PART II: Lindsey Graham Is Evil and Must Be Destroyed


This is a cautionary tale that is not about just about Lindsey Graham.  It is a tale that is doomed to be repeated throughout the country.  We are living in an Age of Extremism.  Currently the extreme far right and losertarian (not to be confused with Libertarian-Republican) are attempting to take over the GOP.  Most of these people have NEVER been involved with the party in any way other than to criticize it. The unfortunate problem we have is that many of the leading conservative talking heads on the web and on FOX are part of this NON-Republican cabal.  They are not Republican.  They have NEVER been Republican, but they are attempting to manipulate the GOP into something they want it to be, stiff-arming those of us who have spent a life-time doing the things the traditional way.

This is not about independents.  This is about Tea Party “Patriots” who are NOT Republicans.  It is about a group of individuals who are fairly small in number but control the conservative thought process on the web, radio, and television.  They are radical, extreme, and are manipulators.  Their extreme right agenda is a proven loser.  They have no loyalty to anyone, only their personals ambitions and agenda.  Unfortunately they are being made into celebrities.  They are dangerous not only to the GOP but the country.

Republicans like Lindsey Graham and John McCain are their targets. So was George W. Bush.  We are talking about good, decent, and honorable patriots who cannot be manipulated.  The Age of Extreme demands purity of ideals, absolute dogma, and complete capitulation.  Original thought, rational thinking, and logic need not apply.

What happened in South Carolina this week is a perfect example of the danger the GOP faces from these extreme, irrational, and ill-informed elements.


The Pink Flamingo wants to state, up front, that the SCGOP Chairperson, Karen Floyd needs to either resign or be removed from her position for her double dealing with the tea party people from Greenville County.  It is quite obvious these people have an anti-GOP agenda and are out to harm the party.  The Pink Flamingo believes her support of these individuals is a betrayal of Lindsey Graham, who supported her bid to become SCGOP Chairperson.

Ms Floyd might want to take a look at New Mexico and the NMGOP’s Chairman, Harvey Yates.  Yates is doing his best to be loyal to the party and not to take a stand in any of the primary races.  I have been very critical of the NMGOP in the past, but am very pleased with the performance of Yates.  If the NMGOP achieves the ambitious goals Yates has set out for 2010, he deserves much of the credit.  On the other hand, if the SCGOP suffers ignoble defeat in 2010 due to the vile influence of the tea party freaks, Karen Floyd deserves to shoulder much of the blame.


This started out to be  one of those follow the bouncing pointy headed little libertarian posts and changed into something else entirely.  Anyone who has followed SC politics knows that around 2007 or so, when Lindsey supported GWB on immigration reform what can only be described as a fatwa was issued by the Puppetmaster, John Tanton, to destroy him.

This is not just about Lindsey.  It is a cautionary tale about the state of the GOP throughout the country and the dirty-double dealing bottom feeder attempt by Ron Paul Bots (with Paul’s tacit approval) to take over the GOP and turn it into something they find “pure”.

When one encounters the word “RINO”, please do not think the idiot using the term is a “real” Republican.  He or she is not.  Real Republicans who do not denigrate our elected officials.  We play by Ronald Reagan’s 80% rule.  Then again, the tea party freaks who are attempting to take over the party do not feel Reagan was a great leader.

When one encounters those who want “pure” conservatives in the GOP, odds are they are  third party losers who are attempting to muddy the waters.  If The Pink Flamingo were given to playing around with conspiracy theories, I would swear the tea parties and these “purists” are a Dem/George Soros attempt to destroy the GOP.

If these pointy headed freaks continue on their pure path, they will insure a Dem majority in the House and the Senate.  If that isn’t part of the Dem agenda and play-book I don’t know what is.

Just a little aside.  When I see alleged “Christians” who go around carrying their Bibles and quoting from them, I roll my eyes and figure they are pathetic losers who don’t believe much of anything.  I have the same opinion of pointy little headed little tea party freaks and Ron Paul Bots who go around quoting from the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.  They are a bunch of know-nothing idealists who are on a path to destroy the country – but they are pure.


Is this irrational hatred of Lindsey about losertarians and Ron Paul Bots run amok in SC, or simply a group of non-Republicans who do not like a person and are determined to destroy him?  Or, are we dealing with political ambitions?  Are we dealing with SC’s version of Elizabeth Edwards in the form of Jenny  Sanford.  She now appears to have been the brains and the money behind her ex’s hollow throne.

Sic Willie at FTS blog did a “poll” promoting Jenny Sanford in a run against Lindsey for the Senate in 4 years.  FTS says they are not really in love with Jenny Sanford….but…. Way back in 2007 there were rumors that Mark Sanford was thinking about running against Lindsey.

