The Infamous “Why I Hate Conservatives”



There is Nothing Wrong With Being A Conservative or a Republican

The original article was published on May 17, 2008.  Because it was in blogware, formatting does not hold very well.


I am known as a cynical, conservative “hating” witch with a “B”.  It is true, I no longer trust anything with a “conservative brand”.  I am am angry with these people for having infiltrated and destroyed much of my beloved GOP. I am angry with good, decent conservative Republicans for falling for their line of BS. Unfortunately there is a very nasty little bottom line here.  Good, decent conservatives have been manipulated, co-opted, and some just downright purchased by one of two or both manipulators and puppetmasters.  The first is Sun Myung Moon.  When you start reading of his list of front organization and conservatives he manipulates for his own personal agenda of becoming the one true god on earth, I hope it will sicken you as it did me.  The other puppetmaster is John Tanton.  Tanton is a far more radical environmentalist than Al Gore will ever dream of becoming.  He believes in strict population control.  Both Tanton and Moon truly dislike Hispanics, whom both consider inferior and need to be controlled through eugenics.  Working with Tanton, Moon brought in a group of KKK and neo-Nazi supporting racists to run the Washington Times.  Their first activity was to rouse public ire over immigration and illegal immigrants.

I have been researching this topic for nearly 2 years.  So far, to date, I can only find a handful of Republican politicians who are not controlled or indebted to either one or both of these men.  John McCain is one of them.  Lindsey Graham is the other. The worst thing that can happen to either meglo-maniac is for John McCain to be elected POTUS.

We have been treated to all the doom and gloom in the world.  The Republican party is dead.  The electorate is furious. Voters are mad as you know what.  Republicans have lost their way.  Conservatives have had it.  George Bush has destroyed the GOP.  The GOP has destroyed itself.  Conservatives have destroyed the GOP. Conservatives are mad at Bush and not going to take it any more.

“…Maybe voters are just mad as hell. At everyone. George W. Bush’s approval ratings have hit an all-time low at 31%, which is not good for Republicans. Then again, the Democratic Congress’s approval rating clocked in at 18% – the lowest in Gallup’s history….”

The good news in all of this is the Democrats in Congress have an approval rating of just 18%.  Heck, GWB’s is nearly twice that!  Put it into perspective.  So we are now treated to a post-mortem.  The Dems are kicking the heck out of the GOP in special elections.

The sky is falling.
The world is coming to an end.
It’s all GWB’s fault.
It’s all John McCain’s fault.
It’s all Barack Obama’s fault.

Funny how it is everyone’s fault but the very flawed GOP candidate and the NRCC.  To me, when people like Tom Davis start blaming everyone but themselves, we know where the problem is.  We know that immigration is a loser.

“…MR. HUNT:  Immigration – should you go the McCain route on immigration, along party identity?
REP. DAVIS:  Well, if you look at the polls, we’ve played the immigration card in other races and it has not been as successful as people had thought.  There certainly is a wing of the party and a wing of the – I call it the Lou Dobbs wing at this point – that is upset about immigration.  I think you can address that within that context, but John McCain speaks to the overall demographics and the overall issues and is probably the best person to carry the banner.  I think he’s going to have to work with Republican leaders to get a message they can adhere to, but the other side is a long-term loss for Republicans because, over the long term, Hispanic voters are the fastest-growing class in the country and if you chase them all out and give them the finger basically, you’re in a long-term hole that you’re not going to pull out of….”

And there is the problem in a nutshell:  Immigration reform.  The GOP is being manipulated by people who are hard-line immigration.  The problem is the average person who is taking this approach is not all that much of a Republican.  They have an agenda.  They are manipulators.  They are adept at manipulating the morals cowards of the Republican House.  They make so much noise, and create such massive chaos with their phone calls, blast faxes, and radio talking multi-millionaire heads, that they have literally destroyed the Republican Congress.

News With Views reaches hundreds of thousands of readers. It offers a paranoid, immigrant hating, very white world a way out of government conspiracy, martial law, the Fed, and all the evils of the world.
Cliff Kincaid
Chuck Baldwin, Constitution Party nominee for President is one of the worst offenders.  He controls a massive super-church in Jacksonville.  He has a popular radio show.  He had the cache needed to cause true disruption in the GOP. He has a tremendous “conservative” following – the same people who are staunch anti-immigration.  These people have nothing to do with the Republican Party but are so powerful, numerous, and so full of lies that they pretend to be Republicans to cow the pathetic losers who are the Republican Congress.  Baldwin is trying to organize ministers and churches in every state.  He is turning them into a “Black Watch” to counter Republicans.  He is determined to turn this country into a “Christian” nation.

