Beware the Word “LIBERTY” & Ron Paul Bots & Tea Party Purity


Word has come down from on high that the great bastion of liberty, Ron Paul, has won the CPAC straw poll.  Bully for him. Alex Keppler thinks CPAC was ‘invaded by loons‘.  I agree 1000%!  The way CPAC has degenerated this year, does it amount to a hill of beans in this crazy mixed up world of ours?  The Pink Flamingo thinks not.

“…The results are not entirely surprising despite Paul’s limited appeal within the broader conservative movement—Paul-affiliated groups, such Campaign for Liberty, were all over the place at CPAC, with dozens of young volunteers manning tables in exhibit halls, organizing panel discussions, and, apparently, voting in straw polls. His own speech at CPAC was one of the best-attended and most raucous events of the entire three-day conference, with attendees shouting his name along with chants of End the Fed, the title of Paul’s latest book. According to CPAC’s organizers, about half the participants were students, Paul’s strongest base of supporters….”

Then there is this:

“…And, Politico notes, he was the only speaker at CPAC to completely fill the convention hall.

“Sounds to me like the revolution is alive and well!” he said, eliciting another volley of cheers. “Quite a few here! Ten thousand people, all interested in promoting good government, limited government and personal liberty!”

Paul’s Campaign for Liberty could be better described as one of the founding organizations of what’s been more broadly termed the tea parties. While not yet a cohesive force in U.S. politics, many of those associated tend to be conservative leaning and much has been made among mainline Republicans to try and attract greater support therein. Paul even warned recently that “neocon influence” has begun to infiltrate the glut of tea parties. however, wants to engage liberals and progressives as well, who he’s cited as having similar qualms with the government….”


When you hear that word “LIBERTY” duck.

It’s a buzz-word for RON PAUL BOTS.  They even have their own way of scoring Congress based on the Constitution.

“…The average House score for this index (votes 31-40) is 31 percent; the average Senate score is 25 percent. Ron Paul (R-Texas) was the only House member to score a perfect 100 percent. Jim DeMint (R- S.C.) was the top scorer in the Senate with 90 percent. We encourage readers to examine how their own congressmen voted on each of the 10 key measures as well as overall….”

In other words, it is some piece of crap designed to make Ron Paul look good.

Ron Paul is HUGE with the John Birch Society, and is part of their insanity.  From Powerline:

“...In his history of National Review, former NR senior editor Jeffrey Hart notes one consequence of the 1964 election at the magazine. “The odor of the John Birch Society had been so strong and so intolerable, and so damaging to Goldwater,” Hart recalls, “that National Review decided that for the future of American conservatism, decisive distance had to be laid down irrevocably between the magazine and the society.”…”

The big question:  Is Ron Paul so in control of CPAC and so strong that the John Birchers were allowed to be there?  Why the heck were so many Ron Paul sponsored “Liberty” groups allowed?  What is going on?

Like Alex Keppler stated, the loons invaded CPAC.  The Pink Flamingo thinks it is far worse.  I think the Ron Paul Bots, led by their fearless leader are attempting to stage a coup against the GOP.  We see it happening in state after state within the GOP.

When you hear the term “Oathkeeper” just replace the term with Ron Paul Bot with a gun.

R. J. Harris is a Constitutional Conservative Republican for Congress in Oklahoma’s 4th District.  He wrote the following about Debra Medina.

“...It should then be worn as a badge of honor by our other Liberty Candidates when the main stream media targets one of for them with the same attacks leveled upon the founders–and now upon Debra–for in so doing the media inadvertently reveals to us which candidates are most like the founders themselves.

I am therefore exceedingly proud to have previously announced and now to affirm my endorsement for Debra Medina and I encourage all Liberty Candidate supporters–that are able–to contact the Medina campaign and offer their services to help her in these next critical days before the primary. Her valor fighting for the cause of freedom is an inspiration to patriots everywhere who love this Republic and wish only to see it restored to its founding glory. My supporters and I are ready and willing to visit Texas the weekend before the primary to help Debra spread the message of Liberty….”

