BUMPED: Harry Teague & Katie’s Law


The Pink Flamingo tries to be fair.  When a Democrat does something worthy of praise, then by golly they deserve praise.

Well, gosh darn it, Harry Teague has done something worthy of praise.  He is helping the parents of Katie Sepich take “Katie’s Law” national.

“…Katie’s Law was named after Carlsbad native Katie Sepich, who was brutally murdered outside her Las Cruces home in 2003. Sepich, 22, was a graduate student at New Mexico State University at the time. Katie’s Law mandates that all felony arrestees in New Mexico have their DNA entered in the New Mexico DNA Identification System data base to be stored and checked against unsolved crimes.
Had a DNA sample been taken from Katie’s killer, Gabriel Avilla, upon his arrest for an unrelated crime, the Sepich family would have discovered their daughter’s killer three months after her death. Instead, several years passed before Avilla was identified through his DNA and he confessed to the crime. Jayann and Dave Sepich, who continue to live in Carlsbad, have worked hard since their daughter’s tragic death to not only get Katie’s Law passed by the New Mexico Legislature, but in other states as well. Jayann Sepich said Friday that 20 other states have followed New Mexico in passing Katie’s Law. Now she will also help in the effort to pass a Katie’s Law in Washington, D.C.

“The national law provides incentives to the states to pass the law,” she said Friday.

Congressman Harry Teague, who introduced House Bill 4614, said it is now in the House Judiciary Committee….”