“…McCain has steadfastly opposed the Republican Party’s pro-life plank. He has even stated his opposition to overturning Roe v. Wade. He said, “But certainly in the short term, or even the long term, I would not support the repeal of Roe v. Wade . . . .” How long will conservatives, Christians, and lovers of liberty continue to blindly follow these two parties? Can they not see that our constitutional republic and our liberty is hanging by a thread? Do they not realize that Democrats and Republicans alike are willful participants in the destruction of our way of life? Ladies and gentlemen, please wake up! Get your heads out of the sand! Our country is imploding and we keep electing and re-electing the same scoundrels who are culpable. The media provides them cover. Many of our pastors and Christian leaders provide them cover as well. But it is the people of this country–you and me–who have the power to actually do something about it….”

Chuck Baldwin makes a lot of noise about being a “Christian” yet he writes for VDare.  So does Michelle Malkin, Patrick J. Buchanan and a number of other “conservatives”.  This is a list of their regular contributors.

Chuck Baldwin
Paul Belien
Peter Bradley
Patrick J. Buchanan
Kevin Carter
Donald A. Collins
John Derbyshire
Marcus Epstein
Sam Francis
Peter Gadiel
Eugene Girin
Dave Gorak
Paul Gottfried
Kevin Michael Grace
Alex Hamilton
Alexander Hart
Carl Horowitz
Lincoln Kahn
Kevin Lamb
Robert Locke
Kevin MacDonald
Michelle Malkin
Paul Nachman
Tom Piatak
Edwin S. Rubenstein
J. Philippe Rushton
Steve Sailer
Rob Sanchez
Mike Scruggs
Nicholas Stix
R. J. Stove
Jared Taylor
Linda Thom
David Wilson
David Yeagley
John Zmirak

Now, if you want to have a little fun, just go over to the SPLC (not an evil group) and see how many of these people have been profiled. While you are at it, you might want to see how many anti-immigration organizations have tawdry connections.


