From Today’s Forward Day by Day


Philippians 2:1-13. Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility regard others as better than yourselves.

Paul’s focus here is sharing God’s grace: the central mission of the church.

Sharing in the gospel is a key point of the letter to the Philippians. “You share in God’s grace,” Paul tells his friends in Philippi. Where does the idea come from that you can be a Christian alone, that “me and thee, O Lord” is all that matters? It is a common heresy, and Paul would not have understood it. He bids us share the gospel message in humility.

Did you ever see a child open a wonderful present and not share it with anyone? Would a newly engaged couple keep the good news to themselves? Good news is to be shared. The gospel, as we understand it, has to be shared. Without the shared message, the power of the Word would be lost.

“I pray,” says Paul, “that your love may overflow.” Love is never static; it grows or it diminishes. In growth, our capacity to love breaks through, overflows, and takes root in first one person, and then another, and then another. Love is always to be shared. And in sharing the gospel message of love we are truly honoring God and our neighbor.