Once upon a time Sic Willie and the Sanfords were thick, very thick.  He is currently shall we say “testing the waters” to see about a possible Senate take out of Lindsey by Jenny Sanford, who is looking more and more like SC’s version of either Lady MacBeth or Elizabeth Edwards.  Of course she says she is “absolutely not” interested in running, but why does she have a political advisor in DC?  Why does the soon to be former “First Lady” of SC have a Beltway based political consultant, anyway, unless she was planning something big, very big.

Sic Willie, a former associate of Mark Sanford, reports the following:

“…At this point, she’s expressed absolutely no interest in running for an elected office (in fact, she’s specifically said that she’s not interested), but things change … and four years is an eternity in the political world.
Hell, one year is an eternity in the political world.
Also, one of the First Lady’s closest political advisors – Beltway-based political consultant Jon Lerner – is reportedly encouraging her to contemplate mounting a bid in 2014.
In fact, we’ve even been told that Lindsey Graham – who currently occupies the U.S. Senate seat which Lerner covets – is already preparing for a possible Sanford candidacy down the road….”


Jon Lerner once ran Mark Sanford’s campaigns and was a close adviser to him.  He is now thick with Jenny Sanford.

“…On May 11, Sanford paid his (and Rep. Nikki Haley’s) consultant Jon Lerner $4,000 for “consulting services.” He also sent $10,055 to Lerner’s polling wing, Basswood Research, on the same day. Then, on June 29, he paid Lerner an additional $1,050. This comes on the heels of throwing $4,000 to Red Sea LLC in January, $4,100 in October, $4,000 in August, $17,135 last June and another $4,000 last May. But, it’s not like he’s been consistently paying Lerner during the second term — the first quarter of 2008 and fourth quarter of 2007 list no payments….”

They had a little parting of the ways when Lerner made several major mis-steps with Sanford.  Now that the Gov went to Argentina, the irate ex-First Lady has hired Lerner as her political guru.

Jon Lerner is a huge Club for Growth polling wonk.  In a way he is responsible for the whole NY-23 debacle, by pushing independent Doug Huffman.

“...I learned from reading Stuart Rothenberg’s take on the the outlook for the 2009 elections that Jon Lerner was responsible for the Club For Growth poll showing conservative candidate Doug Hoffman taking a small lead in New York’s 23rd Congressional District special election. Having managed Rudy Boschwtiz’s unsuccessful 1996 Senate campaign against Paul Wellstone in which I served as Rudy’s treasurer, Jon is an old friend of mine. Jon is now the principal of the political consulting firm Red Sea LLC and the polling firm Basswood Research….”

Lerner wants to be a king maker and a major league power-broker.  During the 2008 primaries, he kept pushing Mark Sanford to support Giuliani, and influenced Sanford not to back John McCain.  Once you know what to look for with Lerner, his fingerprints are all over the NY-23 mess, that cost the GOP a traditional GOP House Seat.  Lerner appears to be the one who turned Dede Scozzafava into a monster and the idiot Hoffman into a hero of major proportions.

Lerner is one of the Club for Growth’s fair haired guys who likes to push 3rd party candidates:

“...Sanford consultant Jon Lerner, who is known as one of the go-to guys for the Club for Growth, one of the primary third-party backers of the Governor and people of a similar ideology…”

Lerner is also the one who attempted to turn Newt into a bumbling monster over NY-23.  Just last week The Pink Flamingo had an argument with her brother over the issue.  I REVEL IN BEING RIGHT!  So, Lerner has a background in NY politics.

“…Since 2005, Sanford’s political calculations have been determined almost exclusively by one man, Washington D.C.-based political consultant Jon Lerner, who also advises the South Carolina Republican Party and who previously advised Spartanburg businesswoman Karen Floyd in her failed bid for State Superintendent of Education….”

Now it appears that Lerner is trying to talk Jenny Sanford into running against Lindsey.

Why does Jenny Sanford need a Beltway political consultant?

Why is Jenny Sanford making political endorsements? Sorry, but she is the ex-wife (or soon to be ex-wife) of a lame duck governor.  Something makes me think Jenny Sanford is making a political move – against Lindsey.

“…When I’m asked my wish for South Carolina’s future, my wish is for a leader of state government like Nikki Haley. She’s principled, conservative, tough and smart,” Sanford wrote in the letter. “I am strongly supporting Nikki Haley for governor, and I hope you will, too.”

Jenny Sanford has been a behind-the-scenes power player in the state for years, serving as an effective surrogate for her husband during his administration….”


During the first of the many debates the myriad of candidates for the SCGOP’s nomination for Governor, Nikki Haley seriously insulted LindseyJon Lerner is managing her campaignLerner is one of her consultants.

Nikki Haley plays very very dirty.  According to SC’s Wolfe Reports, Henry McMaster’s consultants are terrified of her.  She pulled a nasty attack on Gresham that backfired.  She is also the darling of the libertarian set, and Red State’s  Erick Erickson loves her.


