Tea Party War Between Sarah Palin & Ron Paul Brewing


The Pink Flamingo was pleased that Sarah Palin exposed herself as basically a Neocon strong on national security.  Her strong stand on national security is in strange contrast to her endorsement of Rand Paul who, like his father, is a cowardly little twerp who does not believe in defending the country.  He does not support our military.  The Pink Flamingo keeps thinking someone is giving Sarah Palin some very bad advise.

In fact, her embrace of the whole bunch of tea party jerks could be backfiring.  If so, and she is piddling with libertarians she will be burned.  Losertarians have no honor nor morality.  They are out for themselves.  I keep telling you a battle for the heart and soul of the Tea Party movement is brewing.  The mistake being made is the assumption that Tea Party freaks are conservative.  If you want my personal opinion, the tea party movement is the last ride of the hippy generation.

Do not confuse them with Republicans and conservatives.  If what I am finding is true, then the Losertarians are going to attempt to destroy Sarah Palin.

“…There’s trouble brewing between the Ron Paul libertarians who staged the the first modern tea party in 2007 by dumping tea into Boston Harbor, and the neocon war hawks led by Sarah Palin who are furiously trying to hijack their message.

After I appeared on MSNBC talking about Sarah Palin’s appearance at the Nashville tea party convention, several libertarians told me they were unhappy with the exchange.

I said that Sarah Palin’s hawkish message on Iran was oddly out of place in a group whose roots belong to the Ron Paul libertarians, particularly as the anti-interventionist Rand Paul is looking strong in the Kentucky Senate Senate race — and Palin just endorsed him. The woman who appeared with me representing the tea partiers disagreed with that premise, and claimed she was very much an interventionist.

My libertarian friends couldn’t imagine what she was doing on TV representing the tea parties in the first place, and thought it was a sad day when the opposition stated their position more fairly than their supposed allies….”

In another Pink Flamingo I told you so, Ron Paul is furious about the Neocon infiltration of tea parties.

“…Speaking to MSNBC host Rachel Maddow on Tuesday night, Paul first took up for the tea parties as a natural reaction of the people when they are unhappy with government. What they are not, he explained, are entirely adherent to his ideas. Paul suggested that the group only “sometimes” represents his views.

“My message is somewhat different,” he said. “The message gets somewhat diluted” with large movements of this nature.

“Everybody likes to join what looks like a popular movement, then they want to come in and influence that movement,” Paul continued.

His core issues, such as creating transparency at the Federal Reserve, recalling overseas soldiers and ending the drug war, are “not what is generally heard from the Republican party,” he said.   Paul, whose son Rand is running for U.S. Senate in Kentucky, didn’t seem to flinch when Maddow asked how he feels about Sarah Palin’s recent endorsement of the younger Paul’s campaign.

“Probably wouldn’t be any different” with most Republicans, he said, emphasizing that he hopes his libertarian-leaning ideas would ultimately influence both parties, not just win over one…”


One thought on “Tea Party War Between Sarah Palin & Ron Paul Brewing

  1. Let me educate those on this site as to what Ron Paul’s views are on foreign policy. But before I do that let me first say that is ignorant to demonize people you don’t agree with. State the facts and not just widely accepted propaganda being promoted on mainstream media that Ron Paul is weak on foreign policy.

    Ron Paul opposes the foreign policy of the past decades where our leaders have clearly been in bed with insane leaders like Suddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden to then find them having to take them out later. He opposes a foreign policy where we find ourselves spending billions of dollars nation building just to realize that we have nothing to show for it but millions of innocent people dead, including thousands of our own beloved military men and women.

    In opposition to the current disastrous foreign policy is one where we communicate with other leaders through out the world, trade and debateon those issues in which we disagree. This is far from being an isolationalist. In fact, I would argue that the neo-conservative foreign policy isolates us as we make enemies all around the world because of bad policies.

