UPDATED: The Anti-Immigration Hit on John McCain


UPDATED: J. D. Hayworth is acting like a crybaby about John McCain’s “scorched earth” tactics, yet Hayworth does not appear to be willing to tell the truth about things.  I caught his cry-baby act this morning on MSNBC while I was switching channels.  When you do cry “truth” and “scorched earth” yet when asked a question you cannot tell the truth about your opponant, you are in deep you know what.  The only reason Hayworth is running is because the anti-immigration forced want to teach John McCain a lesson.

Dick Armey, in an interview with the Arizona Republic, said the following of Hayworth.

“…”We’re a small organization with a limited budget. There’s an awful lot of places where our presence would be needed and can really make a difference. We don’t see this Arizona race as one where we need to be actively involved. It’s hard for us to believe that J.D. Hayworth could mount a credible challenge to John McCain. Obviously, we’ll watch the race. But J.D. had a fairly short, undistinguished congressional career with virtually no initiative on his part. I just don’t see any reason why we should be concerned about that race.”…”As I recall, J.D. was on the Ways and Means Committee and I didn’t really see him make any distinguished effort, for example, like people like (Arizona GOP Reps.) Jeff Flake and John Shadegg in terms of creative ideas and legislative initiative,” Armey said. “Certainly nothing on the cost-control front. But John McCain was the first guy to understand the need to get earmarks under control. He took a real leadership role, as did Jeff Flake.”…”

Of course, in typical tea party fashion, FreedomWorks is denying the interview and the fact that Armey is not endorsing either man.  You might want to read the comments on the Politico article.  The people who have left them are a bunch of Glenn Beck, tea swilling losertarians who can’t wait to throw the seat to the Dems.  Any time the term “progressive” is used, I see Glenn Beck’s nasty little fingerprints.


Do not ever think this J. D. Hayworth challenge to John McCain is about “conservative”.  It is not.  The moment Chris Simcox withdrew from the “race” it became obvious this is an anti-immigration sponsored hit on John McCain.

The same bunch tried it last year when they found a far right extremist to run against Lindsey.  He went down in flames once exposes as the white supremacist, John Tanton CofCC leaning candidate with a single issue – immigration reform.

From John Tanton’s CIS:

“...There are new indications that supporting mass amnesty and liberal immigration levels may carry political costs. Two prominent Republican lawmakers who’ve pushed amnesty now face political heat for those actions. U.S. Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham have become targets for their open-borders stances.

Arizona Sen. McCain faces challenges in his re-election bid, specifically over immigration policy differences. Judging by his state’s strong support for Proposition 200 in 2004, McCain marches out of step with the vast majority of his constituents. Immigration-control Republicans are now mounting bids to unseat McCain in his Senate primary race.

South Carolina Sen. Graham has received censures from three big county Republican committees. The Charleston, Greenville, and Lexington County GOP organizations have voted formal measures aimed at Graham, rebuking him for his pro-amnesty activity, as well as his collaboration on other issues….”

There are things a person who follows these things knows to look for when dealing with the usual anti-immgration suspects.  The problem is the fact that the average conservative absolutely refuses to admit that there are conservatives in this country who are not nice people.  Conservatives live in their own little red, white, and blue colored world where there are two groups of people – conservative and everyone else.  They do not comprehend the fact that they are so good hearted, and so honorable that they can be manipulated and used by people who do not have the best interests of the country at heart.

This is one of those cases.  All you need to do is just do a little digging and you will uncover a very smell far right cesspool in Maricopa County.  If Sheriff Joe were a Democrat, every conservative in this country would be screaming for his scalp. But – all he needs to do is hide behind the “conservative” banner and he can do no wrong.  It doesn’t matter that more people die in his jails, per capata than just about any other jails in the country.  It doesn’t matter that his jailers are infamous for their abuse.  It doesn’t matter that he thumbs his nose at the Constitution on a regular basis.  It doesn’t matter than he abuses reporters and jails journalists without just cause.  None of this matters.  Sheriff Joe is a conservative.

Sheriff Joe thinks J. D. Hayworth is A-OK. Why not?  They have the same nasty little friends, and hang out with the very same ugly people. All that matters is they are “conservative”.

John McCain is a “RINO”, right?

Do you know any actual Republicans saying that?

Nope – just the extreme far right – the kind of people who worship Michelle Malkin, Glenn Beck, and think there is nothing wrong with Vdare.

Wonder what is going to happen when Sarah Palin campaigns for McCain and upsets all the little losertarian Tea Party Twits who worship Ron Paul?

This is going to be good.

FYI – The Pink Flamingo has a political source (very conservative) who has told me that because of Hayworth’s association with certain extremes including well known white supremacists and other bad people, he is unelectable in a general election.  Will this matter to conservatives?  Of course not.  There are no such things as white supremacists and bad people.  The only bad people are liberals.

Until conservative wake up and smell the burning tea leaves they are going to be selling the country out to the Dems.

If J. D. Hayworth were to win the primary against John McCain, he would go down in flames in a general election.  The GOP would need to mount a third party write-in candidate to keep a sure-fire seat from going Dem.

It’s that bad, folks.


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  1. Excellent, excellent post. Although I’m mad at you for writing it because I had convinced myself that all those rotten, stinking weirdo immigration nuts had moved to Haiti and were crushed. But damn, they’re baaaaack. The second I heard the Simcox maneuver I knew my fantasy was destroyed.

    I heard Rush Limbaugh state today, after a long and rambling “defense” of Sarah Palin’s endorsement of John McCain, that he was sure Palin would not actually campaign for McCain… no, Rush explained that Palin was “obligated” to endorse McCain but that would “be the end of it” – in other words, she paid lip service without any intention of backing it up with action.

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