PART I: Lindsey Graham Is Evil and Must Be Destroyed


This is Part I  a 2 part expose into just who is ticked with Lindsey and why.

Part II features an exclusive expose of a possible and very devious challenge to Lindsey in 4  years.

“…I think the administration has made a mistake that could bring the administration down. Of all the decisions Obama has made and this administration has made, spending has gotten them in trouble, this massive health care bill was rejected by the American people….”  Lindsey Graham

Why do some people want to go after a man who is clearly fighting to protect our country and carry on the work GWB did to keep us from terror attacks?  Why go after someone who is clearly supporting democracy and freedom through-out the world?

If the far right Christian Coalition understands what Lindsey is trying to do with energy independence why can’t the haters?  Oh, wait – Ron Paul does not like Lindsey.  Michelle Malkin hates him.  Glenn Beck hates him.  Okay, I get it.  The haters must win.  The Christian Coalition is going all out to support him!

When an elected official is hammered from both the extreme far irrational right and the far left, it makes you wonder what they are doing.  I can understand the far left.  They are a bunch of unprincipled liars who don’t give a rip about factual accuracy.  Then again, same thing is true about the far right, especially when it comes to Lindsey and the way people like Michelle Malkin and Glenn Beck lie about him.  Then again, they are too peas in their own little pathetic little pod.

We have a problem with Lindsey.  Or shall we say the far (irrational) right, the left, and the losertarians have a problem with Lindsey.  It is called LEADERSHIP.  Lindsey is a very dangerous man when it comes to their agendas.  Okay, it’s called rational, reasonable, (neo-con) statesmanlike, conservative leadership with a very specific agenda.

So he has an agenda.

Everyone has an agenda.

The problem is Lindsey’s agenda is not a quest for power, a quest for attention or a narcissistic need for attention.  Lindsey’s agenda is doing what he honestly and honorably thinks is right for America.  He is not afraid to go out on a limb like he did with the climate thing.  He is also not afraid to admit that he is wrong.  The problem is that the haters like Malkin do not understand that a wise person is not afraid to admit changing their mind.  Only a fool goes full speed ahead.   Then again, the haters never bother with the truth or understanding that men like Lindsey are more interested in doing what is right for the country.   All they want to do is hate.

“…“Realistically, the cap-and-trade bills in the House and the Senate are going nowhere,” said Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, who is trying to fashion a bipartisan package of climate and energy measures. “They’re not business-friendly enough, and they don’t lead to meaningful energy independence.”…”

The haters were so darn busy hating that they never bothered to listen to Lindsey to realize that he was talking about business all along and trying to protect it from outlandish regulations.  Doesn’t matter.  They are FAR RIGHT and he is Lindsey Graham.  Someone has decided he must be destroyed, so the little far right twits in their infinite slobbering stupidity follow along like lemmings over a cliff.

Funny how some of the very haters who are screaming national security and war on terror never ever bother complementing or saying JOB WELL DONE when Lindsey takes a leadership roll in this fight.

“…But this is one issue where most people don’t see the other side. And I’m trying to get my colleagues to act responsibly by saying to the administration we will not fund that effort. That is your decision to make, but there will be no money to implement that decision….”

Charles Krauthammer on Lindsey’s latest ploy to protect the country:

“…It’s going to cost $200 billion a year in order to give this terrorist the biggest platform for his propaganda in the world. It makes no sense at all.  And I think what Graham may have done been in introducing the bill to force Democrats in the House to declare themselves in what’s otherwise is an abstract issue. This is going to be up or down. Do you want to appropriate the money to allow the trial or not?  I think it’s brilliant politically because it will make clear who is on which side of this issue…”


You can’t win if you are constantly against something and not for something.  Lindsey has the wisdom to know this.  It is not really about working with the Dems as being perceived as being for something, being positive, and not always against.

The reason Newt was able to push the GOP in 1994 to it’s legendary victory is because of his Contract with America, which was VERY POSITIVE.  Lindsey is right.  If you do not have something you are for, a victory will only go so far.

“…But we’ve got to do more than just count all Obama’s failures. We’ve got to be seen as relevant in the lives of everyday Americans.”


From Brian Goldsmith’s Atlantic Interview:

“…BRIAN GOLDSMITH: Why do you keep having to deal with resolutions back home by local Republican committees condemning whatever you’re doing as too liberal?

SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM: Well, you know, when you look at the authors of these resolutions, these are people who supported my primary opponent [in 2008], people who are more libertarian than they are Republican. There are some Ron Paul supporters, libertarians who don’t vote for Republican nominees for president, and they show up with enough numbers to affect politics and I’m not going to give in to that.

I decisively won my primary, and the people who didn’t support me have every right to have their say, but they don’t speak for the Republican Party. I think I’m where most Republicans in South Carolina are. And for every one that shows up at a county party meeting, I think there are 150 that are loyal Republicans who appreciate my style of politics, center-right politics, trying to find solutions.

BRIAN GOLDSMITH: The Republican lieutenant governor of your state–and a candidate for governor–Andre Bauer, recently compared providing the poor with food assistance to “feeding stray animals.” What’s your reaction to that?

SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM: Well, I thought it was really inappropriate and wrong and he’s said as much himself. This is just one of those times when a politician over-steps and misspeaks. And the political marketplace will determine what damage has been done. That’s why we have elections. People can factor that into their decisions about his candidacy. This is one thing to consider. There are other things to consider, and I think people will do that….”


For some strange reason Lindsey is the object of hate of irrational lying far right conservatives who don’t care about factual accuracy only repeating lies.  The litany is constant and irrational.  If people like this have their way, we will lose everything to the Dems.

“…It’s surprising how little coverage the MSM gives the Republican Civil War. It pits MSM heroes like RINO John McCain, John Cornyn and Lindsey Graham against the average conservative taxpayer constituent. Some of the Republican elite are at least paying lip service to the tea party movement. Michael Steele, the trainwreck RNC Chair, is now openly espousing tea party principles of fiscal responsibility and limited government. However, others like “our friend” John McCain are busy recruiting RINOs to run against conservatives in state primaries. McCain and his RINO friends see the tea party as a threat to their big-tent, moderate Republicanism. And it is. The tea party will move heaven and Earth to defeat McCain and all RINOs in the primaries. Just watch what the tea party accomplishes in 2010!
Conservatives must attend every town hall, precinct meeting, and political gathering and let their feelings be heard. Republican politicians will be flocking to meet with tea party patriots this year. You will have your opportunity to let your opinions be known. However, there is no better way to voice your approval or disapproval than voting in the primary! And take 5 of your friends. Since less than 10% of Americans vote in primaries, only a few thousand new votes can accomplish the 3 R’s….rid Republicans of RINOs!…”