Oh, BTW, he wants to RESTORE the Constitution.  I did not know it was gone.  He is going after Tom Cole, who is a proven Republican.   Harris called Cole a liberal.  Cole has a 92% ACU rating this year.  Harris is lying about cole.

Liberty “Patriots” dislike Palin:

“…Believe it not I’m not one of those “Sarah Palin haters”. In fact, I kind of like her, but knew something was wrong when she became a GOP mouthpiece. I even think she’s pretty hot (not as much as Bachman though), but I’m not going to turn into a drooling cult-like zombie offering my unconditional support. Then I would find myself having to justify my stupor and claim that even though I oppose progressive Republcans, my idolatrous attraction to Palin excuses her support of progressive Republicans. Then I could erroneously claim that my support of Palin, who supports John McCain and Lindsey Graham, doesn’t indicate that I’m progressive and then proceed to call anyone stupid who disagrees. That seems to be the MO of these Palin idol worshippers. Sarah Palin seems like a nice person, but unfortunately, I think most of the true Tea Party patriots know that Palin is very effective GOP spokesperson and master recruiter of the newly branded and healed political party. That’s perfectly fine, but Palin does not represent the Tea Party patriots….”


The Pink Flamingo detests the Tea Party Movement for one specific reason. They do not have the intellectual honesty and courage to come out and say just who and what they are. They refuse to disclose their agenda, and are the most duplicitous bunch of self-righteous Constitution carrying idiots I’ve ever encountered.

“…I have met Tea Partiers and can tell you of their mind-set. They mean business and fully intend to bring this country back to the ideals of a center right nation, free markets, limited federal government, and adherence to the Constitution….”

The minute I hear the phrase “adherence to the Constitution” I want to barf. It has just dawned on me that this revolting little phrase is no different from the crap the social conservative (allegedly “Christian”) bunch upchucked back in the mid-1990s. All that has changed are different phrases, more pathetically dressed people who have no manners, and the same old same old disenfranchised malcontent who is mentally incapable of playing by the rules.

They have no rules, honor, or ethics. They will not hesitate to lie about our Republicans to make themselves look better. Orrin Hatch is very right about these people. They are dangerous. Republicans need to stop pandering to them.

“…Beeson had been a state GOP delegate, but is now disaffected from the Republican Party and considers herself an independent. If the GOP comes back to constitutional principles rather than clutching fear, she said, she would come back to the party….”

The Pink Flamingo has been involved in Republican politics since I was in the fourth grade. I have spent my life playing politics, staying informed, and doing things the right way. I consider myself conservative. I have worked within the establishment because I am rational and reasonable enough to know what is going on in the world.

Along come a bunch of self-righteous newly awakened zealots who think they are the be all and end all of citizen involvement. They are not. THEY DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME. I find their agenda insulting. I find their grasp of the “Constitutional” pathetic, juvenile, and immature.

Because these newly minted political activists who are “independent” are making so much noise, they are getting all the attention. I resent the fact that they are the be all and end all of all that is “Constitutional”. They want “Constitutional” candidates.

These previously uninvolved twits want “Constitutional” candidates. Maybe they should read the Constitution and see what is entailed in a “Constitutional” candidate.

I listened to some tea party twit on Greta say that now she has her elected officials on speed dial. I hate to break it to you, but there are a heck of a lot more of us than you who have had our elected officials on speed dial for the past twenty years!

But, these people are “pure”.  They want to best for all of us.  Like Barack Obama, they know best.  It does not matter what those of us in the GOP want.  We aren’t pure.  We are not “Constitutional”.  We are not fighting for “Liberty” the way the Tea Party Twits are.

They will enforce their will upon us, no matter what we think.  And, FOX News will enforce it for them.  We, my Republican friends, are being purged.

In a recent WSJ column, Karl Rove wrote:

“…My advice to them is to keep their distance from any single party and instead influence both parties on debt, spending and an over-reaching federal government. Allowing third-party movements to co-opt the tea partiers’ good name, which is happening in Nevada, will only serve to elect opponents of the tea party philosophy of low-taxes and fiscal restraint. It could also discredit the tea party movement.

