Ya Want a Dark Horse?


Pink Flamingo friend and confident Sally Vee sent me a link to a Commentary Magazine video link to a recent interview with Jeb Bush.

Three Words:

Tanned, Rested, Ready!

This is the best grasp on issues The Pink Flamingo has heard since his brother was in office!  He is positive.  He knows the issues.  This man is simply spitting out facts and figures.  Wow!

I could live with another President Bush!

This is simply the best GOP interview I have seen since Brit Hume interviewed his brother last January.


One thought on “Ya Want a Dark Horse?

  1. I’ve been dreaming of Jeb in the WH ever since I saw his interview with Hannity eons ago. He’s got all of GWB’s grit and inner confidence but none of the “turn the other cheek” of born again GWB. During GWB’s last year, I thought “no way” but then Obama got elected…and I thought, if we ever had another 9/11, the public would be screaming for another Bush and by law GWB can’t serve again.

    Of course you’d have to be crazy to want another 9/11 (I don’t know about you but 9/11 forever changed me and the way I look at this world) but it IS good to know that we do have someone that CAN step in if need be and after the way the media treated both his father and his brother, I believe that only another attack would make Jeb step up to all that negativity.

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