The Groups: A Listing “What follows is a list of groups that the Intelligence Project has determined to be “nativist extremist” organizations, meaning that they target individual immigrants rather than immigration policies. The groups are listed with their locations when known; locations of groups that are statewide units with no known headquarters are designated by state name alone. Groups that are also listed by the Intelligence Project as hate groups are designated by an asterisk (*).
Federal Immigration Reform and Enforcement, Birmingham
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Montgomery
Minuteman Project, Pinson
American Freedom Riders, Lake Havasu City
American Freedom Riders, Payson
American Freedom Riders, Phoenix
Arizona Border Watch, Phoenix
American Border Patrol (*), Sierra Vista
Border Rescue, Douglas
First Defenders Corps, Mesa
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Phoenix
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Tucson
Minuteman of One, Douglas
Minuteman of One, Peoria
Minuteman of One, Three Points/Robles Junction
Minuteman Project, Maricopa County
Mohave County Minutemen, Kingman
Mothers Against Illegal Aliens, Phoenix
Truth In Action/US Constitution Enforcement, Tucson
Warden Burns Mexican Flags, Tucson
United for a Sovereign America, Phoenix
Yuma Patriots, Yum
Protect Arkansas Now, Fort Smith
Antelope Valley Minutemen, Antelope Valley
Border Rescue, Sacramento
California Coalition for Immigration Reform (*) , Huntington Beach
Campo Minutemen, Campo
Carlsbad Citizens Brigade, Carlsbad
Crispus Attucks Brigade, Los Angeles
East Bay Coalition for Border Security, Emeryville
Encinitas Citizens Brigade, Encinitas
Friends of the Border Patrol, Covina
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, San Diego
Minuteman of One, Campo
Minuteman of One, San Diego
Minuteman Project, Huntington Beach
Minuteman Project, Ontario
Minuteman Project, San Clemente
Mountain Minutemen, Jacumba
No Invaders, Running Springs
Oceanside Citizens Brigade, Oceanside
Rancho Bernardo Citizens Brigade, Poway
Ramona Citizens Brigade, Ramona
Report and Deport, Sonoma County
San Diego Minutemen, San Diego
Save Our State (*), Sacramento
Save Our State (*), San Bernardino
Vista Citizens Brigade, Vista
American Freedom Riders, Grand Junction
American Freedom Riders, Loveland
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Colorado Springs
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Denver
Minuteman Project, Byers
Ranch Rescue, Boulder
Rescue Without Borders (*), Boulder
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps,
Glastonbury American Freedom Riders,
Big Bend
American Freedom Riders, Sarasota
Central Florida Patriots, Paisley
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Lee County
American Resistance, Marietta
Dustin Inman Society, Marietta
Minuteman Project, Atlanta
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Skokie
Minutemen Midwest, Harvard
Minuteman Project, Lindenhurst
Save Our State (*), Chicago
American Freedom Riders, Kokomo
IFIRE, Valparaiso
IOWA (2)
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Des Moines
Riders Against Illegal Aliens, Ottumwa
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Emporia
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Kansas City
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Wichita
Ranch Rescue, Hebron
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Hanover
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Silver Spring
Minuteman Project, Boston
New England Minuteman Association, Framingham
Minuteman Project, Hanska
Minuteman Project, Mississippi
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Joplin
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Springfield
Ranch Rescue Missouri, Saint Charles
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Omaha
United Citizens of America, Omaha
American Freedom Riders, Las Vegas
Emigration Party of Nevada (*), Henderson
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Las Vegas
Minuteman Project, Las Vegas
Nevada Action Coalition, Las Vegas
Pahrump Minutemen, Pahrump
Unite to Fight, Las Vegas
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Exeter
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Linden
Minuteman Project, Bergen County
Minuteman Project, Trenton
United Patriots of America, Linden
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Hachita
New Mexico Border Watch Rough Riders, Organ
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Suffolk County
Minuteman Project, New York
Save Our State (*), New York City
American Freedom Riders, Raleigh
Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, Raleigh
OHIO (2)
Border Rescue, Brooklyn
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Dayton
American Freedom Riders, Tulsa
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Oklahoma City
Minuteman Project, Tulsa
Ranch Rescue Oklahoma, Marietta
Coos County Citizen Caucus, Coos Bay
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Salem
Minuteman Project, Cornelius
Oregonians for Immigration Reform, McMinville
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Philadelphia
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Pittsburgh
Minuteman Project, Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Minutemen, Quakertown
Pennsylvania Minutemen, Reading
Citizens for Immigration Control and Enforcement, Warminster
Minuteman Project, Providence
Minuteman Project, Greenville
Minuteman Project, South Dakota
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Murfreesboro
TEXAS (13)
Tennessee Volunteer Minutemen, Morristown Border Guardians (*), Livingston
Border Rescue, Richardson
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Ft. Worth
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Laredo
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Midland/Odessa
Minuteman of One, Denton
Minuteman Project, Arlington
Minuteman Project, Lone Star
Patriot Force Border Patrol, Breckenridge
Rio Grande Guard, San Antonio
Texans for Immigration Reform, Houston
Texas Border Volunteers, Conroe
UTAH (1)
U.S. Border Watch, Spring Utah Minuteman Project, Salt Lake City
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Herndon
Grassrootsonfire, Yakima Valley
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Tacoma
1) American Freedom Riders, Gillette

The next question is how many of these organizations are funded by John Tanton (Numbers USA, The Social Contract Press, and FAIR).  The next question is  how many of these groups and people  have connections to the KKK and neo-Nazis.  If you truly want to open your mind a little, and face the truth, it is very, very ugly.  So, right now we’re up to probably close to a million individuals who are conservative but are not Republican.  These people are loud.  They are obnoxious, and they know how to use modern technology to accomplish their goals, primarily being to rid the US of Hispanics and illegal immigrants. There are a few who vow to destroy the GOP and manipulate the party.  Some of them are one and the same with the Ron Paul Bots.

These are the “conservative” movers and shakers.  They are the ones who tell conservatives how to vote, who to hate, and where to send their money.
World Net Daily is the very worst offender of the bunch.  The “publication” is little more than a prevaricating grocery store check-out tabloid.  The problem is people believe it.  The next biggest offender is NewsMax.
Tom Tancredo
Lou Dobbs
Federation for American Immigration Reform FAIR – the power behind much of the “conservative” movement today.
Californians for Population Stabilization
Misc. Minutemen – controlled by John Tanton
FIRE Coalition
Americans for Immigration Control is another Tanton front group.
Population Stabilization
Numbers USA claims to have well over 400,000 members.  They are the manipulatorsNumbersUSA also sponsored this hatred against Lindsey.  They are behind much of the anti-immigration activities through-out the country.

