There Are Good Republican Senators Doing Good Work


Contrary to what the little pointy headed Tea Party Freaks say, there are some very good Republicans in the House and Senate who are doing a very good job.  When you hear people who are such “freaks” denigrate Republicans and try to harm their reputations, you never hear any of them offer Kudos for what people like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, ore Mitch McConnell are doing to keep us safe.

It isn’t about building up, it is about destroying the GOP.

Makes you wonder why, doesn’t it?

Michelle Malkin has her orders from The Puppetmaster and his minions of far right, anti-immigration hate.  Does this woman have a conscience?  Does it bother her one little bit to be associated with Peter Brimelow, Vdare, Tom Tancredo, John Tanton, and to be slobbering all over Sheriff Joe?

Strange, isn’t it?

Funny how the Far Right truly detests good, decent men like John McCain.

Makes you wonder about these people – or it should.

When will people like Michelle Malkin have the decency and honesty to admit they are NOT Republicans and their agenda is against the GOP?

I know.  The Pink Flamingo sounds like a broken record, constantly harping on Lindsey Graham and doing a fair job of mentioning Jim DeMint.  There is a logical reason for this.  Having spent most of my life in SC, I take pride in the way my friend has risen to such a great leadership position in this country.  We all knew he could do it.

Then – there is another reason.

New Mexico is cursed with two of the most pathetic excuses of Dems masquerading as United States Senators anyone could possibly imagine.  They are nothing – absolutely nothing.  They will do nothing but bow to Harry Reid and Dems.

You gotta get your jollies where you can.


That both of South Carolina’s United State Senators are calling for a balanced budget amendment and  an end to earmarks?

“...South Carolina’s senators urged Congress on Thursday to institute a one-year ban on “earmarks,” or funding for congressional lawmakers’ pet projects. Republican Sens. Jim DeMint and Lindsey Graham also called on their colleagues to approve a balanced-budget amendment to the Constitution, which would bar the government from spending more than it takes in. Nine other lawmakers joined their call, including perhaps the most famous earmark opponent of all — Arizona Sen. John McCain, the 2008 GOP presidential candidate.

“Americans know earmarks are at the heart of the spending addiction in Congress, and they cannot understand why we don’t have to balance the budget, just like they have to,” DeMint, who refuses to seek earmarks, said in a statement. Graham, who seeks earmarks but supports banning them, said a one-year moratorium would prove that Congress is serious about fiscal responsibility. The South Carolina Constitution’s balanced-budget amendment requires the governor and the legislature “to make difficult spending decisions – not pass the buck on to future generations,” Graham said in a statement. “Now is the time for Congress to do likewise.” Their proposals came as the House narrowly passed a bill that would allow Congress to borrow up to $1.9 trillion more. The Senate passed it last week, with all Republicans voting no. Supporters say the measure is necessary because the U.S. could default on its debt otherwise….”


Did you know that the GOP attempted to put an end to TARP?

“...U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today voted in support of the Thune Amendment to the debt limit bill that would end the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) immediately upon enactment and reaffirm that repaid TARP funds would be used to reduce the national debt. The amendment, which needed 60 votes to pass, was rejected by a vote of 53-45. “The first round of TARP, which I supported, has worked as intended.  TARP allowed us to shore up financial institutions during a major crisis and prevent a complete collapse of our financial system.  Taxpayers are now being repaid by financial institutions which are on more solid footing. “TARP funds were never meant to be a cash cow for bigger government.  Unfortunately, that is what the Obama Administration and Democratic Congress are now doing.  TARP has achieved its purpose and should come to an end.”…”


Both Lindsey and Jim DeMint are calling for an expansion into the investigation of the whoring that went around during the health care debacle?

“…The Senators argued that, under the provision, certain seniors in specific Florida counties currently enrolled in Medicare Advantage would have their current benefits “grandfathered” into the program while approximately 10 million other Medicare Advantage enrollees across the country will be subjected to significant cuts in their benefits.

“We have serious concerns about the effects of this provision on all Medicare Advantage beneficiaries who do not reside in these specific Florida counties,” the senators wrote in a letter to the attorneys general. “We would like your opinion on this situation and would be interested to learn of any legal issues that you believe could be posed to the unequal Medicare Advantage policy that will be enacted under this legislation.”

Medicare Advantage is a privately-managed option that is used by one-fifth of seniors instead of traditional fee-for-service Medicare. The program covers 111,000 people in South Carolina.

Led by South Carolina Atty. Gen. Henry McMaster, the attorneys general are currently looking into the Constitutionality of the “Cornhusker Kickback.” That backroom deal, struck by Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska and his Democrat bosses, which similarly gave the Cornhusker State a financial advantage to the detriment of all other taxpayers….”


First things first. There is “normal” constituent service, then there is selling yourself to the highest bidder the way Ben Nelson has done.

The Pink Flamingo keeps harping on South Carolina senators Lindsey Graham and Jim DeMint. There are two reasons. First and foremost, Lindsey is my friend. I consider him one of the most honorable men who has ever served in Washington. Secondly, I spent most of my life playing politics in South Carolina. Sure, I live in New Mexico, but politics here are no fun. South Carolina may have double the population, but it is a “small” state. Anyone who so desires can get to know all the political figures. I’ve lived in NM nearly a dozen years and find the entire political system here very aloof.

In South Carolina it is all about WE THE PEOPLE. Constituents count. Here in New Mexico, now that the Dems have frozen the GOP out of everything, there is no constituent service. From what I gather, aside from the mastery of the late Joe Skeen, former Congresswoman Heather Wilson, and GOP 2nd District candidate Steve Pearce, constituents are/were a joke.

I guess in SC you could say it was an ‘old boys’ system, but it worked, beautifully. Those who were elected to office knew their bread was literally buttered by the voter, no matter which party. They strove to represent everyone in the state.

In SC, since the early 1960s, it has always been about the jobs. It has been about manufacturing, and it has been about money – payroll. The late Strom Thurmond took a lead in this by embracing and sponsoring a series of technical schools that specialized in training for manufacturing jobs state wide industry either needed filled or for companies that were being recruited to the state. Those school, Tri-County Tech, now Tri-County Technical College and Greenville Technical College have grown into huge centers of practical learning. That is the legacy of constituent service. That is what a good Congressman or Senator should do for one’s state, improve it.

It is all about bringing money and innovation into the state.


2 thoughts on “There Are Good Republican Senators Doing Good Work

  1. Yeah, baby!

    Here in South Carolina, it’s ALL about WE THE PEOPLE!

    Check out this video and WEEP!

    SCGOP chairwoman Karen Floyd listens intently while Harry Kibler of clarifies the recent misreporting by the national press regarding the nature of the alliance between the SCGOP and the coalition of tea party groups:

    Who’s calling the shots now, eh?

    After this, you have even MORE to love about South Carolina and WE THE PEOPLE!

  2. Umm–I don’t think you realize that what I relayed was the latest news regarding the status of the agreement (unless things have changed drastically in the last few hours today).

    Did you even watch the video? The press conference took place AFTER the mis-reporting by the national press in order to clarify the nature of the agreement.

    The agreement is, for now, a done deal. The idea is to cooperate on common goals.

    It’s part of a pincer movement. From the top down, this is letting the establishment neo-con Republicans know that we’re going back to the party platform which promotes a Constitutional government–rule of law vs. the likes of McCain’s and Graham’s wayward “leadership.”

    From the ground up, WE, THE PEOPLE are taking the party over. But then, you wouldn’t have much of a clue about that since you’re not boots on the ground here as I am.

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