BUMPED: Is the Tea Party Movement a FOX News Scam?


Would there be a Tea Party “Movement” if it were not for FOX News?

There is one quality The Pink Flamingo utterly dislikes in people – narrow minded arrogance. Nothing describes the current Tea Party atmosphere other than narrow minded arrogance.  If you are not on board with THEIR agenda, you are out.  If “RINOS” do not submit to THEIR demands, they are out.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the Tea Party People have absolutely nothing in common with Ronald Reagan.  With the exception of Sarah Palin, when do you hear a Tea Party Person even mention national security?

The Nashville meeting was a meltdown of Three Mile Island proportions, with those involved, with the exception of Andrew Brightbart, few Tea Party People appeared to be inclined to debunk birthers, racists, or nut-jobs.

The Pink Flamingo has problems with Sarah Palin tying herself to the Tea Party People.  I have a tendency to think she is using it for a stepping stone to the nomination.  The problem is there are far right haters, who are part of the mix.  Do not expect reasonable, rational, or intelligent behavior from them.

If these people keep aligning themselves with the extreme “fringe” no sane Republican is going to go near them.  They keep saying the want to get rid of the “RINOS”, but don’t realize they are the problem.  They refuse do admit how the GOP in the House and Senate are standing together to effectively RUIN Barack Obama’s first year.  To admit that our good Republicans in the House and in the Senate are doing a good job would be to admit their little tea party is past its prime.

It was a good thing when it started.

Then – Glenn Beck co-opted it and turned it into something really nasty and ugly.

Normal everyday people were (and still are) good and mad.

Glenn Beck stepped in with FOX and a monster was created or was it?

The Pink Flamingo, (and a growing list of rational Republicans) is beginning to think that the whole Tea Party Movement is not as big as FOX and Glenn Beck would want us to believe.  The farther one delves into the whole thing, the more obvious it is that we are dealing with the usual suspects.

The usual suspects include Losertarians, Ron Paul Bots, Extreme Far Right Haters, Anti-Immigration Freaks, and the manipulators who use them for power and book sales.  They are the same people who went insane over immigration reform.  They are the same people who constantly denigrate our elected GOP officials.

Start asking around and  you  may just be surprised how few of your friends and neighbors are actually involved in this alleged populist uprising.

People are very angry, but they aren’t doing as much tea drinking as you think they are.

This leads to another question.  Why is FOX doing this?

Does someone have an agenda?

We know Beck has one and he is up to no good, actively attempting to destroy the GOP.  If FOX were fair and balanced they would bring on rational Republicans who could counter his lies.

Something is not quite what it seems.