Tutankhamun Died from Malaria and a Broken Leg


The Pink Flamingo has been waiting for this information since I was in junior high.  I am such an Egyptology buff, that when the Tutankhamun exhibit first opened at the Smithsonian,  years ago my best friend and I were able to get in during the very first hour it was open!

I always suspected Akhenaten was his father.  Evidently the latest information proves that, along with so many congenital illness that he could have been in the X-Files episode Home.   The research has opened a fascinating window into ancient Egypt, rather fascinating.

“…Like his father, Tutankhamun had a cleft palate. He also had a club foot and suffered from Kohler’s disease in which lack of blood flow was slowly destroying the bones of his left foot — an often painful condition, the study said. It noted that 130 walking sticks and canes were discovered in Tut’s tomb, some of them with trace of wear suggested they had been used.

The new study also answered long standing questions over Tutankhamun’s family. His grandfather was the Pharaoh Amenhotep III, and his father was mostly likely the famous Akhenaten, who attempted to change millenia of Egypt’s religious tradition by forcing the country to worship the sun god Aten, instead of usual multiplicity of deities….”