A small fraction of the tea partiers’ leadership are ambitious individuals who haven’t been able to hold office in either the GOP or Democratic Party. Some are from fringe groups like the John Birch Society or the remnants of the LaRouchies. Others see the tea party movement as a recruiting pool for volunteers for Ron Paul’s next presidential bid.

If tea party groups are to maximize their influence on policy, they must now begin the difficult task of disassociating themselves from cranks and conspiracy nuts. This includes 9/11 deniers, “birthers” who insist Barack Obama was not born in the U.S., and militia supporters espousing something vaguely close to armed rebellion….”


“”There has been some criticism in certain quarters of the conservative movement that the movement needs to become more mainstream, more centrist,” he said. This was a reaction to that to some extent, that we thought we could stick to our guns pretty well.” -Alfred Regnery

Evidently there are a whole group of conservatives (you know who you are) who are planning on creating a new conservative order. According to Eric Erickson, they want to purge DC of the old school conservatives (i.e. Reagan Republicans) and bring in new Tea Drinking Losertarians.

“…“There needs to be a purging of the movement, and I think we’re already starting to see a different of hierarchy of groups,” said Erick Erickson, the Macon, Ga.-based founder of, who predicts that “you’re going to see a much more diffuse conservative movement that is being led in large part from outside of Washington and is much more in line from the grass roots.”

Erickson, a favorite of the new activists, said, “Some of these legacy groups have become so entrenched in the Republican establishment in Washington that a lot of these new activists don’t think they can trust them.”…”

Erickson doesn’t approve of Newt Gingrich or the Heritage Foundation. (I don’t approve of the Heritage Foundation, but for an entirely different reason. Oh, and anyone connected with GWB, according to the ACU’s David Keene, is tainted. The problem is the we’re looking at the same old faces, pushing the same old spew. Only they are pulling in a few new people like Jim DeMint.

When you are dealing with soemthing that includes Richard Viguerie then Alan Keyes can’t be far behind. When Viguerie is involves then I see one word S-C-A-M.

“…The statement’s drafters, who will sign it near George Washington’s Mount Vernon home Wednesday afternoon, include figures from differing wings of the movement: former Attorney General Ed Meese, Heritage Foundation President Edwin Feulner, Family Research Council head Tony Perkins, Media Research Center leader Brent Bozell, Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist, direct-mail guru Richard Viguerie and David Keene, the head of the American Conservative Union, sponsor of this week’s Conservative Political Action Conference, with which the signing of the Mount Vernon statement is meant to coincide….”

Newt Gingrich is planning his own revised Contract with America. That is good. The problem is, thanks to certain elements from the extreme far right, Newt Gingrich is no longer conservative enough.

“...A coalition of tea party groups and activists will launch a “Contract From America” at CPAC, while former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, author of the original “Contract With America” that helped fuel the Republican takeover of the House in 1994, says he plans a new contract. House Minority Leader John Boehner, meanwhile, says he’s drafting a Republican campaign platform to echo Gingrich’s original document….”

Rick Moran has a great comment about Erickson and his plans:

“...Note: It is not what these establishment conservatives say, nor especially what they think as much as what they represent that has Erickson and others pining for a Stalinist purge. Sidelining Norquist I can see. The man is a toad of a lobbyist who facilitated the sale of the Republican party to special interests. But kicking the Heritage Foundation out the door? Or Newt Gingrich? What connects these targets of the neo-right is that almost all of them approach politics and the issues with a thoughtfulness that is painfully lacking in their purge-happy opponents. They are no less fiscally conservative than the neo-rightists who want their scalps. Nor are they less devoted to the Constitution. To imply otherwise is libelous.

But the neo-rightists who smell blood in the water and wish to take control of the conservative movement are arrogant enough to believe that they have a corner on love for our founding document, and take the simple minded approach that if you criticize them, your devotion to First Principles are suspect. They constantly refer to themselves as “patriots” as if designating oneself thusly actually confers legitimacy on the honorific….”