    Some argue, rightfully so, that we live in a different time and we can’t have a foreign policy like the that of the founding fathers’ days. This is true, however, also consider those who are in charge of our foreign policy to begin with. We have think tank groups like the Council on Foreign Relations writing policy that we follow. We have the RAND Corporation writing policy that we follow. The United Nations plays a big role in it and then you have the neo-conservative/liberals adding their bad ideas to our policy. We also have elements of the CIA and FBI hiring informants and operatives to commit acts of terror under the guise of fighting terror. All of this is confusing and puts us in a bad spotlight around the world. This was not the foreign policy of the founders. What some of our intelligence agencies are engaging in is treasonous.

    The question we all must ask is why have we followed a such a disasterous foreign policy that has created more terror. And some of the terror acts are questionable because we continue to find that our own intelligence agencies are at the scene escorting terrorists in this country and just recently on the airplane this past Christmas. Yes, the “underwear bomber” was escorted on the airplane by our own FBI agents. Finally, they admitted it after witnesses repeatedly told the same story and the FBI denied it. Intelligence has to be taken in to consideration with any foreign policy and Ron Paul is right to question their conduct and ask what is their agenda. Obviously, there are some who seek to destroy this country with these policies. Look at where we are today and tell me that the foreign policy of the past decades has made us safe.

    You may want to read books such as “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” and “Crossing the Rubicon” to better understand first what is wrong with the current foreign policy and then you might better understand why Paul doesn’t seek to start fights around the world acting as a world police.

    This is what the Republican and Democratic establishment want–An America that acts as the police of the world, forcing freedom and liberty down the throats of countries who don’t want it. Paul’s foreign policy should be as simple as this: Get along with our neighbors, trade and discuss and if anyone threatens us be ready to defend ourselves with a well equipped and strong military. Paul has always supported our troops and served in the military, unlike many of these neo-cons who never served. Paul has always supported a strong military and voted for funding. He just does not think we should squander billions of dollars nation building and then God-forbid if a Korea or China were to strike us, we are bogged down in the Middle East killing innocent people trying to force them to accept freedom and liberty, which we are losing every day in the United States.

    Let’s get the story straight! Paul isn’t a weakling as some have implied on this website. You can call Paul’s foreign policy views what ever you want but the reality is that the past and current foreign policy of shock and awe and policing the world is a complete disgrace. This is not the way to honor our troops by having them bogged down in the Middle East nation building. And what of the nation building we are doing? Is it working? Hell NO! It is a mess and to no fault to our good men and women who serve. They are being misdirected by sorry leaders like John McCain and John Kerry and the rest of that ilk. Then you have people like Glenn Beck promoting wars in Iran and Iraq. Why don’t they go fight in those countries and do all of us freedom lovers a favor and leave us alone.

    It amazes me how people like those on this site critque Ron Paul on not having a foreign policy when you don’t even understand the foreign policy of the past decades to begin with. We have some elements of our government who are leaning towards a global government and are abandoning our economy, foreign policy and domestic policies to emulate that of the United Nations and other global governments.

    WAKE UP! Bush, Clinton and Obama are all in support of global government. You can now add Sarah “Nuke Iran Palin” to the list of bad apples to further place us in peril.

    Folks, we don’t need to be starting wars around the world and involving ourselves in tribal and religious fights. And how about we let Israel defend itself. They have the weapons to do so; why is it our fight? We are broke as hell, on the verge of a major financial collapse and depression and we have to wise up and realize that we can’t afford to be the police of the world. We might want to take care of our financial affairs first. And speaking of financial affairs, some on this site might want to research who funds these wars in the first place.

    If you care about this country, you would support a non-interventionist foreign policy where we don’t instigate fights, sticking our noses in the affairs of other countries.

    Small Government — Strong Defense –Freedom — Liberty

    Defend ourselves when we are threatened, not to take other countries resources or promote freedom and democracy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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