While The Pink Flamingo thinks that Sic Willie is a shill for the losertarian end of things, he can do some digging.  John Lerner, who dislikes Lindsey, managed the SCGOP’s current Chairwoman Karen Floyd’s unseccessful campaign for Superintendent of Education in 2006.  She made an alliance with the Greenvlle Co. tea party people that has since backfired.

Would someone please tell Karen Floyd she is aligning herself with a bunch of Ron Paul Losertrian wack-jobs, Libertarians, and Birthers, and idiots?  These people have one goal and that is to get rid of Lindsey.  Considering how tight Karen Floyd is with Jon Lerner and that Learner is (allegedly) pushing Jenny Sanford to run against Lindsey, someone needs to pull the plug on her tenure as Chair of the SCGOP.  The last thing the SCGOP needs is to be aligned with a group who is determined to remove EVERY ELECTED GOP OFFICIAL in 2010. What ever possessed this woman to allow these people to get an additional toe-hold into the SCGOP?

You need to watch this video from The Pink Flamingo’s favorite Troll and Ron Paul Bot Lindsey Hater – Workin’ Tommy C.  If I were in SC, I would demand Karen Floyd resign her position for going ahead with this anti-Republican do-do.  This is disgusting.  She is allowing this crap to exist under her watch and is doing NOTHING to stop it.


Mark Sanford has a history with Ron Paul. None of this would be important except for Lindsey’s rather checkered history as one of the few Republicans who has the courage to call out the Ron Paul Bots, and the Losertarians.

“..One of them was Mark Sanford of South Carolina. Another Man of ’94, Sanford came to the Capitol with the torch-bearing troops of Newt Gingrich but proved even more conservative than his cohort. He often lined up with libertarian hero Ron Paul, even when no one else did. And unlike many who took the three-terms-and-out pledge, Sanford did his three and left.

Sanford came back to politics two years later as governor and has shown a preference for the executive role. His second term ends in 2010, and he has been touted as a candidate for the White House in 2012. He is now chairman of the National Governors Association (a job once held by Bill Clinton) and has the backing of some who had backed Paul’s earlier bids for the presidency….”


Jenny Sanford is a very sympathetic figure.  I feel sorry for.  So do women throughout the country, if her book signing tour is any indication. It is quite obvious she plans to use her misfortune to her best advantage.  There is NOTHING wrong with doing so.  She has always had political ambitions, and was one of her ex-husband’s most powerful political advisers.  So was Hillary Clinton, so is Michelle Obama.  Both women would not hesitate to endorse a candidate.

Laura Bush, on the other hand, would never even think to endorse a GOP primary candidate.

What Jenny Sanford with the Nikki Haley endorsement could be an indicator that she is going to be flexing her political muscles.  There is nothing wrong with being ambitious, politically.  What reeks of the unethical and improper flexing of that muscle is endorsing a primary candidate.  It just isn’t done.  It can be done, but right now Jenny Sanford is like Caesar’s Wife – and what she did was a step out of line.  It also makes her look like Jon Lerner is pulling her strings, using her to further his political ambitions of removing Lindsey Graham from the US Senate.

The Pink Flamingo relishes the idea of women in politics.  My major complaint about Hillary Clinton was that she used her husband to achieve her goals.  This is what Jenny Sanford is doing.  It is what Michelle Obama appears to be doing.  For women out there who are struggling to make a place for themselves in the political world, and do not have a famous, or infamous spouse with political coat-tails to ride, it is disgusting.

In a way, for Jenny Sanford to have been behind the scenes, manipulating her husband, then to step over him after he is disgraced, and embark on her own political career is an insult to the women who struggle on a daily basis – just to take a little political step.  If Sarah Palin has done it on her own, without using the Dude for a stepping stone, then so should Jenny Sanford.

The GOP needs more Sarah Palins, not Jenny Sanfords.

Yea, women like her make me mad.  I feel sorry for her position, but I am also quite aware that she what her “ex” was before she married him.  Stealing a page from Dr. Laura, we all know.  Some of us, learning about a future spouse’s tendency to play the field, or other problems choose to walk away before it gets complicated.  It doesn’t make for good reading.  It doesn’t make us famous.  We don’t get a chunk ‘o alimony, or a “name” but we do get peace of mind.

On a personal note, The Pink Flamingo walked away before the marriage.  When I found out what the person I was to marry really was, and his problems, I did not push things.  Sure, with his contacts I could have turned a specific screenplay into a movie with my fiance starring in it.  I could have manipulated things into a possible career in Hollywood as a writer, but it just wasn’t worth it.  If I sound a little bitter with this one, I am not, just a little moody.  Two days ago I learned that the guy died nearly a year ago.  Guess it wasn’t love after all.


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