment because of no health insurance or medicare supplement.

“X” is receiving very good care.

What happens from here on out is up to this person, who has a history of making absolutely stupid choices in life.  No one is even questioning “X”‘s choices, only the fact that “X” is going to get the cancer treatment needed, and not being cast out to die in the streets.

So much for that unknown Obama Supporter who died a tragic death because of no health insurance.

In this country we give F – R – E – E  medical care to those who need it – already yet.

Enough with the liberal Democratic lies.

Of course if “X” had been living in Chicago, once upon a time, and had the misfortune of being indigent in a certain hospital where a certain uber glam First Lady invented patient dumping, she would probably be dead by now.

Maybe it isn’t about not having health insurance and being fortunate enough to be without in a hospital where people like our uber glam First Lady are not patient dumping.