Ron Paul Bots Furious About Hijacking of Tea Party Movement


First, Ron Paul Bots DO NOT LIKE Sarah Palin, even though she seriously compromised herself by endorsing Rand Paul.

Now back the really fun stuff.

Those adorable little pointy-headed Ron Paul Bots are furious becaue the Tea Party Movement has been hijacked (The Pink Flamingo TOLD you they started it).

The little freaks are calling for slogans to prove they created the Tea Party Movement!

It should be obvious that our the original grassroots tea Party idea has been hijacked, stolen, co-opted.

I am bad at slogans, and am having trouble coming up with one.

It just seems important to let “new Tea Party” peeps, know who had the original idea, and what it was all about.

I thought about a visual sign that showed the original patriots dumping tea, then a picture of Ron Paul, then the crybaby picture of Glenn beck, might work.

“We were dumping TEA before you were old enough to pee!!”

“Ron Paul, the O.G. of dumping tea”

See…….. I am NOT good at this.

I just hate the fact that this great idea, has been hijacked, and would love to remind them in a powerful way, of how and why it started. Especially since they are trying to edge RP out.

If you have some ideas, for slogans or visuals, I would love to see them….”


Then again, the hard core tea party freaks are ticked with Ron Paul.  Some have already thrown Palin under the bus, so now they are going to turn on their freak god?

“...The only sin Paul’s clearly guilty of in tea-party eyes is earmarking; his foreign policy is obviously a major issue, but unless I missed a memo, there’s no concrete foreign policy (i.e. isolationist vs. interventionist) that’s been settled on by a majority of tea partiers. Palin took a clear stance on national security issues in her speech, but that was the whole point of A.C. Kleinheider’s objection to it — that she was grafting neoconservative Republican ideas on terrorism onto a movement that ultimately has little to do with that. Exit question: If not even Ron Paul’s safe from tea party challenges, who is? Palin, and probably Marco Rubio, and … who else?…”