Thirteen Excuses for a TT Hiatus


The Pink Flamingo’s Return to Thursday Thirteen for a 92nd Edition

I do have Thirteen Good Excuses for being on a TT hiatus.  All photos in this piece deal with the renovation of my condo and the participation of the usual suspects – who were a tremendous help!

WARNING:  Cute Cat Photos Below

The Pink Flamingo is officially out of the kitten business.  We discovered what caused the kittens.

1.  I finished The Last Confession of Doc Holiday, my one man play about Doc, around the middle of January.  I’ve been letting it “sit” for a month.  I now need to go back and re-read it and get it to the actor who is going to be playing Doc Holiday.

BTW – We are aiming for a premier sometime this summer  in Ruidoso.

2.  After about 6 months of work I finally managed to “load” nearly 1400 photos into my latest manuscript.  I’m doing a book on fashion.  Wild West Re-Dressed; American Fashion from 1860 – 1910 should be ready for publication by late spring.  Our original target was 350 pages.  It looks like I may come in at less than 400 pages which is good for me.

3.  I spent six months sorting through nearly 5000 old photos to chose 1450 for the book?

4.  Can’t find a blog theme I like.  The old Pink Flamingo theme no longer works with all the dang-blasted upgrades WordPress keeps inflecting on us. Then, with all the durn upgrades only a handful of themes are compatible with IE, Safari, and Firefox.

5.  My mother has had some interesting health issues (2009).  January she had foot surgery.  In March she had more foot surgery.  In July she fell and broke the #3 vertebra in her back.  In early October she broke her left elbow.  Two weeks later developed pneumonia.  She is doing better, but now must have the plate in her elbow removed, and needs more foot surgery!

6.  Have been trying to work on a novel.  During the past 2 months I’ve written at least 200,000 words that are nothing but crap!

7.  I’ve been doing maybe one Blogcritics article a month.  Just can’t get around to doing more.

8.  Oh, I completely remodeled my condo during the summer!  Gone is my horrible carpet!  I have new floors.  The cats love sliding on them.  I bought a bunch of new furniture at the local antique stores (all needing to be re-furbished, painted, etc.).  Spent only twenty bucks for a set of shelves I distressed and painted for glasses.  Found a wonderful table for my living room.  It is large, but am using it as a coffee-table.  It came out of an old house in Lincoln, next door to the infamous Tunstall Store.  For those who want to know more about the table – I painted it pink!

9.  Redecorated my bedroom.  It looks incredible!  I discovered if I put my bed in front of the fireplace I never use I have nearly twice as much room!  Found two wonderful old wardrobes which were re-modeled for shoes.  I now have room for all 250 pair.

10.  FYI – While redecorating, I gave away at least 150 pair of shoes!

11.  I seem to spend at least 12 hrs a day writing.  I am losing my sense of humor about it, but I do have the drun book nearly finished!

12.  Have made 4 trips to Tombstone.  Am heading there in a couple of weeks.

13.  I am tired, dealing with another bout of chronic fatigue.  Dealing with a TT is just plain difficult.  Tonight I am annoyed with my Adobe ID to the point where I cannot do the edits I need to have for my publisher tomorrow.  I decided I needed a TT detour.  I will try to improve myself and do them more often!

FYI:  No cats were harmed in any way during the re-decorating of the condo.  No poodles were harmed either.  They have given me permission to show their photos.


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