Regnery Press is now a front group for Sun Myung Moon.
Donald Wildmon – American Family Association
Values Voter
Eagle Forum and the senile old bat who runs it have given in to every conspiracy theory on the planet.
Michelle Malkin (This info is from the HuffPost but it is accurate).  To me Malkin is one of the very worst offenders.
Council for National Policy is a Moon front group – do not trust it, no matter who is part of it.
Grassfire has nothing to do with Republican.  It is a highly manipulative organization designed to promote the ultra conservative agenda.
Washington Times is owned by Sun Myung Moon. You need to read this expose of the manipulators at the Washington Times and just what they have done to this country.  It is all to promote Moon’s agenda, nothing more.
Gary Bauer
Human Events is lamenting the death of the conservative movement – which they helped to create and destroy.  It is published by Eagle Publishing, a front group for Sun Myung Moon.
William Greene is Richard Viguerie’s creation.  He has thrown in with Chris Simcox and Alan Keyes.
The Heritage Foundation is no longer to be trusted.
Howard Phillips betrayed Reagan.
Richard Viguerie – betrayed Reagan – sold out to Moon.  He’s nothing more than a carnival barker trying to separate good people from their money.
The Council of Conservative Citizens once included among its members Bob Barr, Trent Lott, etc.  Most mainstream Republicans have since distanced themselves as fast as possible once the CofCC’s real agenda and associations were exposed.  The CofCC and VDare work very closely with Stormfront, a neo-nazi organization. The CofCC was helpful in organizing the first anti-immigration laws in California and in Arizona.  Member of the CofCC, the KKK, Neo-Nazis, VDare, NumbersUSA, and FAIR work together on many of their various projects, usually “conservative” and anti-immigration causes. Their members regularly appear at various Congressional hearings, always sponsored by the more conservative members of the US House – mostly Republicans.  Among the more famous associates of the CofCC is David Duke.  It was all started by the Pioneer Fund.

Just because something claims to be “conservative” is no indication it is Republican.  In fact, most often, the contrary is true.  They use, manipulate, and lie to achieve their goals in Congress.  If Republicans would stop and check their sources, they would discover that many of the “conservatives” who are trying to control the agenda have nothing to do with “GOP”.  I’ve learned when something says “American” or “America for Americans” or anything truly patriotic, you’d better run away from it – it’s a crock.
The Conservative Times
The American Conservative
Middle America News
New Media Journal
The Times Examiner
Chronicles Magazine
The American View
The Conservative Caucus
Constitution Party
GOP USA – Do not trust it
Young Americans for Freedom
The National Center for Public Policy Research
American Freedom Agenda
United Patriots of America
Right March
Conservative Book Club is owned by Moon.
National Defense Council Foundation
Insight Magazine is a Moonie operation.

Have you seen what I see?  There are ever so many organizations and so very few people.  Yep, this whole tawdry affair is being manipulated by an incestuous hand-full of people.  They are all the same people.  The one great hallmark of them all is a total and complete, abject hatred of George W. Bush.  They have one their best to undermine him, and have done a decent job at it.  John McCain is their next target.  Peggy Noonan is another of those on the list. She is obviously the woman scorned and hell hath nothing like her hatred of GWB. These people have manipulated.  They have lied.  They have positioned themselves to the point where our cowardly members of the House can’t think for themselves.  They hear the word “conservative” and run to it, regardless of who is saying “conservative. Ruffini has an interesting commentary on the outlook for the GOP, as does Stratasphere.

Perhaps the best thing that could happen to the GOP is to jettison the whole “conservative” word an go back to the word “Republican”.  It is time we end the manipulation of conservatives who are doing little more than advancing their own personal agendas and their own personal quest for power and for money.  Their reign of terror needs to come to an end before they doom the GOP into a minority status – forever.

You can always tell who you are dealing with because of a few traits:
1.  Hatred of George W. Bush
2.  Hard line immigration reform
3.  An adoption of a few conspiracy theories
4.  An an over-use of the word “American” “Freedom” – this sort of thing

Start reading the fine print.  You will find all of these people are somehow connected – and that’s where it gets ugly.  They allow people like Michelle Malkin, Peter Brimelow, VDare to exist because they are doing all the dirty work.  It’s sad really.  John McCain is their next target.